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5 Options to Sell A Car That Doesn’t Drive? Who Buys Cars That Don’t Run Near Me?

Sell A Car That Doesn't Drive

If you're looking to sell a car that doesn't drive, you have five limited options ranging from private buyers to large classified websites and dealerships. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Selling a non-drivable car is not as simple as selling any used cars. Your options will be very limited because most private buyers are usually looking for operable vehicles that they can drive immediately after purchase.

For example, if you are searching for how to sell a car that needs a new engine, you will not get successful results as someone who's looking to sell a used car. 

It's not impossible to find someone that buys cars that don't run near you. There are plenty of companies interested in buying any vehicle despite its type or condition.

This article provides you with all you need to understand to sell a car that doesn't drive. We will provide you with the details you have to follow before and during researching for who buys cars that don't run near me. 

What do I need to do to sell a car that doesn't run? How to sell a car that needs work?

Selling a car with mechanical problems is not simple and requires specific preparation to get a successful car selling process and receive the most money for your used car. 

Our team conducted in-depth research on all the steps you have to follow to sell a car that doesn't drive

  • The first step: try repairing your car 


Before even starting the research for how to sell a car that doesn't drive, it might be worth investigating whether your vehicle is repairable or not.

Your vehicle probably doesn't have significant problems, and you can install a used engine or transmission to get it going.

However, if you've noticed that the repair costs are getting higher than 75% of your vehicle's value, getting it repaired is not a good idea, and you need to proceed with the following steps. 

  • The second step: understand your car's value

When you own a vehicle for a long time, you might not evaluate it accurately.

For example, if you're trying to sell a stalled car, you might think that your vehicle can still make the same amount you purchased it for. However, this is not the case. 

A good way to understand your vehicle's value is by using Kelley Blue Book online tool. Kelley Blue Book provides you with what they call CVV value representing the minimum and maximum money your vehicle can make when selling it.

Keep in mind that the KBB value represents your car based on your input to the system. As a result, you might overestimate your car's value, and therefore, you need to do the math yourself and subtract any problems in your car from what KBB provides you. 

  • The third step: get your vehicle ready


At this point, you might need to ask yourself should I repair the car before trading or selling

It all depends on who you're selling your car to and how much effort and money you're willing to put towards your non-running vehicle.

It's advisable to spend some time fixing a broken mirror or a dirty carpet, but it's not worth installing a new engine or transmission. 

No matter who you are selling your car to, you need to give it a quick car wash and clean it up inside. Even if your car doesn't drive, giving it a quick clean indicates that you've been taking care of all that's under the hood, and there is still some value in your vehicle. 

  • The fourth step: sell a car that doesn't drive to the right buyer


Once your vehicle is ready, it's time to search for who buys non-running cars near me.

To sell a car that doesn't drive, you have very few options, unlike selling a perfectly running vehicle. Even with the available options, not everyone guarantees to buy your car.

Let's look at what older water experts suggest for who buys cars that don't run:  

  • A family member or a friend


Although it might sound weird, it doesn't hurt to use word of mouth and see if any of your family members or friends are interested in buying your car.

Even if your car doesn't drive, you might find an interested mechanic who would like to train on your non-running car and tried to get it going. 

If you found one, you might have to put some time and effort into dealing with the paperwork, especially if you're dealing with an inexperienced buyer. 

  • A dealership

Yes, there are dealerships where you can sell a car that doesn't drive. If you own a high demand vehicle in your area, many dealerships will be interested in buying it to use it as car parts replacements.

However, most dealerships underestimate vehicles and will never pay you the offer you're looking for if you're selling a used car. Offers get significantly lower if you are trying to sell a car that doesn't drive. 

Therefore, you need to shop for at least three appraisals from different dealerships before making your final decision on selling an undrivable car to a dealership. 

  • Classified websites


There are plenty of available companies that buy used cars online and offline.

For example, you might need to check out CarMax, CarGurus, Carvana, Vroom, cars.com, Craigslist, eBay Motors, etc.

All these companies promise to provide hassle-free coloring services. Some of them provide a completely online car selling while others provide a semi online service.

Spend some time investigating and comparing between each company. You might need to check out our other articles CarMax VS Carvana come on Carvana VS Vroom, etc.

This way, you can have an idea about each company's mean pros and cons so you can make an informed decision to sell a car that doesn't drive. 

  • Scrap parts

If none of the mentioned options worked, you might try the best way to sell a car for parts.

You can either reach out to your professional mechanic to help you scrap your vehicle because there are certain regulations you must follow, especially in disposing of contaminated car fluids.

Your vehicle has many valuable parts that can make you some money even if they're not very expensive. 

  • Cash for Cars

When looking for how to sell a crashed car, your options get significantly limited, and you might end up without any buyer interested in buying a car.

Luckily, we invite you to try Cash for Cars programs. These programs are associated with private junk car buyers who guarantee to buy your vehicle despite its type or condition.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated companies in the nation that provides free towing and will pay you the top dollars for your non-drivable car. 

  • The last step: finalize the paperwork and finish the deal


Once you determined the right buyer had your vehicle ready, it's time to finalize the deal & the paperwork.

Check out your state's regulations about your vehicle type and see what paperwork is needed to be signed and if there is a certain form, you must follow.

In general, most states require an assigned car title, and if you don't have one, you can check with the buyer if he can take care of the paperwork or not. 

Did you know that Cash Cars Buyer is one of the few companies that accept vehicles without titles as long as you can prove that you're the legal owner of the car? 

Prints out the form and have it signed and kept a copy in a safe place.

You will need these people to work for your future tax return or if anything happens with this car. 

Make sure to cancel your vehicle's registration so don't hold liable for anything that happens to it, and cancel your insurance policy to prevent paying for a vehicle you no longer own. 

If I sell a car that doesn't run, how much is a non-running car worth?

Remember, you're searching for how I can get rid of a car that doesn't run, and therefore, you should not be expecting a very high offer despite the type of buyer you select.

When looking for how to sell a dead car, for example, the only people who might accept it will provide you with a couple of $100 and might not even take care of the towing service.

However, when you're selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer, we provide you with free towing, and we don't have any hidden fees to surprise you with at the pickup time. In general, we pay between $100 and $300.00 for most junk vehicles. This does not mean that we don't provide higher offers. If your vehicle is in better condition, we are willing to pay up to $15,000 for the right car. 

How to sell a car that doesn't run fast?

If you're looking for how to sell your car fast while knowing it doesn't drive, you add another layer of complication to the process.

It will be very challenging to find a private buyer or a dealership to accept your car fast. They might need some time to think, and it might take you a couple of months before finding anyone interested.

However, when selecting Cash Cars Buyer, we are willing to remove your car within one to three days. Did you know that we are at a 24-hour car removal company, which means that we can remove your vehicle evenings, weekends, and sometimes same day if you are interested! 


  • Will CarMax buy a car that doesn't run?


Yes, CarMax buys a car that doesn't run only if it's repairable. If they know that they can fix the problem in your vehicle and have it get going for someone to buy it, they will accept it.

However, if your vehicle is not repairable, CarMax will not accept it. 

  • Can I trade in a non-running car?


Yes, if you're trying to trade in another running car that has a lot of high demand around your area, dealerships would love to buy it.

However, they might not provide you with the top offer, and you will usually be underpaid. Therefore, it might be worth investigating other options to sell your non-running car. 

  • Where can I sell my car for the most money?


Depending on your vehicle's type and condition, your options vary. For example, if you have a high-demand vehicle and don't have any problems, dealerships might provide you a good offer, especially if they have the same brand.

On the other hand, if you're looking to sell a car that doesn't drive, car removal companies might be the best option for you because they accept vehicles despite their type or condition. 

  • What to do with a car that is not worth fixing?


If you have noticed that repair costs are getting very high and approaching about 75% or more from your vehicle's value, it's not worth getting it repaired. Therefore, you'd better sell this car and use the money as a down payment for a better vehicle.

A good option for you would be to sell it to Cash Cars Buyer who accept vehicles despite their type or condition. 

How to sell a car that doesn't drive: the bottom line 


Selling an undrivable car is very challenging. However, you might be lucky enough to find either a private buyer, the dealership, someone on classified websites, or even a junk car removal company to accept your vehicle that doesn't drive. 

If you're looking for the fastest, easiest, and safest method to sell a car that doesn't drive while getting the top dollars for it, your best option would be Cash Cars Buyer.

To get started with our method, we need to give us a call at 8669244608. Or you can visit our website and click on the free instant online.


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