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When it comes to the “who buys junk cars near me dilemma” you’re facing, you may feel stressed or even discouraged. You find various places, only to be let down by all that you have to do and the small payout that you will receive. Let’s examine the best solution to companies that buy cars near you and more! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Who Buys Junk Cars Without Title?  

Perhaps you have been putting off selling your dented, damaged or junk vehicle because you can’t find the title. Cash Cars Buyer is here to put your worries to rest. We do indeed buy cars with no title. In many instances, the absence of your title is not a problem for us. For many of our clients, a missing title is very common. Instead of the title, you can sell your car if you have your valid ID and vehicle registration handy and ready to go. Just click here to tell us all about your junk car, and be sure to indicate that you have a missing title. After you’re done, you will have a valid and FREE online offer that you can now work with! Sell your car instantly with an offer that you are in charge of! Click here to begin now! 

Who Buys Junk Cars Around Me? Fair Market Value Offers Now! 

When you sell your vehicle to Cash Cars Buyer, you can be assured of a fair market value. As a reputable junk car buyer, we play no games, offer you no hassles or haggling. We evaluate the condition of the car as we review the information you provided to us. After such, we can make you a sound and fair market value on that car fast. Many companies cannot state such – because it’s not a common occurrence. 

Sell Car To A Junkyard – Beware of Scams 

While there are junkyards that do business on the “up and up”, there are large number of them that don’t. One of the most common schemes is that of the “bait and switch”. Let’s say that you have a junk car to sell. You call a junk yard, with the hopes of getting a decent offer on your car. You share all of the details of your car on the phone to the junk yard owner, and he or she makes you an offer. You agree to the offer and decide to have your junk car towed to the junk yard. You arrive and then the junk yard owner then lowers that offer by hundreds. This leaves you with little money, as well as the job of getting that car towed back to its original location. Who has time for that? 

Experience The Cash Cars Buyer Difference! 

Our services work a bit differently. First, you obtain your FREE online offer. Then, you contact us so that we can learn more about your car. One of our friendly associates will determine the value of your car based on the information you provide. After such, we will make you a guaranteed offer that we will stand by. Then all you have to do is accept the offer and then schedule a time for pick up and fast payout! 

Who Buys Junk Cars in The Area?

When you’re looking for reputable junk car buyer, you’re looking for a company that’s close to you.  Cash Cars Buyer offers junk car buying services from coast to coast! Whether you live in Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta or even Denver, we can come to you and offer you stellar junk car selling services

Thanks to our team of experienced, knowledgeable and understanding junk car buyers, we can come to you in a matter of days – sometimes the same day you receive your FREE online offer! Once you enter your information, we contact the nearest team member to you and then you are well on your way to turning that old car in to awesome cash! For quality junk car buying services in your area, the choice is simple – Cash Cars Buyer! Click here to get started now! 


Who Buys Junk Cars And Picks Them Up? 

One of the many reasons that we are one of the top junk car buyers in the business, is because we offer FREE pickup of junk car! Regardless of the condition or location of your car, we can come to you, evaluate your car and then we tow it from your location at no cost to you! Many companies do charge a fee for towing… not Cash Cars Buyer! When we make you an offer and you accept it, the towing is on us! Guaranteed! 

Who Buys Cars That Don’t Start? 

Not only do you have a junk car, but you have a junk car that doesn’t start. What do you do with that? You head to your computer and visit the Cash Cars Buyer site! We indeed purchase cars that don’t run and have no desire to run in the first place! 

Enter All Of The Information About Your Junk Car 

For that non running car that you have, you can still obtain money for it. So, click here and tell us all about your car that refuses to run. 

Contact Us For A Guaranteed Offer]

After you have entered all of your information about that non running car, contact us so that one of our friendly team members can make you a guaranteed offer. After you accept it, we will arrange a day and time for pickup that is most convenient for you. 

Get Your Car Picked Up And Get Paid! 

Once we arrive to your home, office or location, we will evaluate the condition of your car. Then we will validate your paperwork and then answer any lingering questions you have. After all is complete, we will hand you the money! You can use one hand to pocket your cash, and the other one to wave goodbye to that damaged, mingled and dented car! The towing is on us, not you! We buy cars that don’t start and pick them up! 

Sell My Junk Car With Lien – Is It Possible? 

Just a word about selling a junk car with a lien – don’t. If you decide to sell a car with a lien, you run the risk of the bank accusing you of interference with the interest in the car. Even if the car won’t start, has a bad transmission or some other issue. The car’s issues are not the lien holder’s problem. So, never try to sell a car with a lien on it. You could even face jail time if you do so. 

Best Way To Sell Junk Car Online 

Are you looking to get rid of that old car and believe that selling it on an online platform may get you a decent amount of cash? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular places to sell a car online



Many folks flock to Craigslist to sell a junk car. Widely known as an online marketplace to sell just about anything, you have stiff competition when selling a car. The first thing that you have to do, is to pay the $5.00 fee. Secondly, you have to take sharp and clear pictures of the car that you want to sell. Then, comes time for you to craft a detailed ad. You want to provide as much information as you can to sellers. Next, comes the posting of the ad, and the waiting of a serious buyer. This can take days, weeks and even months. Depending on when you sell your car, you may have to pay the $5.00 fee several times, till your car sells. While Craigslist reach is far and wide, it is a marketplace in which scammers flock to, to steal money from unsuspecting Craigslist sellers. So, beware. 

eBay Motors 

eBay is known as a huge marketplace for selling just about anything.; cars are no exception. Lots of sellers who use eBay Motors, are quite inexperienced at using eBay to sell.  They often begin their selling auctions at lower prices than they should.  However, due to bids on autos that are binding, neither a buyer or a seller is obligated to complete the sale.  Although eBay stipulates that a vehicle seller should complete a vehicle auction with the ending price, eBay cannot force a potential vehicle buyer to buy or seller to sell. The cost to list and sell your vehicle on the platform with a reserve price is about $125. Most of the time, a reserve price often discourages folks from bidding on vehicles. 



When you choose to sell a car on Autotrader, your car ad will be visible to thousands of buyers. But if you have a car that has value of less than $5,000, then you may be spending lots of time and money on fees and advertising. Generally, the advertising fees for vehicles that are generally older and have high mileage, are typically 1% or less of the vehicle’s net profit.

Choose Cash Cars Buyer – The Best Way To Sell Junk Car Online! 

One of the bonuses of selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer, is the absence of fees. No, you never have to pay us anything to buy your car. There are no “seller fees”, transaction fees or any other kind of fee that you have to pay. Just enter your car’s specs, obtain your FREE online offer, and then prepare for a guaranteed offer that our team will make you. After your acceptance of the offer, we will make plans to come to you to appraise your car, and offer you cash! And did we mention that pickup is FREE? In fact, the entire process of selling your car to us is FREE! You never have to come out of pocket to sell your car to us

Best Way To Sell Unwanted Car 

Whether you live in Phoenix, New York, Chicago or Orlando, we bring our stellar junk car selling services to you. You NEVER have to pay to have your car towed to our offices! We operate a safe, secure junk car selling experience for you, from beginning to end. Whether your car is a van, SUV, sedan, pickup truck or even a crossover, we will buy that unwanted car, and provide you with a fair market value for it. We’ve been in business for over a decade and we love the junk car buying business. We offer safe and secure business dealings and you are never bound to accept any offer that we make you. 


Get Money For Junk Car – Same Day Service Available! 

There’s not a day that goes by that you look at the junk car in your driveway. It seems to heckle you as you mind your own business. With Cash Cars Buyer, you can obtain money for that junk car fast. In just about all of our junk car buying experiences, we can come to you in a matter of days. In few select instances, we can arrive the same day that a valued client receives a FREE online offer! While each circumstance is different, our level of respect for our clients isn’t. During your junk car selling experience with us, you can count on being treated with the dignity that you need, want and deserve. Sure, you may have a junk car, but you are the prize. We feel honored to help a client regain the comfort, peace and money he or she needs for his or her junk car.  

So, sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer because we:  

  • Provide fair market value for each and every vehicle that we purchase 
  • Offer FREE towing- you never have to pay to have your car carried away! 
  • Have been in business for over ten years – licensed, bonded and insured? That’s us too! 
  • We have a network of junk car buyers that is nationwide.  
  • Offer same day service in many instances. Most of the time we can come retrieve your car between 24 and 72 hours. 

Contact Cash Cars Buyer today and find out why we are the best in this vast and wide junk car buying game! Click here to get started NOW


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