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Sell My Car Fast For Cash – Find Out How A Flexible Schedule Will Help! 

Sell My Car Fast For Cash

OK- so, you’re on a mission to sell your car fast for cash. How can you go about this? Let’s examine some steps you may consider taking and more! 

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Selling A Car Fast For Cash- What To Do Now! 

You have a used vehicle that you want to sell- whether you’re buying a newer car, or just need the money, you want to sell it as soon as possible. But we all know that life does not go according to our plans. If you decide to sell to a third-party, this can often take weeks. Let’s go over some helpful tips that can help you sell your used vehicle fast! 


Go and Get That Title 

On your mark, get set and go get that title. Wherever you put the vehicle’s title is where you want to go and retrieve it. Don’t have the title? Then you will have to obtain a duplicate one. When you are ready to sell a car, you have to have the title. The vehicle title shows that you are the vehicle’s rightful owner. 

Gather Those Maintenance Records 

Now that you have the title, it’s time to get all of the maintenance records for your car. You want to be able to show them to perspective buyers. This will also cut down on the number of questions that you answer. For example, if buyers want to know when you got the oil changed last, you can show them, better than telling them. Did you not keep up with the maintenance records? Then take out a sheet of paper and begin writing down the approximate dates that you had your car fixed and maintained. Potential buyers will appreciate this. 


Know Your Car’s Value 

As you prepare to sell your car fast, you want to stop and get a value for your car. Both Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds are great places where you can obtain the value for your car. This will help when you are ready to price your car for sale, based upon its condition. 

Get A Pre-Inspection 

The next step in getting your car ready for a fast cash sale, is to get it inspected by a certified mechanic. You will be able to receive a comprehensive and thorough assessment of your old vehicle’ condition. Once again, this will cut down on the number of questions that you are asked from perspective buyers. 

Now that you have your vehicle’s report available to potential buyers, they’ll know that you are being completely transparent and honest about the quality of the car. You are taking away the work that buyers have to do, and that ALWAYS helps for a FAST SALE! 


Clean & Detail Your Car 

Looking to get rid of that old ride fast? Then make it look “like new”! No one wants to buy a dirty and filthy car. If you would be turned off by someone selling a dirty and smelly car, then think of your buyer when they see that filthy car! You would be surprised what a good car wash and wax will do. Buyers will light up as you lift the garage to unveil a clean, cool used car that looks great! 


Price Your Car To Sell 

Another tip in selling your car fast, is to try to undervalue it just a bit. With your Edmunds and Kelley Book values, you can then compare your car to similar listings in your area.  Then, decide on a price that’s just below under market value. With this strategy, you are sure to get some potential buyers in-boxing you fast.  


If you have newer equipment on your car…. 

Should you have newer equipment on and in your car, (i.e., a new car radio, new tires) you want to list those items in your vehicle description. This will also attract buyers too. With these new items, the price of your car may be a bit higher. But be sure that you explain why your car may be a bit more than similar vehicles in your area. 

Keep Your Schedule Flexible 

As we all live very busy lives, it may be difficult for a potential buyer to come and see you and your car. So, you want to try to keep your schedule as flexible as possible. A buyer who takes up your Saturday morning, may be more of a serious buyer. Regardless, you want to be flexible to your buyers. There may be times in which you have to set some early evening appointments, as well as some weekend showings too. The more vehicle buyers you are able to show your car to, the more likely you are to sell your car fast. So, do make being flexibly your top priority – even if you are slightly inconvenienced. 


Think About Selling or Trading Your Car To A Dealership If You Are in a Hurry 

Are you looking to offload a vehicle immediately? Then you may be able to sell it or trade it in at a dealership. Most dealerships will offer you a trade-in, leaving you with a durable, newer and high-quality car when it’s all said and done. Just know that your car has to be a great looking and running car. The dealerships will inspect your car before buying it. So be prepared in the event that you hear a “no thank you”. You also want to keep in mind, that the price you get for your vehicle, may be a bit lower than if you were to sell it to a third-party buyer – but at least you can have the convenience of an easy and fast sale. 


Junk Yards and Scrap Yards 

Selling your car to a junkyard or a scrap yard may garner you some fast cash. You want to find reputable and honest junk yards and scrap yards in your area. A great way to weed out those that seem a bit “iffy” is to look at online reviews. Be aware of scams. You want to ask as many questions as you can, about the process of selling an old car, before physically bringing your car to a junk yard or scrap yard owner. Junk yards and scrap yards are known for giving fast cash to car owners who are looking to make some dollars. 

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