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Who Pays the Most for Used Cars? How Can I Get the Most Money for A Used Car?

Who Pays the Most for Used Cars? How Can I Get the Most Money for A Used Car?

Searching for “who pays the most for used cars” is very common for people looking to upgrade for newer vehicles or use the money to take care of any creditors. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Determining the best option that could pay you the most requires some research, and you must understand your vehicle's value along with the available options that could accept your vehicle.

Depending on your vehicle's type and condition, getting the most money for a used car differ from one person to another. 

While money is the most important factor in deciding which alternative to select, you might need to consider other factors like the safety, risks of scams, process timeline, etc., before making a final decision. 

This article serves as detailed guidance to help you understand your vehicle's value and determine the best way to sell your car for the most money. 

How much is my car worth?

The first step in determining who pays the most for used cars is understanding your vehicle's value.

Many people think that if their cars have mechanical problems, they might not be worth a lot. Other people might overestimate their vehicles, especially those who purchased brand new cars, thinking that their vehicle's value will hold even after a couple of years of ownership.

It's very crucial to have a number in the back of your head before looking for someone to buy your vehicle. This way, you will realize when you have a good offer versus when you are underpaid.

A good start to get some idea about your vehicle's worth it to go to Kelley Blue Book. KBB value is a standard method to evaluate your car and get a rough estimate about the minimum and maximum value your vehicle could ever make in your area. 

Where is the best place to sell your car?

Once you have a good idea about your vehicle's value, it's time to search for where should I sell my car? Finding the best place to sell your car can be a little tricky as people might think that when searching for who buys used cars near me, they found all possible alternatives.


Companies that buy used cars are all over the Internet; some of them might have physical lots while others do the process completely online.

  • A Word of mouth


The best way to sell a car yourself is using word of mouth. If you can look for how to sell a car to a friend and find a relative or a family member who's willing to buy your car, you got the best deal.

According to automotive experts, selling a car using word of mouth can be the safest, most trusted, and quickest way of getting the most money.

However, many people might feel shy about requesting a higher offer, and in some scenarios, friends might take advantage of you and have you accepted a lower offer.

Therefore, you must compare your friend's willingness to pay you 2 Kelley Blue Book values before accepting the offer. 

  • Which online car buying site is best?

If you could not successfully find a friend to buy your car, your next step is to check the best car websites to buy used cars.

There are tons of places to sell car online, and here are some of the big ones: 

  • Carvana Sell My Car

Carvana buys cars fast without any hassle. All it takes you is to visit their website and get your Carvana appraisal.

According to many customers, Carvana does not provide you with the top offer for your vehicle. You guarantee to deal with trustworthy car buyers, and you don't have to worry about all online scams.

The great thing about Carvana is that their process is very straightforward and doesn't take a lot of time. Thus, even if you're looking for the most money out of your used vehicle, keep in mind Carvana and consider the hassle in the car selling process. 

  • CarMax Sell My Car


CarMax is another amazing option to sell your car online. The process is not completely done online, and even after you get your CarMax offer, you need to visit a CarMax near your location to sell the vehicle and finalize the deal completely.


People have different opinions about their experience with CarMax. It might be worth investing time looking into selling the car to CarMax review on Reddit or other review platforms. 

The only thing you might notice is that CarMax usually underpays vehicles because they have taken care of the overhead prices of their physical lots.

On the other hand, CarMax is another great company that provides the top reputation and the safest car selling service. 

  • CarGurus Sell Cars


If you want to get connected to millions of potential buyers within minutes, CarGurus might be a great option for you.

The only drawback about CarGurus is that it might charge you some fees once your vehicle is sold. Therefore, when doing your evaluation process, consider about $99 towards CarGurus fees. 

  • Craigslist Sell Cars

You might already know that Chris is one of the top websites to sell cars by owner. The website grew significantly in the last couple of decades, and a massive number of users now post their vehicles on Craigslist.

Craigslist might be the first website that I check when searching for a used vehicle near me.

With the sharp increase in Craigslist users, the company started charging $5 fees for used vehicle advertisements to prevent the users from common scams.

Therefore, you need to invest some time searching for the best way to sell a car on Craigslist. Automotive experts put many recommendations that can help you experience a smooth and fast car selling process through Craigslist. 

As you might notice, online dealerships are many, and each one has its pros and cons. Before deciding on which one you would like to go with, we recommend that you spend some time searching for any information related to Carvana VS CarMax Reddit or something like CarMax or Carvana to sell a car. We already spent a lot of time researching and comparing these online platforms in many of our articles. 

  • Dealerships

If you didn't like the idea of selling a car through online websites, you might need to check your closest dealerships.

A lot of people think that dealerships only trade-in vehicles; however, there is always a way for selling a car to a dealer without buying 

To get started on how to sell a car at a dealership, you need to look to get your car appraised.

There are tons of tips for selling a car dealership. Take a look at them because dealerships usually do not pay you the top offer until you follow the right procedure.

It can be tricky slightly at the beginning for inexperienced car sellers; Therefore, spend some time understanding what to know before trading in a car. 

  • Cash for cars from junk car buyers


Have you ever seen any advertisement saying we buy any car or buy used cars near me?

Many people still don't know about cash for cars programs that many junk car buyers provide.

Although these companies might be titled with the word junk, they are willing to buy any vehicle.

For example, cash cars fire is one of the top-rated car removal services in the nation, and they are willing to buy your vehicle and pay up to $15,000 for the right car.

Tons of customers think that the best way to sell a car that needs work is through junk car removal companies. 

The greatest thing about these companies is that they pay cash for junk cars, so you don't have to worry about checks bouncing your bank account or any hassle in phone call payments options.

While cash for cars programs is great, there is a high chance of getting scammed by fake car removal companies. Therefore, spend enough time looking into cash for car reviews and whether the company has a strong online presence or not. 

Don't be fooled by an advertisement saying “$500 for junk cars”. Sometimes overpaying can be a red flag indicating can science. 


Let's look at a couple of questions related to who pays the most for used cars. Some of them might benefit too. 

  • Which company pays the most for used cars?

It depends on your vehicle's type and condition. For example, a dealership might pay you the most for your vehicle if you tried selling it to a brand-focused dealership. 

Junk car buyers might be a great option if you're trying to sell a damaged vehicle or a vehicle that has problems.

Similarly, if you have a relatively new R vehicle, Carvana might be a great option as newer vehicles hassle-free and completely online.

Therefore, evaluates your vehicle's taipan condition and go through our list before making a final decision to determine who pays the most for used cars. 

  • What percentage do car dealers make on used cars?

According to edmunds.com, car dealerships usually get around 20% of your car for the salesman. For instance, if you're trying to sell a vehicle for $1000, the salesman gets about $200. 

  • How much can you talk a dealer down on a used car?

If you're trying to negotiate a price with the dealership, you need to have strong evidence that their provided offer is low.

For example, you might need to check what's your vehicle's Kelley Blue Book value. Some people also have a pre-inspection before having a conversation with dealerships.

It also depends on how much the dealership is willing to negotiate, which differs from dealership to dealership. 

  • Can I get a better deal on a used car if I pay cash?

It is not necessarily the case, especially if you're trying to buy a car from a dealership or an online company like Carvana or CarMax.

However, paying in cash can help get a better offer from private buyers. A private buyer sees a value in getting paid in cash because he doesn't have to deal with it, and he has all the hassle checks bouncing back his bank account or other uncommon payment methods. 

  • Is 10% off MSRP a good deal?

Yes, getting a 10% off MSRP is a great deal. However, you might need to ask for 12% first to get a 10% real looking for.

Keep in mind that there will be a lot of negotiation, and you must have a strong case for someone to accept providing you 10% off MSRP value. 

Who pays the most for used cars? Bottom line 

If you're looking for the most money for your used car, we invite you to get in touch with our company as we pay the top dollars for every vehicle despite its type or condition.

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