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How to Sell A Car Without A Title? All That You Need to Know 

How to Sell A Car Without A Title? All That You Need to Know 

Selling a used vehicle can be challenging, and things turn more complicated if you're trying to sell a car without a title. Any buyer, whether it’s a private buyer or a dealership, is looking for a title when you ask them to buy your car. However, many people get into the situation where they end up without a vehicle title, and the question always remains how to sell a car without a title?

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Did you know that some states don't allow selling a vehicle without a title? Many states require that you have a title to drive your vehicle on any public road.

On the other hand, in some other states, you might be able to sell your car without a title legally. There are some tips and tricks along with best practices you need to follow to get the most out of your used vehicle. 

How to sell a vehicle without a title? 


You might be wondering how you can go about selling your vehicle without a title legally. Our team conducted in-depth research on available best practices from trusted resources like Kelley Blue Book to provide you with some tips on selling your vehicle without a title.

Here are some of these common tips:  

  • try obtaining a title replacement 


Before looking into how to sell your car without a title, it's important to know that you can obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office as a legal owner.

If you visited the office and requested some information from them, they will help you and let you know about their timeline, required fees, and needed paperwork.

Understanding the required paperwork and fees can help you determine whether it's worth spending the time and effort obtaining a title placement. It's also crucial to ask about the timeline because some states might handle your new title within the same day, while others might need a couple of weeks.


For example, if you're planning to leave the state or travel to another place and you would like to get rid of your car as quick as possible, you might not be able to wait until you get the title placement, and therefore, you might need to look into the other tips mentioned in this list. 

By obtaining a title replacement, you're increasing your chances of selling your vehicle for higher prices without going through the hassle of convincing people to buy it, assuming that it's legal in your state. 

  • Look for alternative titling approaches 


Even if you don't have a title for your vehicle because of any reason, you might be able to obtain a title in your state.

For instance, some states like Virginia allow you to file a mechanic lien, including any bills you didn't pay and provide you with some documentation to help obtain a title. 

Thus, consult your DMV office and request some information about what approach is available in your state that allows you to create and obtain a new title for your vehicle.

Keep in mind that this tip might work for some people, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's guaranteed. It depends heavily on your state's regulations, along with your vehicle's condition and history. 

  • You might be able to write a bill of sale 


Did you know that some states didn't issue titling until very recently, around 1975? So, what do owners of vehicles older than 1975 do?

Well, in that case, you might be able to write up a bill of sale to prove that you are the legal owner of the vehicle. Be very careful and make sure to review your state's regulations because some states require a specific form that you must use to write up the bill of sale.

Also, request some additional information about filling out this bill of Selling because some states do not accept printable versions of them, and they will ask you to provide a handwritten bill of sale instead. 

  • be clear with the buyer 


If you confirm that it's allowed to sell a vehicle without a title in your state, you need to be clear and upfront with the buyer.

You must inform them that your vehicle doesn't have a title and if they are willing to take the risk and deal with all the hassle related to paperwork to obtain a title.

In most cases, private buyers might not be your best option to sell a vehicle without a title. I recommended option by several automotive experts is to check and look for a junk car removal company.

Did you know that our company approves and purchases vehicles even if they don't have a title? Yes! We are willing to remove your vehicle within one to three days from a quick phone call survey. If you would like to get more information about our process, we recommend that you visit our homepage or get in touch with our team by phone. 

  • Take advantage of Vermont's registration profits 


If you own 15 years or older vehicle, you might be able to get it registered in Vermont without needing a title.

Vermont is interested in older vehicles and is willing to register your car without having a title by only showing the vehicle's registration. Vehicles registration is the only required paperwork to prove ownership of the car.

They will ask you for the bill of sale that has basic information like the vehicle's identification number, the price, the purchase date, the buyer's name, and the seller's name, along with their signatures. 

Things to do after selling your car without a title

If you were successful in having your vehicle sold, even if it doesn't have a title, there are several things you need to keep in mind after selling your vehicle to prevent any complicated issues from the buyer.

These things include: 

  • Make sure to remove all valuable items 


Once you finalize the deal and find the perfect buyer for your car, it's important to check the vehicle inside and make sure that you don't forget any important item.

Even if you are very careful and you know that you reviewed the vehicle, many people tend to forget very valuable items like their phones or computers last minute.

Therefore, a second quick check doesn't hurt and will save you many hassles in the future. 

  • keep all paperwork 


Since selling a vehicle without a title is a little tricky and involves many regulatory issues, you must keep all paperwork copies.

This is because the new buyer might not be able to title the vehicle, and therefore, you might be held liable for different things that could happen to the vehicle.

The other thing is related to your next year's tax return. If you're planning to file taxes or make some profit out of the vehicle, you need to keep paperwork to prove the training process and include an attachment to your tax documents for the next year. 

  • Inform your state 


One of the very critical tips we recommend you here is to make sure that you let your local DMV office know that you sold the vehicle.

You can take the bill of sale that was signed by the buyer and informed the DMV office that you are no longer liable for anything that happened to the vehicle in the future 

  • cancel your insurance policy 


Even if your vehicle doesn't have a title, you might have an insurance policy on it somehow. Therefore, you must remember to cancel the insurance policy, so you don't pay. For a vehicle that you know, it's also important to inform the insurance company that you sold the vehicle, and they will appreciate this a lot!

Did you know that many car sellers were able to get some discounts on their insurance policy just by letting them know that they sold their used cars? 


Why are junk car removal's the best option for selling a vehicle without a title? 


The best thing about junk car removal companies is that they don't care about your vehicle type or condition. In other words, they care about the amount of metal your vehicle has, and they see value in every vehicle.

There are many companies out there who can accept your car without a title in cases of title issues. But he can take the lead and take care of all paperwork to reduce the hassle in the car selling process.

For example, our company doesn't require anything more than a couple of paperwork to prove ownership, like your photo ID and valid car registration.

Our team will provide you with the highest offer your vehicle deserves around your area. We conduct an in-depth evaluation of your vehicle type and condition and consider that it doesn't have a title before we provide you with an instant offer.

Our process is very straightforward and doesn't require you anything but a quick phone call letting us know about your car's type and condition. Once we receive the information, we will provide you with an instant offer within seconds. If you're happy with the offer, you can schedule a pickup time and location that works best for you. At the pickup time, we will inspect your car and remove it and then hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot!