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What Are The Different Types Of Car Damage? 

Types Of Car Damage

You’re a car owner, who wants to be in the know. For you, it’s important that you understand what the different types of car damage are. We have the information you need. Whether you’ve been in a collision, or even know someone who has, it’s important that you know and identify the various types of car damage. Keep reading as we invite you to learn something new today! 

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Various Types of Car Damage 

It’s pretty safe to say that our vehicles live quite the rough life. While many car owners do take the time to “baby” their vehicles, your car, van, truck, SUV, crossover or pickup truck endures some really harsh elements. From rain, sleet snow, to the potholes that it has to endure, vehicles have to put up with lots of treacherous conditions. Whether you have door dents and dings to full speed collisions, our vehicles can suffer lots of damage on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are body shops who do expert repairs on cars, while restoring them to beauty and full function. Let’s examine some of the most common types of car damage and help you stay in the know! 


Dents and Dings 

Why is it that dents and dings on our vehicle doors seem to arrive out of nowhere? Whether the source of the dent is unknown or can be explained, the dent and ding can be one of those car blemishes that makes us suck our teeth and ask “why?” While there are several methods used in repairing dents, the method used on your vehicle will depend on how severe the dent is. Of course, your dent tech will have the exact cost of your dent repair and offer you the most cost-effective way to remove them. If you fall into a category of car owners who have dents, but the paint is still intact, then your dent tech may be able to access the back of the dent, to remove it. It many instances, dent techs will use a body filler as well as new paint, to expertly repair a dent. As many techs will use the traditional ways of getting dents out, most techs these days will use what is called “paintless dent removal”.  Paintless dent removal is far less invasive compared to “old school” methods of getting dents out of cars. 


Paint Scratches 

What in the world is that line going across your car? Ugh! It’s a paint scratch! Spotting them can really steam your ears! Whether it was a child who had a little too much fun near your car, or someone who wanted revenge on you, paint scratches are annoying.  Depending on the depth and size of the scratch, your tech will use a variety of methods of getting rid of it. For small scratches, a tech will use a buffer alongside some special compounds. For those deep car scratches, your tech may have to resort to using computer matched paint as well as filler- ensuring proper and correct repair. 


Accident Or Collision Damage 

Perhaps the most common damage to a car, is damage that comes from an accident or a collision. Auto body techs see their fair share of dented bumpers, crushed hoods and even rear ends that are unrecognizable. 


Even when an accident occurs at a relatively slow speeds, lots of damage can happen to a car. Most of the time, a car’s frame is damaged after an accident or a collision. Also known as the unibody, the frame of a vehicle is the structure that supports the body panels, the engine, transmission and other components on the vehicle. So, when you have a damaged frame, you run the risk of damaging other parts of a vehicle too. 

What is Cosmetic Damage on a Vehicle? 

Cosmetic damage is damage on a vehicle, that has no impact on the vehicle ability to operate. Cosmetic damage just looks “ugly” or unsightly. While most cosmetic damage can be repaired in a few hours, to a few days, it can be enough to annoy a car owner. Some of the most common cosmetic damages to a car include: 

  1. Paint scratches 
  2. Scraped and dented bumpers 
  3. Dents and dings on the body and more.


While none of those issues prevent a car from starting or being drivable, they are enough to stress out many car owners. Most cosmetic damage is unintentional and can even bewilder a car owner. For example, a few rocks flying out of a truck that’s in front of a car, can fly and hit the body of a car, causing dents and dings. Another car owner may see scratches on his or her car at the grocery store, due to a “fly-away” shopping cart that met that car, and hit it on the side- causing hairline scratches. Some folks may delay in getting cosmetic damages repaired because they don’t keep a car from being operable. The but truth of the matter is, you don’t want to put off getting these kinds of repairs done. Damage to the vehicle’s paint will disrupt the protective coat on it. Because of this breach, oxidation of the metal body will begin- resulting in fading, rust and peeling paint. 


What’s Hidden Damage On A Vehicle? 

If you have ever been involved in an accident, there are damages that are plainer than plain. But in some instances, there are damages to your car, that you may not be able to see. Hidden damages to a car can affect the suspension, mechanical and electrical systems of your car and even the underlying structure of your car. This is why it is so important to have car insurance and take photographs of the damages – should you ever be involved in an accident. 

Selling A Damaged Car 

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