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Online Car Buyers: What Is the Best Online Site to Sell A Car? 

Online Car Buyers

Do you have an old car and would like to get rid of it because it's giving you a hard time getting repaired, or probably you are trying to upgrade to a new, better vehicle? Or maybe you want to buy a new car? There are many “online car buyers,” and it takes a little research until you answer the question of what is the best online site to sell a car?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

This article will provide you with the top known online car buyers along with their main pros and cons. Once you go through the list, we recommend that you spend some time and effort deciding which works best for you, depending on your goals. 

Online car buyers: 7 best online car buying sites 


Whether you're looking to buy a brand new for use vehicle or trying to sell your car, there are tons of available online websites to get you connected with millions of daily customers. 

According to automotive experts, here are the top 7 best online car buying sites: 

  • Carvana 


The best thing about Carvana is that you can get the process completely done online and have your vehicle delivered to you. Carvana intends to reduce the hassle in the car selling process as much as possible.

The company provides you with a seven-day money back guarantee if you're not happy with the vehicle you purchased, and the process is considered relatively fast. Also, by choosing Carvana, you get exposed to a great selection of vehicle inventory.

Unfortunately, Carvana is not set up to deliver any vehicles to Alaska or Hawaii, and the price is not negotiable. 

  • Carmax 


If you don't know CarMax, it's a great national chain of lots of dealerships working together. These dealerships aim to reduce the hassle in the car buying experience by providing a convenient and easy car buying and selling process. 

The great thing about CarMax is that you can test drive as many vehicles as you want from the same brand when you get to a dealership.

Also, any vehicle purchased through CarMax is guaranteed not to be damaged or designated as salvage. Thus, you would trust their reputations and never get cammed with salvage vehicles.

Most comms customers indicated that all CarMax vehicles provide you with a new vehicle feeling even if used. CarMax takes good care of the vehicles and detailed car wash them inside to provide you that feeling.

On the other hand, CarMax's prices are considered higher than most local dealerships by at least thousands of dollars for the same vehicle, Especially compared to eBay Motors. It's not surprising to find this price difference because of the overhead price that the company has.

CarMax indicated that if you're trying to sell your car to CarMax, they will pay you less than the retail value because they must do their homework and inspect the vehicle before reselling it. 

Therefore, if you decided to go with CarMax to sell your car online, check out your vehicle's value through Kelley Blue Book to make sure that you're not underpaid. 

  • Autotrader


With more than 18 years in business, Auto Trader is one of the oldest animals trusted personal service. It has a selection of thousands of vehicles for customers to choose from.

The company's website is very user friendly, and it allows you to use many types of research and comparison tools to help you decide on your next vehicle.

The great thing about Auto Trader is that you can use their available tools as a member, and you killed sell or trade-in your vehicle. The website comes in a very organized search option to allow you to go through profiles and listings without hassle easily. 

On the other hand, since the website is filled with more than 3,000,000 car listings, many people might find it a little challenging to go through all these listings until they find their next vehicle.

Some of the Autotraders' tools are considered a little hard to use and have specific regulations and policies. Therefore, if you are a new Auto Trader member, you must go through these policies and clearly understand their requirements before getting into any complications. 

  • Vroom


Another great online platform for buying or selling relatively newer vehicles is Vroom. This website is focused on only vehicles under three years old that was preowned and didn't have a lot of mileage.

Most room vehicles come from either dealers, auctions, or private buyers. These vehicles must undergo specific inspections before they are accepted into the room system.

The great thing about Vroom is that it's available for all 50 states except Alaska and Hawaii. This website's inventory includes about 3000 to 4000 vehicles along with their Carfax history reports and other valuable information.

Despite all the great information and specifications of Vroom, several customers indicated that they don't have the best return policy. Thus, you must be 100% sure before deciding on your next Vroom vehicle.  

  • Tred


Another great online website focused on providing car selling and buying services, Tred. This website intends to eliminate the third party between the buyer and seller while providing this service with the least broker fees. 

Tred ensures smooth transactions and clear taxes and title transfer related logistics. This website only accepts private dealerships.

The best thing about Tred is that you can deal with personal sellers without worrying about high broker fees. They will help you take care of all paperwork and ensure safe payment methods.

Unfortunately, Tred is not available in all 50 States and is very limited to specific certain areas. 

  • Cargurus 


Cargurus is considered one of the top car shopping websites in the United States, with thousands of car listings and millions of customers every day.

When selling or purchasing a car through CarGurus, you're dealing with fair prices. They fairly sort the deals by the best deal you could be interested in. They analyze multiple factors and determine when there's a good deal, fair deal, or bad deal.


Customers take advantage of this information to evaluate their vehicles by comparing their car to available good deal listings and deciding on their next offer. 

On the other hand, several customers reported poor communication with the dealerships through CarGurus, and sometimes some car listings might not be accurate. 

Also, selling a car through car goals is not free, and you might need to pay about $99 if your vehicle gets sold through this website. 

  • Cars.com 


Cars.com is one of the mega websites related to automotive car selling and buying. The original headquarter of this company is in Chicago, IL, and they aim to reduce the hassle in the car selling process by providing the best customer experience.

When selling your car through cars.com, you're exposing your car to more than 30 million daily customers visiting this website. 

You will enjoy the advice, resources, and amazing tool available on this website. Also, cars.com has a partnership with RepairPal and has mobile apps that don't make the process easier to navigate and deal with customers. 

On the other hand, multiple people reported their dissatisfaction with the pop-up ads on the website. They suggest that cars.com could do a better job of filtering these false advertisements to protect the customers. 

Online car buyers: how can I sell my car online? 


If you think that all classified websites can be a little overwhelming to you and you don't want to deal with tens of customers every day, there's an easier and better alternative for you, selling your car to a junk car buyer.

For example, our company guarantees to buy your car despite its type or condition. We are willing to come to your house or office and remove your car within one to three days without charging you a penny!

Our company provides the fairest and fastest offers, which doesn't take more than a couple of seconds to generate your instant offer. 

To get started with our process, you need to provide us with information about your vehicle's type and condition. For example, we would need to know what's your vehicle make, model, and year. It would be great if you provide us with information related to whether you have your vehicle's title or not and whether there is any missing component in your car to get the most accurate offer.


Once you provide the basic information, we provide you with the offer within 30 seconds from submitting the information. It's then you turned to review the offer and accept it whenever it makes sense to you.

After that, we connect you to one of our local car removal specialists who will come to your house or office and remove your vehicle at a time and location of your choice. 

Once we meet with you, we perform a quick inspection to ensure that your vehicle matches the information we have in our system. Then, we will hand you the cash payment immediately, right on the spot! 

Ready to get started? Give us a call at 866-924-4608. Or, you can visit our website and click on the free instant online. 

Your offer is waiting for you! 

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