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Selling a Junk Car for Cash Near Me

Selling a Junk Car for Cash

The Woes of Having a Junk Car

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Have you ever run into this issue? – You take your vehicle to a dealer; they look it over for a quick moment and tell you it isn’t worth anything. Perhaps you’ve had this vehicle for years, it’s been useful to you and has gotten you through some tough times. But after 30 seconds of looking at it, they tell you it’s junk. It’s not a fun situation to be in, not if you were hoping to get a little cash out of it or use it as a trade-in. If that’s the case, you may be asking yourself: “well, where can I sell a junk car for cash near me?”

If you never ran into that specific situation, perhaps you’ve run into this one. You look out the window, and there in the driveway, is an old car you’ve had for years. But it doesn’t run, it’s ugly, and you do not know what to do with it. Maybe you’ve thought about giving it to a friend or family member, but you know it may be more of a headache than it’s worth. You even thought about trying to fix it up, but the repair costs were more than the value. Is the only option to pay a tow truck and have it hauled away?

Regardless of how you got here – if you’re dealing with a vehicle that’s no longer doing you any good. And you are asking yourself: “where can I sell a junk car for cash near me,” you’re likely looking for an answer.

Great news! We have a solution – let’s review.

Selling a Junk Car for Cash

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A Quick Introduction

First, a little about ourselves. We’re one of the nation’s largest, and most reputable buyers of cash cars. Funny enough, that’s our name! – Cash Cars Buyers. While some may care about things like condition, age, model, miles, or whether your ride is running – not us! We buy all vehicles, no matter what they look like, or if they run.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Wrong.

Let’s take a quick look at how the process works, why it works, and how to get started:

Step 1. Head to our site here and choose “Get Instant Offer.”

Step 2. Enter some basic info to help us identify your vehicle.

Step 3. In less than 1-minute, you’ll receive an estimate on its value.

Step 4. Once you accept the offer, our experts will schedule a quick at-home inspection.

Step 5. If everything matches up, we’ll pay you cash on the spot and tow it away for FREE.

You read that right. Using a simple process that takes only a minute, you’ll receive an estimate on your vehicle’s value. Then in as little as 24-hours. You can have cash in hand from the sale of your junk car (without even having to worry about the cost of removal).

How is this possible? It’s simple – we work with a massive network of car buyers, all across the nation. Our expert staff gets trained to make the process simple, straightforward, and fast.

If you decide to try another route, no worries, we get it.  We’d like to help.  Let’s now look at how to get the most cash for a junk car, and how to prepare it for sale.

What is a Junk Car, and How Do I Get the Most for One?

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By “junk,” we’re referring to a vehicle that’s more hassle than it’s worth. Things that can qualify a car as junk include: costing more to repair than its value. Being tough to look at (damage, rust, etc.), or one that’s especially old (think before the year 2000).

So, how do you get the most cash for a junk car?  Let’s review:

  • Pick a Place That Specializes in Junk Cars

There’s a reason you don’t see older vehicles for sale on dealer’s lots – they’re not easy to sell. Banks don’t often lend on cars older than 7-10 years. Meaning that the buyer needs to pay with cash, which cuts out a large chunk of the market. Your best bet is to either sell to a junkyard or a private buyer. Why? Because junkyards deal with junk cars often. And private buyers may have other plans other than to drive a junk car, which makes it more appealing to them.

  • Be Honest About What You’re Selling

Has this ever happened to you? – You arrive to look at a car you saw posted for sale. But instead of seeing the one you spoke about (in the condition promised). You find something completely different. We are not saying another make and model (though this is possible), we mean that they lied about the details. If you have dealt with this before. Then you should know why being honest about the vehicle you are selling is essential.

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  • If Selling to a Private Party – Take Good Photos

One of the best ways to set correct expectations when selling a junk car to a private buyer. Is to take good photos (think 10, or more). For the best results, you should take a photo showing the front fascia, the rear, and one from each side. Bonus points for angled shots showing the length of the vehicle.  For the interior, try to get a photo from the angle of each door, one showing the dash, and one of the cargo area.  Showing the condition of each tire is also a good idea.

  • Be Realistic with Your Expectations

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. If your car is junk, you shouldn’t expect someone to pay above and beyond for it. Sites like Kelly Blue Book and NADA Guides can help give you an idea. But they’re mostly meant for newer vehicles. If you choose to go this route, know that for a car with a salvaged title, the value is closer to 30% of what’s shown. Meaning that if it shows your car is worth $1000. The real value (due to the salvaged title of ownership) is closer to $200-$300 (as a rough idea).

Selling a Junk Car for Cash

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

Still asking yourself: “where can I sell my junk car for cash?” We get it – it’s tough to do. Let’s look at the most common places that buy vehicles. And whether they’re interested in paying cash for junk cars or not.

  • At a Dealership

Is a dealer interested in junk cars? Most likely not. Why? Because unless your vehicle is newer (2005 onwards), the chances they can get a bank to lend on it is very slim. The other factor is the cost to repair it. If there is a lot of damage, or if it needs a lot of work to get it running, the profit margins are too low. If you are dead-set on selling to a dealer, your best bet is to try one that labels themselves as a buy-here-pay-here lot. These types of dealers have fewer restrictions on what they can sell. Meaning they give fewer guarantees to their buyers.

  • At a Junk Yard

What about a junkyard, are they interested in buying junk cars? Yes! Junkyards specialize in vehicles that aren’t running, are ugly, or have damage. The only thing to be aware of is that for every reliable junkyard, there’s one that’s a little shady. Of course, this can mean a lot of things. Such as problems with payment, changing the price, or being unreasonable. The best thing you can do to ensure you don’t run into any issues is to find a junkyard that’s licensed. Be sure and also ask if they offer free removal or not.

  • To a Private Buyer

Last but not least, are there private buyers interested in buying junk cars? Yes! Selling to a private buyer (if you’re lucky), is one of the best ways to sell a junk car for cash. Sites like Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Can be a helpful resource for selling a car with a few issues. If you follow our above advice about being honest with what you have and taking decent photos. There’s a good chance you’ll find some traction. The downside? Selling to a private party can be time-consuming, and make sure you’re ready to haggle.

Selling a Junk Car for Cash Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle
If you choose to sell your junk car on your own, we wish you all the luck in the world. Be honest about what you have, take good photos, and with a little bit of luck, there’s a decent chance you’ll get it sold. But if you aren’t too excited about going through the motions, we hope you’ll consider Cash Cars Buyers. By using our free, easy-to-use online appraisal tool, you can have an estimate on your car in under 1-minute. It’s that simple. We’ll schedule a time for a quick at-home inspection, pay you cash on the spot, and tow it away for FREE.

If you’re still asking yourself: “where can I sell my junk car for cash near me?” The answer is pretty simple the junk car buyers at Cash Cars Buyers.

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