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Sell Damaged Car: The Ultimate Guide

Sell Damaged Car

Trying to sell damaged car can be a costly and time-consuming experience for even the savviest person. There is an incredible number of scenarios that may cause someone to look for options to get sell their damaged or broken car and it can all be a bit overwhelming. From floods, fire and hail to unfortunate accidents – our beloved cars are often the victim of extreme circumstances and are left to wonder because our options seem limited. Well, don’t worry friends because there is an amazing opportunity to sell your damaged or broken car – that pays you cold hard cash, on the spot!

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Just because your damaged car is done working for you, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to turn your car into cash. Even if you think your car is a piece of junk – your car has value! It’s full of valuable parts and components that reputable companies will pay you cash for! Even the most beat up or damaged cars are full of valuable metals and parts that be reused or recycled into many other uses. From aluminum to copper – power steering pumps to control arms, a vehicle is a treasure trove of value to those that know.

Curious about how to sell your damaged car? Read on!

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car accident

On average every year in the United States, there are over 6 million automobile crashes and this number goes up every year. Typically, your insurance, after the deductible, will pay for the damage to your vehicle as well as any other vehicle you may have hit. Often times these deductibles can be well over $1000 and in some cases as high as $2000. There are several reasons why you may not fix a car after it has been damaged in an accident.

Say you crashed a car and it’s your fault, but no one else was involved. You ran your car into a ditch because you swerved to miss a deer in the road. You run into a curb or you bash into a massive pothole that snaps your axle! Now what? Your car has damage that makes it impossible to drive but you have concerns about turning it into the insurance company. You have good reason to be concerned! One accident on a policy can raise your rates on average of 43%. If it's your second accident – try 91%. Wow! So the question becomes: what do you do with your damaged or broken car now? Luckily, you can still sell a damaged car and get cash on the spot even after it is totaled in an accident! Let’s delve into the process of selling your damaged vehicle.

You are sitting at a light, minding your own business and then WHAM – you get hit from behind! You have no injuries but you look at your car and the entire back end is completely damaged. Upon speaking to the person, you find out that they don’t have car insurance! Now what? You will either need to turn this claim into your insurance and risk your policy going up (yes, even if it's not your fault) or have it repaired. What if your vehicle is too expensive to repair? Costs more than it’s worth or you don’t have the money to pay for expensive repair bills upfront? Time to think about selling your damaged car.

But I Have Insurance!

car Insurance

Let’s say your insurance does total out your damaged car and you own the title. Well, now you have a check for the cars working value from the insurance company and a crashed car to deal with. You can sell your damaged car to junkyards, private sellers or even metal scrappers. All of these methods can prove time-consuming and be a huge hassle when all you really want is to sell a damaged car at a fair cash price! Junkyards are experts at haggling for these exact types of vehicles and you can rest assured they will drive you down to the bottom dollar.

Mother Nature Can Wreak Havoc On Your Car

If you wait before putting your damaged car for sale, Mother nature can be your worst enemy! Did you know that damage from hail causes over 22 BILLION in damages to cars and other property in the United States every year? Mother nature also has other vicious ways that she can damage your car. The great state of Texas saw over 300,000 cars damaged by water due to the unbelievably destructive forces of Hurricane Harvey. Tree branches, fire, tornadoes … all of these destructive forces can lead to a damaged or broken car that suddenly is in non-operable condition. Don’t worry though – you can still get cash for your damaged car!

Mechanics and gearheads will tell you that it is nearly impossible to restore a car after it has been damaged by water. Moderns cars are complicated machines with extensive electrical systems that are easily and fatally damaged by water. Once damaged, water damaged vehicles lose their value immediately and are usually destined for recycling or parting out. If you have one of these cars – there are reputable companies that will buy your damaged car with a fair, cash price on the spot. The last thing you want to deal with after a natural disaster is your car, so maybe its time to think about selling that damaged car.

Rust is a unique problem that is localized to certain areas of the country where winter is more severe. In severe winter states, salt is used to melt dangerous ice and it is this salt that can wreak absolute havoc on your car. Over time, salt breaks down and removes the protections the factory installed on the frame and undercarriage of your vehicle. This leads to rust on the major components of your vehicle like the frame, suspension, and engine. Left unattended, this rust will eventually cause irreversible damage and you will be left with an inoperable car. Fear not, there are still ways to sell your damaged car even when it is full of rust!

I want to sell a damaged car – now what?


So what are the options for getting most out of your broken or damaged car?

Well, you could try selling your damaged car online on a local website like Craigslist. Local buyers are going to be looking at your broken car as a project and will low ball it’s actual value so they have room in their budget to fix your damaged car. These type of buyers are often trying to take your car, salvage it and then turn a profit by selling it online to other people looking for a used car. You then have to handle all DMV paperwork and ensure that the buyer is paying cash. Beware of check scams or wire fraud scams! Often times these buyers produce a cashiers check that will later turn out to be a fake check or request funds to be sent via non-secure methods. These common scams are dangerous and can leave you without a car and without money in your pocket!

Junkyards will allow you to sell your damaged car to them but will offer you next to nothing and force you to transport it there yourself! What a hassle! Why do they have to make selling a broken car difficult? The primary goal of a junkyard is to take in your vehicle for the least amount of money by haggling and grinding you down on price. Often times you will receive a verbal offer over the phone and then receive an entirely different offer when you and your damaged or broken car arrive at the junkyard. Typically, your car is towed in at your expense and most owners are often left to take the poor offer to avoid the continuous hassle of selling a damaged car. That’s one of the issues with selling broken cars.

Maybe you can sell your damaged car to a dealer when you buy your next ride. Think again. A car dealership is always going to give you the absolute minimum because THEY need to sell it and make a profit as well. This ‘middle man’ always takes away unnecessary money from your pocket and the will often try bait and switch tactics similar to junkyards. You will go through the hassle of having the car towed in to the dealer only to have them low ball you on price once it arrives. Selling damaged cars this way is usually a pain in the back, but thankfully there are other ways to get cash for damaged cars.

Maybe you think you’re going to “part out” your ride and sell the parts on eBay or other auction style sites. Maybe you’ll become your own junkyard! Think again. Selling a crashed car is a difficult process if you’re trying on your own. You could probably guess that crashed cars isn’t the hot topic most people are trying to buy. This is a very unique business that has very unique buyers and unless you’re an automotive mechanic – it is a difficult process that will be more hassle for the average person than it could ever be worth.

An Ultimate Solution

Is there an option to sell your damaged car for a fair price that isn’t a complete hassle? You bet! Let CashCarsBuyer.com help you today! We’re the best place to sell a damaged car fast!

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