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How Can I Junk My Car For $500? A Step by Step Guide! 

How Can I Junk My Car For $500? A Step by Step Guide! 

Do you own an old vehicle that you don't need anymore? Is that vehicle giving you a hard time to operate and are you visiting the mechanic frequently? Did repair costs get very high and close to the value of the vehicle? Well, it might be time to get rid of this vehicle and sell it for cash. Learn how to junk your car for 500$.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Before you made your decision, you're looking for the most cash out of this vehicle, and a lot of people reach out to us asking about how can I junk my car for $500?

To answer this question and provide you with a lot more information related, keep reading through this article because you are at the right location. 

How can I junk my car for $500? 


If you're looking for at least $500 out of your old vehicle, you need to follow these steps: 

  • Locate your junk car buyer 


The first step in getting your $500 goal is to research and locate the correct junk car buyer.

Keep in mind that the price of scrap metal was reduced Significantly in the last couple of years. Only in the last year, the price of scrap metal has gone down by about 70%!

Finding the right junk car buyer who is willing to pay you up to $500 for your old vehicle can be a little challenging, and you get impatient and do the right research.

To find the correct and perfect junk car buyer, you need to consider the following

  • You need to sell your vehicle to someone who's experienced and know exactly how much your vehicle is worth. Look for companies who have a good history around your area. If the company doesn't have a lot of purchases, they might not be willing to pay you in cash the number you're looking for.
  • Also, some junk car removal companies might not provide you with free towing. Thus, the first thing you need to ask them is whether the provided offer includes free towing or not.
  • Consider the timeline. Many junk car removal companies in urban areas might be a little busy, and thus, if you are looking to get rid of your vehicle and receive the cash payment fast, they must be upfront with you and let you know about their expected timeline. In general, most junk removal companies can remove your car within a couple of days, and some can remove your vehicle on the same day. 
  • Look for a company with a strong presence. With the advanced technology nowadays and the world of the Internet, it's very easy to determine whether the company has a strong online presence or not. Find a website, for example, and see if they are legitimate.
  • Check customer reviews. Most online companies should have a section for previous customers' reviews, consider looking at these reviews, and never risk dealing with a company that doesn't have many good reviews. This is because customer service is one of the most important items for selling your junk car and getting your $500 goal. 
  • Describe your vehicle accurately 


Once you find a good junk car removal company, you need to get in touch with them and get the process started; they will need to know your car.

This information includes both the type and condition of the car. For example, you need to provide them with basic information about your car's make, model, and here.

You will also need to provide them with your address because they need to evaluate whether they're willing to come and to your vehicle for free or not.

They will also need information about the vehicle's overall condition. You don't have to be very specific, and it shouldn't be advanced science to describe your car's condition. All you need to provide is simple information like your car doesn't start; it has a title; the engine has significant problems, etc.

Remember, the more accurate and upfront with them you are, the more you prevent any contention at the pickup time. You don't need to provide them with all the goods about your vehicle and have them surprised at the pickup time because they will never pay you what you agreed on at the beginning of the process.

Let them know if your vehicle doesn't have a title because some junk car removal companies do not accept vehicles without titles, but many do accept. 

  • Don't hesitate to negotiate the offer 


In general, once you provide there with your vehicle's information, you should get an offer instantly. Literally, within a couple of seconds, they will provide you with the offer.

At this point, you can check the offer and see if it got to your $500 goal or not. If you think that the offer weighs less than your expectations, you can ask them and negotiate the price at this point.

While most junk car removal companies do not change their offers, it doesn't hurt to give it a try.

Once you are happy with the offer, you can decide to go forward with the process and accept it. 

  • Agree on a pickup time and location 


After accepting the offer, the junk car removal company or ask you for your best pickup time and location, there are many junk car removal companies out there who are willing to come to remove your vehicle on evenings, weekends, and same day.

See what works best for you. It's also recommended that you meet any car buyer, whether it's a junk car removal or a private buyer, outside of your private property.

A lot of people don't find it comfortable to meet with strangers on their private property. However, if you're dealing with a good junk car removal company, most of their specialists are background checked, which means you should be a little more comfortable dealing with them. 

  • Prepare your vehicle's paperwork – How to Sell Your Junk Car for 500$


Before the pickup time, it's important to collect all the necessary paperwork and not leave it till the last minute.

For example, you will need your vehicle's title. If you don't have a title and the junk car removal is OK, you will need to prove the ownership by showing your photo ID and a valid Car registration. 

Something very important to keep in mind is that you might get a significantly lower offer if you don't have a title. That's why if you are the legal owner of the vehicle, it's better to go to your local DMV office and request a title replacement.

Make sure to contact your local DMV office by phone first and ask them about their expected timeline, fees, and required paperwork. 

By getting the new title, your offer can be boosted up significantly. 

  • Prepare your vehicle, and it's ready to receive your $500 


It's very important to get the vehicle ready for pick up. Make sure to remove any valuable items like important paperwork, clothes, phones, computers, etc.

Once the vehicle is ready, the junk car removal specialist will come to you and perform a quick inspection to make sure that he picks up the right vehicle. After that, he will hand you the cash payment, which is hopefully $500 or more, right on the spot. 

  • Take care of these items after picking up 

You might be excited about receiving your $500 now, right! However, don't forget to take care of the following items:

Ensure your local DMV office that you have sold your vehicle and you're no longer the legal owner of it. This way, you don't be liable for anything that happens to the car.

Consider informing your insurance company because you don't want to keep paying for a vehicle you don't own. If you have a remaining balance in the policy, you can take advantage of it. In some scenarios, your insurance company might provide you with future discounts just by telling them that you're no longer the legal owner of the vehicle. 


Conclusion – How To Junk Your Car For $500

Since scrap metal prices have gone down significantly in the last couple of years, it might be challenging to sell your old vehicle for a good amount of cash. However, this doesn’t mean that people don’t make good cash out of their old vehicles.

If you're looking for at least $500 for your old vehicle, there are many things to consider and keep in mind.

You need to sell your vehicle to an experienced junk car buyer willing to pay you $500 in cash right on the spot. You can also negotiate the offer if you're not happy with it and if it didn't get your $500 goal. 

Even if a junk car buyer can pay you the $500, make sure they don’t have any hidden fees and are aware of your vehicle’s overall condition.

Once you get your $500 payments, make sure to inform the local DMV office about selling your car and consider canceling the insurance policy.