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Is It Time Junk Your Car? 10 Signs You Should Get Rid of Your Wheels Now

junk your car

People put their cars through a lot. Did you know that on average, we drive over 13,000 miles each and every year?

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As much as many of us would like, cars don't last forever. Road debris, careless drivers, and normal wear and tear all slowly take their toll on every car on the road.

If your trusty wheels are starting to look unsightly, you may be wondering if it's time to say goodbye. Need some help making the final decision?

Keep reading below for ten signs you should definitely junk your car!

junk your car

1. Value of the Car Is Less Than the Repair Bill

Are you seeing your local mechanic more than your friends? Frequent visits often mean frequent and expensive bills. If you've ever dealt with a junk car, this scenario is probably all too familiar.

While minor repairs typically make sense, you must draw the line somewhere.

First, assess how much your car is actually worth. If the overall value is less than a recent repair bill, think long and hard about doing the repair.

You can live with broken windows or a less than stellar AC, but an engine or transmission with issues can't be ignored and might not make sense to repair.

2. You're More Concerned with Safety

Have a child recently? Experienced a scary, close call while driving? Both are common experiences that lead people to be more aware of safety while driving.

While you may think seatbelts and airbags are enough to keep you safe, modern cars have advanced features that your old clunker probably lacks.

Cars from more than 10-15 years ago won't have backup cameras, lane assist technology, or collision warning systems. If you want to have peace of mind, ditch your scary piece of metal for a totally new ride.

how to safely replace a broken windshield

3. The Car No Longer Fits Your Lifestyle

See point #2. A child and a car seat is one thing. But don't forget with a new bundle of joy also comes strollers, diaper bags, and plastic toys galore.

If your family is about to grow and your car has seen better days, it should be a simple choice.

Your lifestyle can outgrow your car in other ways too. Maybe you've adopted a fur baby. Maybe you've decided you take on BMX riding and your little Prius just isn't cutting it anymore.

Ditch your current ride and start shopping around for something better.

4. You're Greeted by Your Check Engine Light Every Day

Daily greetings are often something to smile about. But when it's it's your not so friendly check engine light doing the greeting? No smiles to be found.

While the check engine light can pop on for silly and not deadly reasons like a loose gas cap, letting the light stay on indefinitely is a bad idea.

If you find yourself either ignoring the light or constantly returning to a mechanic for it coming back on, it's probably best to let the car go.

Shop around and do your research on the best place to sell your junk car.

how to sell a car with electrical problems

5. Moving on Up

Sometimes you may want to junk your car even without encountering a hefty repair bill or a persistent maintenance light.

Maybe you've been in a new job for a few years or just finished school. If your financial situation has changed, you may want to start driving a nicer car.

Your grandmother's hand-me-down may have gotten you through college, but how many of us want to drive an outdated car when meeting new friends or moving to a new city?

6. The Car Is Missing the Title

We're not going to ask too many questions, but if you don't have the title (or know where it is), you can't legally sell the car. If you want to make at least a little money from it before purchasing a new one, junking it is the way to go.

Be sure to keep a record of the sale. Keep track of the date, car description, mileage, and the price the car sold for.

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7. You Realize Rust Isn't a Color

While a rusty car looks bad, it is also dangerous. While a little rust isn't something to fret about, if your car has large areas of rust, you need to be careful.

Rust underneath your car can breakdown the undercarriage, which provides support for your car. Fumes can leak inside if rust breaks down the body and rusty gas or brake lines can prove deadly.

8. High Mileage Means Junk Your Car

Most cars can last a while with regular maintenance. But if you are at or above 150,000 and you are having issues with your car, repairs likely won't be worth it.

At this mileage point, transmissions can go, gas lines may need to be replaced, and coolant leaks are common.

9. Duct Tape Is Holding at Least One Part Together

There is no way around it. If multiple parts of your car are attached just with duct tape, consider junking it.

A duct-taped mirror may not be a big deal, but if you've taped major key elements of your car, it's not good.

10. Nobody Wants to Buy It

Maybe your car still drives fairly well and there are no major issues like the ones listed above. But if you can't find a single buyer, junking it is a great way to still make money and get the car off your hands.

Taking more than a month or two to sell is bad when you thinking about the time and money you are spending to keep it insured and clean.

If you can't sell, accept that junking it is a reasonable option.

junk your car

It's Time to Say Farewell

It can be stressful knowing you need to junk your car. But hopefully, with these ten signs, you will feel more confident in your decision.

Don't forget to double and triple check for all your personal belongings before finally handing over your beloved junk car.

Ready to swap the clunker for some cash? Give us a call or send us a message and we will be happy to help you out!

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