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What To Do With A Car That Is Not Worth Fixing?

What To Do With A Car That Is Not Worth Fixing

“What To Do With A Car That Is Not Worth Fixing?” is the question of the hour, and we can assist! Cash Cars Buyer buys all makes and models, including those cars that aren’t worth fixing. We offer a “FEE-FREE” way for you to get rid of your junk car fast!  You can obtain an instant offer on your non running or wrecked car here and know exactly what your car is worth! 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️


What to do with a car that's not worth repairing? – Sell That Junk Car FAST 

When it comes to selling that damaged, totaled and junk car, we make it fast as well as easy! 

Provide details about your car 

Take the time to enter some details about your car. You will be guided to type in your car’s make, model, year, level and location of damage, status of title and more. The more details you provide, the better your offer will be. Once you have your instant online quote, you can call us so that we can make you a guaranteed cash offer on your vehicle. 


Call us and accept your offer 

When you call us, one of our friendly agents will ask you some additional questions about your car, ensuring that you receive the best guaranteed cash offer possible. Love what you just heard? It’s time to come and get that car and pay you fast! 


Get paid! 

We will arrive to your home promptly and we will get to work fast to assess your car, and then pay you on the spot! 

What to do with a car you can't sell?

When you find it difficult to sell your junk car, Cash Cars Buyer is the solution. Perhaps you have decided to get into the online game of selling a car. There is so much work that goes into selling a car and it can be downright overwhelming! 

From the photos to the description you have to write, selling a car online is tough! You may have even thought to sell your car to a private buyer through word of mouth. That buyer may decide that he or she no longer wants the car. So, what do you do? 

You click here to get a FREE online quote for your car and then you call Cash Cars Buyer!  

Cash Cars Buyer is the best place to sell that car you cannot sell! 

Over a decade of experience 

We have been buying junk cars that don’t sell or even don’t run, for over a decade.  

Fair market value  

Once you sell your car to us, you can count on getting fair market value for that car.  No games, gimmicks, or hassles. 

FREE junk car removal 

When you sell your car to us, you can count on us removing it for FREE! You never have to pay anything to get rid of that clunker! 

No processing or paperwork fees

When you decide to sell your car to us, you never have to pay for processing or paperwork. We take car of it all! 

At what point is it not worth fixing a car?

Maybe you have an old SUV that will not run. Or perhaps you have a rusted hatchback that runs, but has engine as well as starter trouble. So, at what point is it not worth fixing a car? When that car costs too much beyond its worth, or your ability to pay- as the owner. 

When you have reached the point of a car costing too much to maintain beyond it’s time to sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! We buy ALL makes and models, for fair market value! So, click here and get an instant offer on your car in matter of minutes! 

Is it better to fix a car or trade it in?

It is almost always less expensive to fix a car than buy a new vehicle. Although something as severe as a blown engine or a failing transmission will run you between thousands of dollars to replace these kinds of repairs still don't cost as much as buying a new vehicle. 


When it comes to that hard decision of fixing your old damaged car, or selling it, you have to weigh the amount of money it is costing you to fix that rickety car. Are you paying hundreds of dollars a month, to fix the car, only to have it break down on you again? If this is the case, it’s time to sell that rusted ride to Cash Cars Buyer. 

Same Day Pick Up Available! 

You can sell your car to us, and see money from it the same day! In many cases, we offer same-day pickup! Generally, it takes us between 24-72 hours to appraise your car and tow it away. Even with that timeframe, it’s still shorter than selling it on your own, to a dealership or even a junkyard. 

We waste no time! 

Once you obtain our instant offer, you can call us so that we can make you a guaranteed cash offer! Love what you hear? It’s time to come and collect that junk car, FAST! 

We Pay the Guaranteed Offer

Lots of other junk car buyers will make you an offer on your car, only to lessen that offer a time later. This old “bait and switch” tactic is alive and well- but you will never find this a business practice we use. 

 When we make you the offer on your car, you can count on sticking to it and being paid that amount, when it comes time to pay you. 


Let us Buy That Old & Scrap Vehicles Quickly! 

Looking to sell a junk car or an old car fast? Cash Cars Buyer is the place for you. We have a network of agents, nationwide, that allows us to come to your location, appraise your car and then pay you on the spot! 

Forget the sketchy junkyards or the unreliable local scrapyards. Stop entertaining the private buyers.  Just sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, where you will have access to a nationwide network of experienced, dedicated and even licensed junk car buyers.  You can also count on us to buy your car- regardless of its condition. 

With Cash Cars Buyer, our main objective is to offer you a fair market value for your car. Our other objective is to provide you with a “FEE-FREE” junk car selling experience so wonderful, that you’ll share our business with others! 

When you sell your car to us, you never have to pay anything! And to sweeten your junk car deal, you never have to pay to have your car to have it towed! 

Some of the junk cars we buy include those that have: 

  • Flood damage 
  • Accident damage 
  • Water issues 
  • Blown engines 
  • Transmission issues 
  • No keys 
  • No tires or wheels, and more! 

Can I get 500 for that junk car in my driveway? 

Looking for $500 for that junk car? You have to keep in mind, that regardless of where you sell your car, each junk car buyer will have a checklist that he or she looks at, before buying a junk car. For us, we look at a car’s: 

  • Year, make and model 
  • Amount and level of damage and where that damage is located 
  • Status of the title 
  • Physical location of the car, and more.

Click here so you can get an instant offer on your car and find out what it’s worth, in a matter of seconds! 

Get FREE Local Junk Car Removal for Cash! 

Getting FREE junk car removal is easy with Cash Cars Buyer. You can get an online offer. This offer is one that is a fair market value offer. Additionally, you are never obligated to accept the offer, but we know you’ll love it. 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer strive to make the highest as well as fairest offer on your car possible. Our goal is to pay you a fair amount of money. We want to then combine that offer, with the most stellar services that will cost you nothing! 

We work only with experienced, accomplished, dedicated and professional junk car buyers. This ensures that smoothest, fastest, easiest and safest junk car selling experience for you! 

Selling a junk car should never be stressful, difficult or full of scams or games. So, click here and obtain your offer on that old car, NOW

Benefits of getting rid of that car that’s not worth fixing

  • A spacious area for a hobby or another car 
  • Better mood and peace of mind 
  • Motivation to accomplish other tasks 

No title for that car not worth fixing? 

Have you been hesitant to sell that junk car, because you have a lost title or the title has somehow gotten damaged? We buy cars with no title and we may just buy yours! For that car with not title, we ask that you have your picture ID as well as your car registration handy. Once you locate those two items, you can click here and obtain your instant offer! From there, you can see how much your car is worth! 

Get rid of your junk car not worth fixing & make FAST CASH! 

Let us take care of your unwanted vehicle that is not worth another fix! We will pay you cash for your unfixable car, FAST! 



Our offers are guaranteed! Our offers are also haggle-free too! 


No Hassles

Forget being put under any pressure to sell your car.  You are never under any obligation to accept your offer! 

Environmentally Friendly 

We love our Mother Earth just as much as the next person does. And when we buy a car, we work with recycling centers to recycle the parts that can have a new life in another car – or as something else! 

Expert Guidance and Assistance 

Our experienced junk car buyers are the best in the business. We can answer questions you may have as well as more! 

For the issue of “What to Do with A Car That Is Not Worth Fixing?”, click here for an instant offer, and then sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! Let us turn that car not worth fixing, into cool cash! 

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