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How Much Is my Non Running Car Worth? Find Out What Factors Play A Role In The Value Of Your Junk Car Now! 

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You have a non running car and you’re ready to get rid of it. But how will you get the most for that non-running vehicle? Let’s take a look at how you can get the most for your car, and the factors that play a role in your final payout. 

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According to data from the Kelley Blue Book, most non running, salvage and junk vehicles can be worth as much as 20-40 percent of the vehicle’s used value. But even with that information, there are several factors that play a role in the going rate of a non running car. So, what are those factors? 


  1. The current price of scrap – The current price of scrap metal is perhaps the most important factor in determining how much you will receive for your non-running vehicle.  Most junk yards and salvage yards purchase vehicles for the metal value, rather than the components and parts. So, the current price of scrap metal can help you gauge what your car is worth. If prices are down, then you can count on a small payout, even if the vehicle you are looking to sell is in good condition. 
  2. Year, make and model – The year, make and model of your vehicle will also determine your payout.  While there are many car owners who are still driving older vehicles today, the demand for parts fluctuates. Based on the year, make and model of a car, the demand for its parts may be high or low.  Another aspect to think about is how the same car model changes year after year. Some cars become far more fuel-efficient, while having other assets. Other cars are made with more Eco-friendly plastics and parts too. 
  3. Condition – While this is quite an obvious factor, it’s worth mentioning. The condition of your non running vehicle will play a huge role in how much money you will receive from it, should you sell it. If you have a pristine non running car with good parts, then you’re more likely to get a decent amount of cash for it. But if you have a non running rusty van, truck, sedan or SUV, then chances are it will be purchased for its scarp value, rather than the value for its components and parts.  
  4. Location – Yes, the city and state where you reside in fact plays a huge role in the amount you get for your non running car. Your location your proximity to a salvage yard and the current price of scrap plays a huge part in the amount of cash you get for your non running car.  You also have to consider the popularity of certain cars in a specific area of the country too. Certain scrap yards and junk yards will pay more money for a particular model of vehicle. 

What’s The Bottom Line About Selling My Non Running Vehicle? 

The bottom line is this: the amount of money you can sell a non running car for will depend on a variety of factors- the most important that we just mentioned above.  Most vehicles that are more than ten years old will sell for under $500. Most SUVs that are ten years or older may fetch an owner about $200-$500.  Heavier vehicles and vehicles in great condition, may garner about $1000.  Additionally, the larger the vehicle the more cash you can expect to receive.  For example, that old Chevy Suburban will get you more money than an older Toyota Camry.


What Are The Most Valuable Parts of a Non Running Car? 

If you have a non running car and decide to sell it by parting it out, there are certain car parts that can garner you some great cash. Check out some of the most valuable parts of a non running car- providing that you have the parts in great working condition. 

  1. Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter is the component of a vehicle's exhaust system that plays a vital role in eliminating toxic gases such as nitrogen gases and carbon monoxide, from your vehicle’s exhaust.  They are a part that is commonly stolen from cars- because they are crafted from precious metals that can fetch some great dollars. 
  2. Alternator– Selling a good working alternator can up to $65, depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. We found a used alternator for a Honda Accord for this price. 
  3. Engine – Does your non running car still have a good working engine in it? Then you may be able to sell it for up to $200. We also found Lincoln MKZ engines for sale for a few thousand dollars. 


How Can I Sell A Non Working Car?

You can always attempt to sell your non running car on websites such as Craigslist, eBay Motors and similar sites. But you have to keep in mind that you will have to filter out the serious buyers, from those that may be on quest to scam you. Many people purchase non running cars with the objective to fix them and resell them. So, you may have buyers who want to purchase that non running car for a very cheap price. 


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