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Wrecked Car Meaning – Check out the Most Common Damage After A Car Accident! 

Wrecked Car Meaning

Maybe you have a severely damaged car and you’ve been told it’s wrecked or even a salvage car. Now that you have been told so many things, your mind is swirling with what is wrecked car meaning. So, what is a wrecked car? Do you in fact have a wrecked car? We have the information you need now! 

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What is the Definition of a Wrecked Car? 

A wrecked car has experienced tremendous damage, although not to the extent of being a vehicle that may be deemed a total loss. Maybe you were in an accident and are now thinking that you have a salvage or a wrecked car. Perhaps you have filed an insurance claim. As you think about your next steps, here are some questions that you want to ask yourself. 

  1. What is the total amount of damage that has resulted from this accident or collision? 
  2. What is my deductible? Is it worth it to file a claim? 
  3. What is the cost of repairing my car? 
  4. What is the actual value of my car? 

While it may take you some time to research the answers to these questions, they are quite important in understanding the condition of your car and wrecked car meaning. 

The Most Common Damage After A Car Accident 

Check out some of the most common damage after a car accident and see if your vehicle fits into any of the following categories. 

Cosmetic Damage 

This kind of damage does not affect the functionality of car. But this kind of damage can make a car look unsightly or “ugly”.  Some of the most common cosmetic blemishes on a car include, paint chipping, scratches and dents. Some cosmetic damage repairs can take a few hours – while others can take a few days. You want to get to a tech fast so that oxidation doesn’t begin, resulting in fading, rust and chipped paint. 

Rear End Damage 

Lots of auto body shops and car insurance claims adjusters see a huge number of cars with rear end damage. Rear end damage includes: damage to the back wheels, back bumpers, trunk, lid, exhaust, tail lights and more.   

Middle or Center Damage 

Maybe your car accident left you with a wrecked car that was hit on its side. Whether that be the passenger or the driver side, you have a “caved in” door, or something similar. Center or middle damage also includes:  


 A damaged steering wheel column and air bags, roof, those side doors (or door) and fender.  

Front End Damage 

Maybe you ran into the back of another vehicle, a tree, fence or a cement block. Now, you are left with front end damage. Chances are you also have damage to your grille, hood front bumper, A/C & heater, electrical system, radio, headlights and more. 

Average Costs of Repairing A Damaged Car 

Whether you are coming out of pocket for the entire cost to fix your damaged car, or you are filing an insurance claim, none of this is a fun experience. With insurance, you may have to wait for a claims adjuster to meet with you and view your car, to get it fixed. Or maybe you will just skip the claim and just have your neighborhood mechanic fix your car and you pay for the damages. Whatever route you go to get your car fixed, let’s look at some approximate costs to get that ride in great working order again. 

Rear End Damage Repair 

Whether it’s a single back bumper that needs to be replaced, or a more extensive repair, you are looking at some money for the fixes. Generally, a simple bumper fix may cost between $300 to about $500. Your tech will have to order the part, and then there is the cost of labor. Some rear end damage can take days and even weeks. Sometimes to fix a back end of car can cost up $10,000 to fix. Typically, if the damage is so severe, your car insurance company will write the car as a totaled car and you can receive a check-depending on the kind of coverage you have. 

Fixing Car Doors 

Did your car accident result in a just a few dents on your car doors? Then for many dent removal repairs, you may be looking at about $300-$400 per door. Sometimes the correct matching paint may just be enough. But you want to correct color. You can’t just pick up a paint at a hardware store. Your tech will have to generate the correct color on his or her computer system. So, this may take some time. But you may not have to shell out lots of cash for a door paint job. Just ask your auto body manager. Now if you are looking at a more extensive door job such as replacing an entire car door, you are looking at a job that could cost up towards $800-$1000, per door. 

A/C and Heating System 

Since these repairs involve your tech having to take your car apart, you are looking at a job that can cost as much as $1000-$4000 for huge A/C compressor fixes

Roof/Car Hood Repair 

Depending on the amount or level of damage to the top of your car, you may be looking at a repair that will cost you about $200 to $250. 

Grille Repair

The cost of a replacement grille assembly will certainly vary, depending on your vehicle's year, make and model. Genuine OEM replacements can cost anywhere from $140, all the way up to $3,200.


Headlight Repair 

Depending on the extent of damage, and bulbs, the average cost of headlight repairs is between $200 and $800. 

Front End Bumper Repair 

From extensive to minimal damage as well as the kind of car that you have, to fix your front bumper can cost anywhere between $50 and $2,000. If your tech has to order any replacement parts or do extra work, then the cost will be a bit higher. 

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