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CarMax Vs. Carvana Selling: Which Is Better, CarMax or Carvana?

Sell my car online fast: Vroom vs Carvana vs CarMax

Many people wonder and search about “CarMax VS Carvana selling”. Both companies provide you with the best car selling service and aim to make the process happen completely online. Since both companies have their massive number of customers, the question always remains which is better, CarMax or Carvana?

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This article walks you through the main similarities and differences between CarMax and Carvana. Depending on your goals and the vehicle you were trying to sell, you need to go through the pros and cons carefully to determine the best place to sell your car.  

Selling a car to CarMax review: How does it work? 

Before we dive into CarMax versus Carvana selling, it's very important to understand how selling a car to CarMax works

Based on our personal experience with CarMax, buying a car through CarMax can be almost fully automated. However, selling a car to CarMax is relatively semiautomated; still, it's better than traditional methods for selling your car or even selling your vehicle to a dealership. 

The first step in selling your car to CarMax is still entering your vehicle's information like its make, model, year, mileage, etc. Then, CarMax will let you know whether they are interested in buying your car or not.

After that, they will schedule an appointment to come to check out your vehicle, provide you with an offer, allow you seven days to accept the offer, and finalize the deal once you are happy with it. 

If you're looking to sell your car to CarMax and use that money towards a new vehicle, we recommend that you search for CarMax near me and find the closest dealership to check out what vehicles they have. This way, you can have a better idea about what vehicle you would like to purchase. 

Selling a car to Carvana review 

Cortana provides almost the same style in car selling as CarMax. All you need to do is go to their website and click on “get my offer.” 

After that, they will provide you with an offer within about 2 minutes. You can spend up to seven days thinking of Carvana's appraisal before accepting it and coordinating a pick up time with Carvana.

The great thing about selling a car to Carvana is that you can also trade it in. If there is a vehicle in mind and you think it's what you were looking for, you can simply use your vehicles' value towards the new vehicle. Whatever you decided to do, Carvana is willing to come and pick up your car hassle-free. 

If you don't want to have, Carvana comes to pick up your car, use Carvana vending machines and search for Carvana near me. There are many Carvana locations around you in almost every state in the United States. 

Carvana Vs. CarMax Selling Reddit

The best way to understand the man similarities and differences between Carvana and CarMax is to listen to actual customers who had an experience with both websites.

You could start by asking the question of has anyone sold their car to Carvana or CarMax? 

Before deciding on either website, it circumvented that's you visit Kelley Blue Book and check how much your vehicle is worth and have a number in the back of your head. This way, you can determine which website is giving you a better deal. 

Therefore, Reddit has tons of listed questions from real customers about which website to choose. Let's see what these customers have to say about their experience: 


  • CarMax VS Carvana selling Reddit Customer number one: “So, the end. CarMax wins!”


The first customer had a great experience with both Carvana and CarMax. He highlighted the amazing customer service and the professional staff during the phone calls and the pickup time.

Although this customer does not sell a vehicle to both websites, he had the chance to buy a car multiple times. 

Unfortunately, he was not lucky enough to have a perfectly running car and ended up returning the vehicle. The great thing about his experience is that customer service helped him with the return smoothly without any hassle, and he liked a lot the payment plan he was offered. 

  • Selling a car to Carvana Reddit: “…this was a very easy, convenient, and risk-free option in my mind


The second customer had an amazing experience with selling his car to car. He mentioned that Carvana does not provide you with the best offer, and it's usually lower than selling your car privately.


In the customer's opinion, he thought that selling a car to Carvana with a couple of hundred less is much safer than dealing with private buyers and wasting his time.

According to this customer, “I would strongly suggest getting a quote from them if you're looking to sell/trade a vehicle.”

CarMax VS Carvana selling: which one should I choose? 

As you might notice, both Carvana and CarMax have many similarities, and people are happy with their experience with both websites. However, one might need to get a closer look at the main pros and cons of each website

  • CarMax pros 


The great thing about CarMax is that it's very easy and has a huge inventory of vehicles you could ever think of. You don't have to worry about any hassle or pressure in the car selling process, and there is a great return policy of 90 days or 4000 miles limits. 

Lastly, CarMax has in-house financing. 

  • CarMax cons 


On the other hand, CarMax prices are usually lower than the market value or suggested Kelley Blue Book value. Unfortunately, you might need to pay a little more when shipping a vehicle, and you must visit the store for selling. 

  • Carvana pros 


Like CarMax, Carvana also provides a hassle-free car selling service without any overhead money for physical lots, and everything can be finished online.

Carvana provides you with a seven day or general policy and 100 days or 4189 miles warranty. 

  • Carvana cons 


On the other hand, Carvana also doesn't provide you with the top prices than Kelley Blue Book or market price. You cannot test drive your car, which is a big drawback of Carvana. 


This section answered some of the common questions related to CarMax vs. Carvana selling.

  • Is selling your car to Carvana worth it?

Carvana is a great option for someone looking to sell a perfectly running vehicle without any major problems. However, if you know that your vehicle has significant complications and mechanical issues, Carvana might not be the best option because they will not provide you with a good offer. 

  • Is CarMax fair when selling your car?

According to automotive experts, CarMax is very fair. Whether you're selling a perfectly luxury running car or a vehicle that has only one working taillight, CarMax will provide you a fair offer.

However, keep in mind that most CarMax offers are much lower than the market value because CarMax has to pay for overheads and physical lots. Bus, if the offer is your top priority, CarMax might not be the best option for you. 

  • Are CarMax cars overpriced?

Yes, CarMax cars are overpriced. It's not surprising to see that CarMax does not provide you with the top offers than any other online platforms because they have to pay for overhead and physical lots, as we mentioned earlier.

However, keep in mind that when evaluating CarMax offers, you need to consider the hassle-free and risk-free process, which might value much more for people than the actual offer.

If you're wondering if CarMax pays well for used cars, it does if you evaluate the entire process and consider the risk factors compared to selling a car privately. 

  • Is CarMax better than a dealer?

CarMax is a long chain of dealerships with tons of locations around the United States. If you're looking for a hassle-free car selling experience, your best option is to go to the nearest CarMax to you.

Dealerships might not provide you with the best offers, and can't underestimate your vehicle significantly. If you don't have the best experience in the cart selling markets, you might get lost when dealing with any dealership. CarMax is known for its great reputation and amazing customer service that you might not find in regular dealerships. 

  • Does CarMax pay cash?

According to the CarMax website, they indicated that they accept cash payments when buying a vehicle. They did not clearly state whether they can pay you in cash or not. Therefore, your best guess is to give them a call and check with them verbally. 

  • Does CarMax give good appraisals?

Usually, CarMax appraisals are good enough to understand that customers will shop around during the seven-day timeline they need before accepting the offers.

While that is true, CarMax appraisals are usually lower than the market value, as we mentioned earlier. 

  • Does CarMax give you KBB value?

CarMax has their evaluation criteria when generating your vehicle's value. Therefore, don't be surprised if you found a different price than what you expected from the KBB value. 

Several customers indicated that what CarMax offered them was much lower than the KBB value, a commonly known fact about CarMax. 

  • Are CarMax appraisals free?

Yes, completely free and available on their website. All you need to do is to provide your vehicle's information and get your instant free appraisal.

  • How does CarMax determine value?

In the CarMax evaluation process, they look into multiple factors to determine your car's value. They consider your vehicle's make, model, year, and mileage.

In some scenarios, CarMax might look into your vehicle history report and consider whether your vehicle was involved in any previous accidents or had any major issues to account for four in the evaluation process.

  • Does CarMax buy cars with over 100 000 miles?

Yes, CarMax will buy your vehicle if it has 100,000 miles on it. However, CarMax will not sell it to customers; instead, they will sell it to used car auctions with very large discounts.

That being said, if you're trying to sell a car with more than 100,000 miles on it to CarMax, you will not get the best offer, and the number will be much lower than selling it privately or a car removal service. 

  • Can I sell my car to CarMax without a title? 


CarMax will accept any vehicle despite its type or condition. However, it would help if you had a good tile for them to accept.

What if I can't sell my car to CarMax or Carvana? What do I do? 

If you ended up in a situation where you can't sell your car to CarMax or Carvana for any reason, we invite you to sell it to Cash Cars Buyer.

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