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Companies That Buy Used Cars for Cash: Are You Looking For 500 Dollars for Junk Cars?

The Process Of Scrapping A Junk Car For Cash

Determining the best companies that buy used cars for cash can be a little tricky and depends heavily on your goals and needs. For example, if you're looking for someone who buys used cars near me, you might end up selling your car to the closest dealership. On the other hand, if you're looking for how to sell my car online fast, you might choose junk car buyers as they provide cash for junk cars the same day pick up no title.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Companies that buy junk cars usually are not limited to purchasing junk cars; they also buy perfectly run cars and pay up to $1000 for any car. 

Are you looking to sell your car? This article lists the best companies that buy used cars for cash, along with their main pros and cons. 

What are the best companies that buy used cars for cash? 

With advanced technologies nowadays, selling used cars is getting a little easier because there are many companies that buy used cars for cash and connect you with millions of daily customers. 

But, before you take the route of looking into companies, it's recommended that you try word of mouth. If you have a friend or a family member to buy your car, it can be the fastest and safest method of selling your vehicle.

If you made up your mind and decided to go with companies, here is our best list: 

  • Autotrader


The great thing about Auto Trader is that it's one of the oldest companies that focuses on buying used cars.

The company started as a printed magazine where people used to put text ads to connect to customers.

Luckily, Auto Trader is now a massive online platform and is considered one of the top companies that buy used cars for cash.

  • Kelley Blue Book 


Kelley Blue Book is one of the biggest names for selling used cars and brand-new vehicles. 

The company can get too connected to many dealerships that might be interested in buying your vehicle. The great thing about Kelley Blue Book is that it provides you with a rough estimate about how much cash you could make out of your vehicle and help you answer your question of where can I sell my car for the most money. 

  • Carfax 


If you don't know how to sell a car on Carfax, you'd better give it a try! The company is known for providing history reports for all vehicles. When you attach a history report to your vehicle's advertisements, you encourage customers to trust you as you have nothing to hide. 

Carfax is another great platform for someone who is looking to purchase a used car. You can see whether your vehicle of interest has any problems or was involved in any accidents in the past. 

  • CarMax 


Have you heard anyone saying that I love the experience of selling my car to CarMax? There is no doubt that CarMax is the best place to sell used cars for many customers. The company has many dealerships around the United States, and by just typing in Google CarMax near me, you will see how many plots are very close to your house.

If you're looking to sell your car to a trusted company, CarMax would be your best choice.

However, keep in mind that CarMax's down payment might be hassled for many people, and you won't get the best offer from CarMax because they usually pay less than the market value. 

  • Craigslist 


Craigslist used to be one of the best places to sell cars online free. You could get connected to millions of daily customers who might be interested in buying your vehicle.

Unfortunately, Craigslist started charging $5 for used car ads to prevent any scams in the car selling process as the number of customers is getting massive. Thus, before searching for Craigslist to sell my car, step back and give it a little thought. 

  • Peddle


Have you heard about Peddle before? The great thing about this company is that you can input your vehicle's information and get an instant offer without waiting for a long time for people to follow up.

The best thing about this company is that it provides you with a more modern high-tech way of selling vehicles quickly without any hassle. When selling your car to Peddle, you don't have to tell your vehicle because they can haul away your car easily without any hassle. 

If you're interested in learning more about pedal work, there are many available articles and feedback from real customers on larger websites. You can always check to peddle reviews on Reddit

  • Dealerships 


Although you might not consider dealerships as one of the companies that buy used cars for cash, they might be a great option for you.

There are tons of dealerships home buy used cars for cash. However, you need to be very mindful when selecting your dealership of choice.

Unfortunately, dealerships usually don't provide the top dollars for your car. Therefore, one of your most important due diligence to do before selecting your dealership is to search for which dealership pays the most for used cars.

You might need to go with a dealership that focuses on selling your current vehicle's same brand because it can make the process faster and might pay you a lot more than other general dealerships. 

Dealerships might be a great option for people who are searching for where to sell cars fast. 

  • Junk car buyers


Another great option is to sell your car to a junk car buyer, Like Aga junk car buyer or Cash Cars Buyer.

The great thing about junk car buyers is that they can pay cash for junk cars and provide same-day pickup even if your vehicle doesn't have a title.


For instance, Cash Cars Buyer is the way to go for someone looking for instant cash offers near me. 

To get more details about how these companies work is recommended that you spend time and effort researching through cash for cars reviews. Many customers provide honest feedback about their experience with these companies.

You never want to select one that doesn't have great customer service; Otherwise, you are just giving yourself more hassle. 


As you're searching for the best companies that buy used cars for cash, it's also important to look at the following questions that might help you narrow down your research and determine your goals. 

  • Where can I sell my car for the most money?


If money is your highest priority when it comes to selling used cars, your best option might be selling your car through classified websites like Craigslist, carguruscommacars.com, older trader, etc.

It's never recommended to sell your car to dealerships if you're looking for the most money. Dealerships usually never pay the top dollars. Similarly, CarMax is not recommended because they pay lower than the market value as they have overhead expenses and dealership responsibilities. 

  • How can I sell my used car fast?


On the other hand, if your highest priority is to get your vehicle away from your house fast, your best option would be to sell it to a friend or family member. Also, dealerships might be fast in finalizing the process and taking care of all paperwork.

Classifieds websites are not recommended if you're looking for a fast process because they usually take a lot of time, and it's very challenging to find the right buyer through these websites.

Again, car removal companies are also another great option for anyone looking to sell his car fast and for the most money. 

  • Can you get a better deal on a used car by paying cash?

It depends. Selecting cash payments is more to keep you safe and provide more precautions in the car selling process.

Cash payments do not usually have to do anything with the deals.

You might even receive a higher payment from someone willing to pay you using a check or a third-party account. Most of these offers are usually associated with scams, and therefore, your top priority should be looking for a safe car removal service versus just getting the highest offer. 

  • Does CarMax buy cars for cash?

According to the CarMax website, they indicated that you could pay in cash for used cars but, it doesn't indicate whether they buy cars for cash. Therefore, your best option would be to give them a call and check with them verbally. 

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