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What To List When Selling A Car – Find Out What Pitfalls To Avoid! 

What To List When Selling A Car

You’ve decided to sell your car, so now comes the task of creating the best online ad that will attract as many buyers, with the hopes of securing one buyer. If what to list when selling a car has you confused, we’re here to help! Check out how to create a great online classified ad for your car, as well as what pitfalls to avoid. 

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Provide the Best Description of Your Vehicle – What To List When Selling A Car

You as the car seller, have to know your car inside and out. Since you are the owner, you are saddled with the task of including your car’s condition and features in your ad. The more information you offer, the more effective your ad will be and you’ll help to avoid lots of questions that potential buyers may have. You want your car ad to begin with the basics. So, start with the year, make, and mileage of the car. You can then continue with the trim level of your car. That trim generally includes leather upholstery, upgraded wheels, specific safety features, upgraded engine performance, and more. 

Put the Asking Price Front and Center 

After you have provided the details of your car, you want to put your asking price “front and center”. This means, that your asking price must be clear and visible to all potential buyers. For many car sellers, the asking price is written at the beginning of the ad, along with the basic specs of the vehicle. You may even want to post your Blue Book ® value, alongside the asking price. Then, you can add an explanation as to why you’re asking less or more than the Blue Book ® value. 

Discuss Why You’re Selling the Vehicle – What To List When Selling A Car

One of the most common if not the top question that a potential buyer asks, is why the car is up for sale. You want to be an honest and transparent seller, so be honest. If the vehicle is one that belonged to a spouse who is now deceased, you can state that. If you are looking to downsize in the family, then you can state that too. Being honest about why the car is for sale, helps give potential buyers a great sense of your vehicle’s condition. 

Show Off Good Gas Mileage and Modifications 

Is the car you’re selling awesome when it comes to good gas mileage? If your car for sale receives a great number of miles per gallon (MPG) before it’s time to refuel, then you want to add that into the description of your car. A fuel-efficient vehicle is always in demand among used car buyers. Another aspect of your listing, is to include any modifications that you have made to your car. Did you add any features or amenities to your car that were not part of the standard options? Were you able to add an alarm, a new stereo, or some specialty tires? These items are always huge bonuses to potential car buyers, so be sure that you write of them in your ad.  Just keep in mind that all modifications do not add value to car. Oftentimes that custom green paint job may not appeal to all buyers. 


Include Warranty Information 

If your car is still under a warranty, that warranty is transferable, and you have the documentation, then you want to include that information in your car ad. 


Add the Issues That May Need Repair – What To List When Selling A Car

Just because your car may have a few blemishes or need some repairs, it doesn’t mean that your car will not sell. Believe it or not, there are some potential buyers who are not looking for a perfect car.  You as the seller have the job of disclosing the repairs and fixes that your car needs. It’s up to the buyer to either call you or move along. As long as you are honest, you will find a buyer for that car. 

Include The Maintenance Records 

Any car that is a well-maintained car, is a sought-after car. You want to offer that perspective buyer peace of mind by offering documents that display maintenance on the car. For example, if you just got the oil changed, include that receipt. If you have a folder of maintenance records, then you want to include that in your ad. Any claims you make can be backed up by your documentation. 

Make sure that you Define Acceptable Forms of Payment – What To List When Selling A Car

Perhaps you’re selling a car for cheap and will only accept cash. Be sure that you include that in your ad. As a car seller, you want to let perspective buyers know up front what form of payment you will and will not accept. For example, if you will not accept personal checks from buyers, state that. If you will accept PayPal or CashApp, then state that. If you want to meet perspective buyers at your financial institution, then you want to state that too. The more detailed you are about your form of payment and stipulations, the better you will weed out potential buyers and zero in on a serious one. 

“OK- What Pitfalls Do I Need To Avoid?” 

Check out some pitfalls you want to avoid as you work to sell your car online and create a stellar and amazing ad. 

  1. Don’t forget to include airbags, GPS, and other features that your car has. Sure, you may remember the new stereo, but don’t neglect any unique options that your car has. 
  2. Try not to list your car in too many online marketplaces. One or two may be ideal, but ten or twelve may be overkill. Just think of all of the work you have to do, to maintain those ads- not to mention the amount of money you are forking out! 
  3. Do not overprice your car and then expect a sale in seconds. As we mentioned earlier you want to get a Blue Book ® value for your car. Then explain why you are selling it lower or higher than that value. 
  4. Don’t forget the photos of your car. If you are selling a car online, you cannot have a car ad without the photos. The pictures tell the story of your car. So, be sure that you take clear, sharp and focused pictures. 
  5. Be sure that you don’t list your car in two different places for two different prices. Online car buyers do their research and if you do this, then you run the risk of being seen as a scam artist. Some buyers may report the ad and you’ll be forced to take it down.  
  6. Try to stick with a price and not change it every hour or every day. Sure, after time, you may lower the price of your car. But if you are changing the price of your vehicle every hour or every day, then you can count on a car that will not sell at all. 

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