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As one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in the nation, we see value in every vehicle, whether it's perfectly running or completely damaged. 

With our long history of car purchasing and selling around the United States, we can evaluate your vehicle within less than 30 seconds.

Our process is very straightforward and will not take a lot of time from you. If you're interested in learning more about the top-rated junk car buyer, keep reading through this article. 

Who buys junk cars near me?

If you're searching for places that buy junk cars near me, there are tons of available private junk car buyers all over the Internet.

The junk car buying industry is expanding significantly in the United States and the entire world.

With this huge number of junk car Masters, many people might get scammed as many of these companies are not legitimate.  

Therefore, you need to do your homework in identifying the right junk car buyer near you.

You need to look for a company that has a strong online and sometimes offline presence. For example, jump called buyers needs to have at least a website, probably a Facebook page, and some time at water account.

It also helps look into John car buyer's reviews and see what the customers had to say about their experience selling their cars to these buyers.

You never want to sell your vehicle to a company that doesn't have the best customer service. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time and their time. 

Places that buy junk cars for top dollar near me.

Top Cash for Cars near me — how to junk a car?


If you have a junk vehicle and try to sell it, you have three main options: select a private buyer, a dealership, or a Junk car buyer.

The great thing about junk car buyers is that you can easily get cash for unwanted cars, sell damaged vehicles, and sometimes receive free towing.

Cash for cars program has almost the same process in every company which involves:

  • Share information about your vehicle 

For any junk car buyer, we need to know the specifications of your car. You will be asked about your vehicle's make, model, and year.

Also, you might be asked questions related to a vehicle's condition. For instance, they might ask you whether your engine has major problems or not and whether your vehicle was involved in a car accident or not.

The more details you provide at this step, the more accurate your offer will be. 

When choosing a specific junk car buyer, you need to understand how their evaluation process ensures you're getting a fair offer.

One thing you can do is to understand the value of your vehicle by reaching out to Kelley Blue Book, where you input information about your car and get a rough estimate about the minimum and maximum values your vehicle can make. Then, compare KBB value to what the junk car buyer is offering you. This way, you will understand when do you have a good deal and when you are underpaid. 

  • Receive an offer 

Once the don't car buyer receives your vehicle's information, they will provide you with an offer usually quickly.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer provides you with an offer that doesn't take more than 30 seconds from receiving your information. Cash Cars Buyer has a fast offer because they utilized the most advanced technology to compare your car to the most recent transactions around your area.

When you get an offer from a junk car buyer, it's very important to take your time thinking about it. If you felt that there's any pressure on you to get your vehicle sold, you need to walk away. 

  • Schedule pick up time and location 

Once you agree with a junk car buyer, they will work with you to schedule pick up time and location.


Always look for a company that can provide you with a flexible schedule, so you don't have to worry about canceling any important meeting or appointment.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer is a 24-hour junk car removal company that is willing to move your vehicle evenings, weekends, and even some same day if you're interested. 

The other thing you need to be looking for when getting your vehicle removed is the towing service. Many car removal companies don't provide you with free towing, and they surprise you with hidden fees at the pickup time. 

Luckily, Cash Cars Buyer provides free towing for all customers despite their living location around the United States. Thus, there is nothing to be worried about in terms of any hidden fees at the pickup time. 

  • Get your vehicle removed safely and receive your payment 

The junk car buyer will meet with you at the pickup time and location and inspect your vehicle quickly before paying you.

It's always recommended that you request cash payments whenever possible. Several customers complained that many junk car removal companies pay with cheques that sometimes bounce from their bank account.

To address this problem and make the process as smooth as possible, Cash Cars Buyer decided to pay all customers in cash and enjoy their payment without worrying about any other complications. 


How much money do you get if you junk a car?

In the case of Cash Cars Buyer, most junk cars usually go for about $300.

This number differs significantly depending on your vehicle's make, model, and year.

For instance, if you're trying to sell a large SUV, your offer will be much higher than selling a small sedan or midsize vehicle. 

Who can buy my car for $500? Can I get $1,000 for any car?

We do! We pay top cash for junk cars and are willing to pay you $1000 and $15,000 if your vehicle deserves.

Provide us with your vehicle's information either by phone by calling us at 866924 4608 or by using our online system and clicking on the free instant online offer. 

Our system will immediately provide you with cash for scrap cars online quotes that are usually higher than salvage quotes.

Therefore, your search for the top dollar for junk cars near me should end here because you found the right buyer! 

Cash for junk cars same day pick up

One of the greatest teachers about cash cars, we're willing to remove your vehicle the same day.

All we need from you is a quick conversation letting us know that you are in a hurry and would like to get the vehicle removed immediately.

With our very flexible schedule, you will always find us ready and right at your door! 

Cash for junk cars same day pick up no title

Not only do we provide junk cars with same day pickup, but we also accept vehicles without titles.

So if you are searching for who buys junk cars near me without a title, you are at the right location!

All we need from you is paperwork proving ownership like your photo ID and valid car registration.

Did you know that you can always request the title replacement from your local DMV office as a legal owner of the vehicle? 

They will also ask her for paperwork to prove ownership along with a small fee. It's very important to check with them the timeline they need to obtain your title replacement. While some states might take a couple of days, other states might require a couple of weeks. Therefore, if you are in a hurry and looking to sell your car the same day with No title, it might not be worth waiting to get a title replacement. 


Here are some of the FAQs related to the top cash for junk cars. Take a closer look at these questions and see if any might benefit you. 

  • Who gives the best price for junk cars?

Junk car removal companies like Cash Cars Buyer pays the best prices for junk cars. With decades of experience in the car selling and buying around the United States, we can get you a fair offer immediately just by knowing your vehicle's type and condition. 

  • Where can I sell my car for the most money?

If you're looking for the most money, your best bet is to select a private buyer like one of your family members or friends.

However, private buyers usually take time to find, especially if you're trying to look for one through classified websites like Craigslist or eBay Motors.

On the other hand, you have a great option to get the most money for your car by selling it to a junk car removal company like Cash Cars Buyer. 

  • How Much Does Cash for Clunkers pay?

It all depends on your vehicle's type and condition, along with the price of scrap metal. In general, most vehicles purchased by Cash Cars Buyer got about $300.

However, this number does not mean anything to your vehicle unless we receive its information. Thus, to get an accurate answer to your question, we recommend that you get in touch with our team by giving us a call at 866-924-4608. 

  • Is it better to donate or sell an old car?

If you have an old car, you can always profit from it by selling it to a junk car removal company like Cash Cars Buyer.

However, by donating your car to a charity, while you won't make money out of it, you are providing great help to the community, and probably this charity will use this vehicle to help someone.

Thus, depending on your goals of making money out of your old car or helping someone, you can decide between donating it or selling it. But always, there is a way to sell an old vehicle to Cash Cars Buyer. 

  • Will there be cash for clunkers?

Of course, there is already! If you haven't heard about Cash Cars Buyer yet, we advise you to visit our main website and learn more about how our process works.

The short answer to your question is that we guarantee to buy your clunker and pay you immediate cash payments. 

  • Is cash for cars legit?

Cash for cars is almost one of the most legit programs in the used vehicles market. However, since the number of companies providing cash for cars is growing significantly, you can easily get involved with many scams.

Therefore, it's recommended that you spend enough time looking for cash for cars reviews and read a lot about the company before making a final decision. 

  • Does CarMax buy cars over 100 000 miles?

If you're thinking of selling your old car to CarMax, they are willing to purchase vehicles over 100,000 miles. However, they don't resell it to customers. Instead, they sell it to used car auctions.


If you are interested in getting the most cash out of your car, it's never recommended to sell it to CarMax because they usually pay less than the market value for good vehicles. Imagine how much they will pay you for an old or damaged vehicle. 

  • Does CarMax pay well for used cars?

Unfortunately, CarMax doesn't pay the top dollars for your vehicle. In most scenarios, customers complained that their offered value by CarMax is much lower than the market value or KBB value.

However, when looking at CarMax service, it's recommended that you don't only consider the price but also consider the safety and risk-free process, which sometimes can be more valuable than money. 

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