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Sell Car Online Free- What Is The Fastest Way To Sell My Car?

Sell Car Online Free- What Is The Fastest Way To Sell My Car?

You have a car to sell, and you want to spend little to no money getting the word out about that car. So, where can you sell that car online completely free? While Craigslist has great reach, you have to pay $5.00 for each car sale post. So, that really doesn’t make Craigslist free. Lots of other online sites do charge fees upfront or after you make the sale. So, what websites offer a free way to post your car online? 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Places Online Where You Can Sell A Car For FREE

Whew! Did you see that? It was a fast-moving fee that you were being charged for selling your car online! Those fees can sneak up on you and add up fast! But, you’re not into spending money, you want to make money! So, what places can you sell your car for free? 


When you have a car to sell, you can create a post using a Facebook account. Just be sure that you are honest from beginning to end and you can get some great traction from your post. Don’t forget the pictures, description and a way for folks to contact you. 


Looking to sell a car? Consider Instagram. With Instagram, (IG for short), you can create image carousels and short videos. The most potent aspect of IG is the use of hashtags. What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or a phrase that is written with no spaces and begins with a pound hash sign in front of it. The hash sign looks like this: #. 


Need to sell your car fast? Consider selling on YouTube. Just remember to delete the video after your car sells, ensuring that you’re not selling car that has already been sold. YouTube has millions of viewers worldwide. And your car will be seen by thousands each day. So, grab that smart phone and start recording. You want to create a video that is engaging and answers the questions that perspective buyers will have about your car. 


Yes, you can sell a car on Twitter. The use of your hashtags will be to your benefit too. Just post a picture of your car, and add a safe way for the perspective buyers out there, to contact you. Twitter only allows for 140 characters. So be brief and to the point about the car you wish to sell. 

Visit A Dealership 

Do you have a great used car? Then selling it to a dealership may be a viable option for you. Just prepare to go through an inspection and possibly hear the word “no”. Dealerships are looking for cars that are in very good condition. The ultimate goal of a dealership is to make money off the sale of your car. So, if that cannot happen, then, you may not be able to sell it there. 

I Have A Little Cash – What Are The Best Sites To Sell A Car Online? 

Perhaps you have a few dollars you can spend on the sale of your car. There are some options for you. 


Craigslist is not free, but it only costs $5.00 to post a car for sale on their site. Just be sure that you take a great number of photos (10 is ideal), write a detailed description of your car and then add a way for folks to contact you.  

eBay Motors

eBay is not only one of the top places to sell vehicles online, but the site is also great for the sale of toys, home goods, apparel and more. With eBay motors, your car will be in front of thousands to millions of folks. With eBay, you can either have a fixed-price listing for your car. Or you can sell the car via an auction-style listing. While it’s free to list your car for sale, you have to pay fees based on the sale price. If you choose the fixed-listing style for selling your car, you can think of it as selling your car in a classified newspaper. Just post the price you want to sell the car for, and then wait for the buyer. If you go with the auction-style pricing tool, then perspective buyers will have the opportunity to bid on your car. The auction-style method may work if you have a classic or rare car to sell. You may see so many bids that you get more for the car than what you originally wanted!  It’s also important to note that eBay differs from Craigslist from the standpoint that it's not as anonymous as Craigslist. Additionally, the whole transaction can be completed over the website with eBay. With Craigslist, you have to communicate with the perspective buyer, to seal the deal. This generally involves meeting up with the buyer for the sale of the car to be finalized. 



CarGurus is not a free website to sell a car, but they do have great tools that a car seller can use. Some of these assets include: instant market value, price analysis and a dealer trade-in car estimate. With these tools, car sellers can see whether his or her listing is a strong one, or an overall bad deal. CarGurus also offer sellers to see what similar cars are selling for. The site also has great traffic. So, your car ad will be seen by thousands-depending on its strength- in a relatively short amount of time. And since CarGurus offers a classified car ad style, you will have to communicate and respond to potential buyers in your own space and time. You will also have to set up your own car viewings too.  So, you will definitely have to take some precautions with the financial transaction of your car sale. 



Autotrader offers car sellers one of the oldest ways to buy and sell a vehicle.  Even before the days of online car sales, AutoTrader used to print a magazine that showcased cars for sale.  Many people considered AutoTrader the “end all be all” place for buying and selling a vehicle. Now, AutoTrader has a website that brings its “classic” car selling classified style, into the new millennium. You should expect to pay money once you decide to post your car here. The basic one-month selling package goes for around $25. Their premium package can run you about $100 – and you can keep the post up, until your car sells. If you don’t feel like dealing with a perspective car buyer, then Autotrader will help out. They offer a VIP service that does all of the work for you!  Additionally, if you are wanting to sell your car to a car dealer, then AutoTrader allows you to receive a cash offer from any of the participating dealers on the site. Once you post your ad, Autotrader will aggregate that ad onto the Kelley Blue Book website- a site of course, known for car offers and more. This can also bring in more potential buyers.  


How Legit Is Carvana?

In a report by Consumer Affairs, they list Carvana as an online vehicle retailer selling used trucks, cars and SUVs. The buyers are able to view the current inventory and buy a car with cash, get the financing he or she needs or even trade in a car. Carvana does certify all vehicles and offers car buyers a guarantee of 100 days or 4,189 miles, whichever arrives first. Consumer Affairs also reports that Carvana offers Carvana Gap Coverage and CarvanaCare as car protective programs form theft and damage. Click here to read more from Consumer Affairs! 


What Is The Fastest Way To Sell My Car?

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