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2007 Honda Accord Engine Mount Replacement Cost – Expect To Pay At Least $200! 

2007 Honda Accord Engine Mount Replacement Cost – Expect To Pay At Least $200! 

The average price for an engine mount replacement in the 2007 Honda Accord is between $220 and $570, with the parts and labor cost depending on the make and model of car. The parts cost is typically between $40 and $150 for the engine mount, while the labor price is between $90 and $400 depending on the hourly rate and complexity of the job. 

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3 MUST KNOW Things About Engine Mounts

  • What is an Engine Mount? 

An engine mount is a crucial part of the internal workings of your car. Without your engine and transmission, your car would not be able to function at all. Since the engine mounts are part of the engine, they are critical in keeping this mechanism together and operating at a high-level. 


The engine mount is the section of your engine that holds it in place. Without the mount, your engine would be free-floating and susceptible to further internal damage when the car moves. Since your transmission and engine are connected, you need engine mounts to prevent them from hitting each other. 


In the 2007 Honda Accord, you will find either two or three engine mounts securing the engine, depending on if you have a used, rebuilt, or a completely new engine. If one of these mounts is damaged, it can cause a higher 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost.

  • Signs of a Faulty Engine Mount

To get an understanding of the total 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost, you need to know the signs and symptoms of a malfunctioning or damaged engine mount. By recognizing the warning signs, you can prevent the issues from worsening and turning into a higher repair cost.


The great news for Accord owners is that you don’t need to replace or maintain your engine mounts during every car check-up. Since they are not part of your routine maintenance schedule, chances are you won’t be spending money on these parts until you notice performance issues.


The bad news is that engine mounts typically show wear around 5-7 years after replacement – this means that in your 2007 Honda Accord, you need to keep an eye out for warning signs. Since there is no repairing an engine mount, replace this part before it causes any other performance issues in your other engine systems.

Loud Noises 

  • The most noticeable signs of damage to the engine mounts in your 2007 Accord are loud noises coming from the engine. These audible sounds could be humming, buzzing, clanking, or other sounds that cause immediate concern to the driver and passengers.
  • These noises are the signs of an expensive 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost – in other words, they are the noises of the engine shifting and hitting the frame of your car. Since the motor mounts have worn down, they are no longer securing the engine in place, causing the internal mechanism to move around in your car.


  • In addition, you could also feel your car vibrating while driving. This vibration may be at high speeds, slow speeds, or even sometimes shaking while idling. A failed engine mount does not absorb the correct amount of vibrations, meaning you and your passengers will feel these under-the-hood vibrations from the cabin of the car.

Oil Leaking

  • Finally, the last symptom of damage to the engine mounts is the engine moving around while driving, causing oil to leak from the mount. If you find a puddle of oil under your car after being parked, this is a sign of a high 2007 Honda Accord engine motor replacement cost.

  • Why do I need to replace my engine mounts?

If you do not replace your engine mounts when you notice the warning signs in your car, this could lead to further engine damage and a higher 2007 Honda Accord engine motor replacement cost. Instead of just having to replace the mounts, you might end up spending thousands more on a complete engine replacement. 


The first thing you need to do when you notice engine concerns is to schedule an appointment at your local mechanic or dealership so they can check under the hood of your Accord. 

Worst Model Years of the Honda Accord

To get an understanding of why you’ll have to pay a hefty sum for the 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost, you need to know the worst model years in terms of problems, the severity of issues, and the average replacement cost for those concerns. 


The most concerning model years focus on the 2002-2004, 2007-2009, and 2013 years, with the 2003 model year having the highest number of issues and 2008 having the most-reported problem of premature brake wear.


The top three concerns in the Honda Accord all focus on the transmission failing prematurely. This problem is very costly to car owners, costing around $2,700-$3,000 to repair. If you add this transmission replacement price with the 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost, you will have to pay a lot of money out of pocket for your 2007 Accord.

2007 Honda Accord Engine Mount Problems

The main engine concerns in the 2007 Honda Accord focus on excessive oil consumption, check engine light on the dashboard, malfunctioning oxygen sensor, spark plugs failing, loud noises while idling, and the engine stalling shutting down while driving. 

Excessive Oil Consumption

  • To fix the excessive oil consumption in the engine and fuel system, owners will have to replace the pistons at around 105,000 miles. 
  • The price of piston replacement is around $1,500 for the minimum cost, while most dealerships and local mechanics will charge upwards of $2,500 for the entire procedure.
  • Since this procedure is quite complicated compared to simpler fixes, like adding oil or fixing a gasket, this can seriously increase the 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost.

Check Engine Light

  • Owners will have to pay around $2,630 on average to fix the check engine light coming on. The main fix is to replace the spark plugs, ignition coils, cylinders, and potentially the engine block. 
  • The typical amount of paying for spark plug replacement is between $16 and $100 per spark plug, while the labor cost for this fix is between $40 and $150 with an hourly rate of $80-$100.
  • Replacing ignition coils is between $264 and $376, with the total price including labor and the cost of the parts. The labor cost for this procedure is between $99 and $126 on average.
  • Replacing the engine cylinder heads will cost between $200 and $300 per head, with labor costing around $500 in total. This is one of the more expensive engine fixes and can increase the overall 2007 honda accord engine mount replacement cost.

Failed O2 Sensor

The oxygen sensor, also known as an o2 sensor, measures the amount of unburnt oxygen stored within the exhaust system in your vehicle. The oxygen sensor is in charge of transmitting the signals to the vehicle’s electronic control unit, which then uses this key information to determine how much air and fuel mixture enters the cylinders and at what ratio. 


  • Fixing a broken oxygen sensor requires the driver to replace the sensor as soon as you notice engine concerns. This procedure will usually cost you an average of around $175. Along with this, you need to tack on the additional price of labor, which can vary depending on your specific type of vehicle.

Spark Plug Failure

Fortunately for 2007 Honda Accord owners, spark plugs are very inexpensive as far as internal car parts go. 


  • Oftentimes, the cost of the spark plugs are less than ten dollars. However, if you need to pay for labor for this procedure, you can expect to pay between $40 and $150 depending on how many you need to replace and the type of car you own. 

Noises While Idling

  • Most times, the loud noises while idling come from issues with one of your belts. If you hear a clunking or humming sound, this is the result of a broken serpentine or timing belt. 
  • The total price for replacing the timing belt is typically around $500 to $900. However, it can cost upwards of $2,000 to replace the timing belt if there is additional damage to the valves, pistons, or water pump, which can cause a higher 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost.

Engine Stalls/Shuts Down While Driving

If your engine fails or frequently stalls while driving at high speeds, this is a serious issue that has to be addressed sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, when the driver notices this issue, it is already too late to save your engine. If this is the case, the 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost will be coupled with a complete rebuild or replacement of the engine. 

  • The total price of an engine replacement in a 2007 Honda Accord is typically around $4,700 when taking into account the labor and cost of parts. 

The Bottom Line

For those shopping for used vehicles to save a few bucks, keep in mind that you may have to pay for the 2007 Honda Accord engine mount replacement cost. Even though this fix could be as low as $200, it is crucial to maintain your engine’s integrity and safety!