We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

Cash for Junk Cars Illinois

Cash for Junk Cars Illinois

Are you sick and tired of looking at that broken-down van in the driveway? Is it time to tow the rusted two-seater sitting in the garage? The next move you need to make, is a call to Cash Cars Buyer! We buy all kinds of cars for top dollar here in Illinois!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Whether your car runs or not, that makes no difference to us. We will offer you quick cash as well as free towing of that mound of metal taking up space on your property!

Do you Offer Cash for Cars with No Title?

Here in Illinois, before selling a car, there are some steps that need to be taken.

  1. The first step in selling your car, is removing the license plates off of the car and them putting them somewhere safe.
  2. The second step involves you getting a title certificate. It has to be signed, validated and dated.
  3. The third move you need to make in selling your car here in Illinois, is to complete a Notice of Sale form which is found at the bottom of the title.
  4. Once you have that, fill it out and be sure to mail that in to the IL Secretary of State (SOS).
  5. Don’t forget to exchange contact information with your buyer.
  6. Then, prepare a bill of sale.
  7. After you’ve done that, make a copy of the bill of sale for your records and then give that bill of sale to the new car buyer.
  8. Need more help? You can click here to connect with the Illinois SOS.

Cash Cars Buyer encourages all car sellers to have all completed paperwork that the state of Illinois requires. When you have all documents, it makes the selling of your car quick, easy and convenient.

Need a duplicate title? The SOS can help with that as well. Click here to get information about an Illinois duplicate title.

Cash Cars Buyers understands that certain events can happen, that prevent a duplicate car title from being obtained. In many instances, not having a car title for the sale of your car is no problem, as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

Contact us today to learn more and discuss how we can still offer you cash for your car with your ID and car’s registration!

There are Lots of Places Where You Can Trade Junk Cars for Cash, Right?

There sure are. Let’s examine a few of them.  The first place that offers cash for junk cars is a junkyard. If you decide that a junkyard is where you would like to take your junk car, here are some things to consider. You call a junkyard and then you are given an offer for your junk car, after describing the car to the junkyard owner.

You like the offer and make plans to have your car towed down to the junkyard. Once you get to the junkyard, the owner looks at your vehicle and offers you a lot less money than he did, during your phone conversation. This old “bait and switch” tactic is not only unfair and immoral, but it is unethical. Now, you have the burden of paying to have your car towed either back home or to another lot. What a waste of time as well as money.

In another instance, you find an independent car dealer who is willing to buy your junk car. But you have to pay towing, processing, filing and other fees. These fees mount up and now you are looking at hundreds of dollars, for payment of seemingly endless fees! You have once again wasted time as well as money.

Cash Cars Buyer is not in the business of wasting time or money. Instead, we make the process of selling your car an easy one. We also have no fees that we tack on, during the final sale of your car. Give us a call so we can discuss your car now!

Do You Offer $500 Cash for Junk Cars?

We sure do!  Since we buy all kinds of cars, vans, SUVs and crossovers. The price you will get for your vehicle varies. You may see $500 cash for your car, or you may receive thousands of dollars for your car! Cash Cars Buyer looks at the full condition and merit of a car before making an offer. We will never lie to you, cheat you or tell you one thing and act on something completely different. The amount of money you receive for your car depends on its condition. You can always get an offer for your car by entering your car’s information here!

You Offer Cash for Junk Cars, But Do You Offer Same Day Pick Up?

When we say that selling your car to us will be incredibly easy, we mean it!  Our friendly staff will arrange for your car to be towed on the same day you sell it to us or very soon after the sale. Did we also mention that your towing is absolutely free?

Just imagine this: We come to your home, we inspect your car, you are happy and then we place cool cash in your hands!  Forget any fine print or fees. You will never have to pay for anything. And if there is a day that is convenient for you for towing, just let us know! We want satisfied customers, who will share our services and business with others! Call us and give us an opportunity to go the extra mile for you, in getting rid of that junk car and putting cash in your hands fast!


Even Though There’s Junk Cars for Cash Near Me, I Will Sell my Car Online

So, you are thinking of selling your car online? Let’s examine this further. If you sell your junk car on Illinois Craigslist, Facebook or even Instagram, you have some work ahead of you. First, you have to take really good and focused pictures of your junk car. Your pics have to be really detailed and sharp. Then you or someone else have to write a description about the car. You have to tell the potential buyer all that is wrong with the car, as well as what doesn’t work on the car. Finally, once you post your ad, you have to sift through people who are serious and people who are just playing games. This can become frustrating.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that you may have to wait days, weeks and even months to sell your car. Your junk car is not the only junk car being posted online. Lots of cars are posted to lots of online marketplaces. So, you have to stand out among the competition.

The final aspect to consider is that of scammers. You have to be careful of the folks who make it their mission to swindle folks out of their money.

Cash Cars Buyer are the three words you need, when you think of selling your car online. We will not make you wait days, weeks and even months to sell your car. Our process is simple and easy. It doesn’t take days, weeks or months! Call us today and let’s get your car sold fast!


I Can Sell My Junk Car Privately

Of course, you can, but let’s examine this. You decide to sell your car without going to a junkyard, or going online. So, you head to the store to get some “for sale” signs. You write your number in the box on the “for sale” sign and stick the signs in places where people can see that your junk car is for sale. Some days go by and you get a few calls. Now, you have to wait for folks to arrive to see your car. You also find yourself waiting on potential buyers, only to be stood up; they never arrive.

A few more days pass, and you get more calls. A few folks stop by and want to talk you down from your original price. But you are in no negotiating mood. You look up at the calendar and find that at least two months have passed, since you began trying to sell your junk car on our own. You have wasted time waiting on folks and conversing with people who were just not serious about buying your car.

Cash Cars Buyer is not in the business of wasting time. We want to buy your car without of the hassles, frustration and negotiations that comes with private sales. Why not call us for an easy sell of your junk car instead of trying to sell your car yourself? Call us and let’s get the “ball rolling” on selling you clunker now!


Junk Cars for Cash Near Me

Cash Cars Buyer is here in your Illinois neighborhood. That’s an awesome thing when you are looking for quick, courteous and wonderful junk car selling services. Not only are we in your neighborhood, but there are some great benefits to selling our junk car. Check out some of them below!

  1. Your Illinois front yard or backyard will be peaceful and clean! Do you remember how wonderful your front yard, backyard or even garage looked without that junk car in it? It was a peaceful place and we want to bring that back to you!
  2. You will be helping with your local Illinois environment. Junk cars that are not even running can still pose a threat to the environment. Many junk cars leak toxic chemicals. Those chemicals can seep into the ground and eventually find their way into the water supply. Remove your car and help rid the environment of toxic chemicals.
  3. We will tow your car away for free. Not only are we local in your area but we will haul that heap of metal headache away for free!
  4. You will be helping with Illinois recycling efforts. Did you know that more than half of a car is recyclable? That metal can be repurposed for tools and items that help folks right here in Illinois!
  5. You will have cash in your cash in your hands, fast! This is probably the best reason to junk your car… the fast cash you will get on the spot! Need we say more?

Cash Cars Buyer has local Illinois agents ready to buy your junk car now! You can find us in your Chicago, Naperville, Oak Lawn, Lombard, and other cities here in Illinois! All you have to do is call us and we’ll be there to buy your junk car and give you cash, fast!


Frequently Asked Questions About Selling My Junk Car

Here we will answer some frequently asked questions!

  1. Will I get cash for my car quickly? Of course! We guarantee that we will offer you the best price for your used car period. No one beats our cash offers! ​
  2. Are you sure that you will tow it for free? Absolutely! We will never charge you to tow your car! Never!
  3. Are there other fees that come with selling my car to Cash Cars Buyer? Absolutely not! There are no fees when selling your car to us. We want you to have the best car-buying experience with us. No fine print, or fees, ever!
  4. Other junkyards and scrapyards told me that my junk car was worthless. Were they right? No! Your car is not worthless at all! Cash Cars Buyer looks at the full merit of a car. In fact, just use our online tool right this second and see what your car is worth! As we stated before, cars can be recycled and a heap of junk is worth lots of money once it is repurposed here in Illinois!
  5. So, you will really come to my home? We sure will! We are here in Illinois and in all neighborhoods! Once you have entered your car’s information using our online junk car assessor, contact us so we can ask you a few questions about your car. Then, you’ll have an offer on your car in less than a minute! Once you accept it, we will schedule a time and date to come to your Illinois home to examine your car. When all is well and you are happy, you will have cool cash in your hands. Forget having to come to us or paying to have your car towed to our business.
  6. Will you still buy my car even if it doesn’t run? We sure will! Your junk car doesn’t have to run in order for you to receive top dollar for it!
  7. I don’t have to have the title to my junk car, for you to buy it, correct? We encourage all our valued customers to have the titles to their car. But we understand certain circumstances. In lots of instances, no title is no problem but we would hope that you would have a picture ID such as an Illinois driver's license and a copy of your registration.
  8. How long does the process take to sell my junk car to Cash Cars Buyer? Once you enter your car’s information, you could see cool cash in a matter of hours or days! We never take weeks or months to buy your junk car. We’re not here to drag out a car buying deal. After you enter your car’s details, just share some quick information about your car. Then wait less than 60 seconds for an offer!  Our great offers almost always beat the other junk car buyers. Forget tapping your fingers on a table waiting to get an offer for your car and cash in your hands. That’s just not our style!

Cash Cars Buyer knows that you have the option to sell your junk car privately, online or to a junkyard.  Instead of all of the hassles, money, running around and phone calls just  contact us today and let’s get cool cash for your junk car, now!


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