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Vroom Sell Car Process: How to Sell A Car to Vroom?

How to sell my car in New York City NY

“Vroom Sell Car process” consists of providing basic information about your car through Vroom's website, receiving your free appraisal, scheduling a pickup time, getting your cashier's check payment within two to three days

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Selling cars online is no longer rocket science, with the large number of available online retailers promising for hassle-free car selling service.

Tons of available larger platforms buy used cars online and sell them to other interested buyers. 

Some of these larger platforms have straightforward processes, while others are more complicated. Vroom is one of the very few websites with a convenient and simple car selling system that can sometimes be completed within 15 minutes. 

This article provides you with all you need to know about how to sell a car to Vroom. We will walk you through the basic step by step process and answer any relevant questions. 

Vroom Sell Car: Is Vroom a good place to sell a car?

Vroom is one of the largest online retailers who promised to provide a convenient, fast, easy, and hassle-free car selling service that can be completed entirely online.

Thus, say goodbye to haggling with the dealership and convincing them to purchase your vehicle.

As one of the best online cars buying sites, Vroom has a huge inventory of vehicles indicating that they purchased many vehicles an interested in buying your car.

While Vroom is a great place to sell a car, we recommend that you go through Vroom reviews read them. Many customers had a great experience with Vroom. On the other hand, some people were not very successful due to many different reasons that could be related to how they approached Vroom or some other reason.

Thus, before making your final decision about selling your car online to Vroom, take a look at what people have to say about their experience and take advantage of any lesson learned.

Vroom Sell Car: How does selling a car to Vroom work?

Vroom's team understood how complicated the car selling process is nowadays, especially if you were trying to sell a car online. Therefore, they came up with a method that works for everyone, even those who are extremely busy and never had a previous experience with online car selling

If you are ready to sell your car to Vroom, here's all that you need

  • Receive a free appraisal 


The first step in selling a car to Vroom involves receiving your free appraisal. You can either use Vroom's main website or Vroom app and enter your vehicle's information. And figure this information. Include your vehicle's make, model, year, VIN in mileage.

Once the Vroom system receives this information, they will evaluate it within 30 minutes and provide you with a free instant appraisal.

Your appraisal is valid for up to seven days or 250 more miles on your car, whichever comes first. 

The great thing about Vroom is that they don't put you under pressure forcing you to sell the vehicle. They allow you to spend as much time as you need to review it but not beyond the seven-day limit.

Once you are happy with the offer, you can proceed to the next step. 

  • Upload Vroom documentations 


The next step in selling a car to Vroom includes focusing on Vroom documentations. Vroom will ask you within the seven-day window to upload all required documentation, including pictures of your photo ID and valid car registration.

Vroom teams will review your documentation and confirm that nothing is missing before getting in touch with you to schedule pick up time. 

  • Schedule a free vehicle picks up 


At this step, you need to provide Vroom with a good pick up time and location that works for you.

Vroom aims to make a hassle-free car selling process, and therefore, they prefer to come to your house or office and remove your car without having you deal with the hassle of towing your vehicle.

A car removal specialist from Vroom will arrive at your preferred location, and we'll have a bill of landing documentation where you need to sign, and this is how Vroom knows that your vehicle was removed. Vroom pickup is very convenient, and most customer feedback showed very high satisfaction about their experience with Vroom pick up. 

The car removal specialists will first do Vroom Inspection to confirm that your vehicle matches the information they have in the system. 

  • Receive your check within two to three business days 


Once the pickup is completed successfully, Vroom will send you a cashier's check overnight that you will receive within two to three business days from the time they picked up your car. 

A lot of customers reached out to us wondering whether Vroom pay taxes or not. Based on our research, we concluded that Vroom takes care of all paperwork that has to do with taxes, and all that you need to pay is the sales taxes. 


Vroom Sell Car Review: Vroom vs Carvana sell car

Since Vroom and Carvana are one of the largest online retailers promising for hassle-free called selling service that can be completed entirely online, one might wonder Vroom better than Carvana.

There is no big difference between both websites from the short answer and based on several customers the Vroom sell car experience.

Both companies provide a convenient car selling process that is completely done online. The only big difference between Carvana and Vroom is that Carvana has a much larger inventory of about 19,000 vehicles, whereas Vroom only has about 4500 cars 

Even if this doesn't affect someone interested in selling a car to Vroom, it might affect other people interested in buying a car from Vroom. 

  • Vroom Sell Car Reddit: Customer #1 “selling my car to Vroom was quick and easy!”


The first customer who was extremely satisfied with his experience was selling a car to Vroom. He indicated that the process was very straightforward and was not complicated.

He ensured that everything was completed online and he received the check on time.

This customer highly encourages people to give Vroom a try, especially those who don't like negotiations and are not good at dealing with dealership salesman. 

  • Vroom Sell Car Reddit: Customer #2 “My experience for the first-time online car shopping was great with Vroom!”


The second customer did not have any previous experience with selling the car online.


He mentioned that he doesn't like the haggling and hassle in the car selling to a private buyer. He was also nervous about dealing with car selling scams that are filling the Internet.

When selecting Vroom, the process was very convenient, and he got his vehicle removed on time. The check was also received in time within the designated time and mentioned on Vroom's website. 

  • Vroom Sell Car Reddit: Customer #3 “I sold my car to them, they offered me $2,000 more!”


The third customer was extremely satisfied with the high offer he received from Vroom. He indicated that Vroom purchased his car for $2000 more than one of the biggest competitors.

The process was also convenient and didn't take a lot of time. This customer was happy to see his vehicle listed for sale on Vroom after being taken care of and reconditioned. 

The customer also mentioned the shout-out to Vroom's great customer service, especially for those who don't have any previous experience in the entire online car selling idea. 


In this section, we will cover basic information related to the Vroom sell car process. Some of these questions might be basic, but they can help many inexperienced car sellers who didn't try Vroom before. 

  • Will Vroom buy my car?


According to Vroom's website, the company is more than happy to wipe your car. However, their answer was not very specific to vehicles that are completely damaged.

Even if you got an offer from Vroom, it might not be the best you're looking for, and therefore, you might need to evaluate the situation and look for other methods for selling cars online.

Did you know that Cash Cars Buyer is one of the few companies that accept vehicles but are completely damaged and even if they don't have a title

  • Can Vroom be trusted?


Vroom is a huge company with great reputations. The company is highly trusted, and it received significant positive feedback from most of its customers.

You can always search for Vroom “Sell Car Reviews Reddit” to better understand what people think about their experience with Vroom. Many other online platforms focused on customers' feedback about their experience with multiple companies, including Vroom. It might be worth checking them out. 

  • Do you pay taxes on Vroom?


As we mentioned earlier, Vroom takes care of all paperwork related to taxes, and all that you need to pay is just the sales tax. 

  • Can you test drive a car from Vroom?


Vroom does not provide the typical test drive that you can get from any dealership. While this might sound unfortunate, Vroom has a better alternative of allowing you to drive the vehicle for seven days or after 250 miles, whichever comes first.

By having the vehicle for seven days, you have a great chance of detecting any major issues in the car, which is much better than testing driving your car in a dealership for one time.

Some people might have a different opinion as they think it's a high responsibility to keep a vehicle for seven days just tested and prefer the one-time test drive at a dealership. 

  • Does Vroom sell new cars


Vroom does not sell new cars. They are focused on preowned vehicles that are usually under three years old and don't have a lot of mileage.

Although these vehicles are used to, most of them are like new and don't have any major problems. 

When Vroom by certain vehicles doesn't only clean it, they even recondition it to make it look as new as possible. 

  • Does Vroom sell motorcycles


Yes, Vroom has a large inventory of motorcycles, and they also provide financing for a motorcycle of interest up to 10 years. 


Vroom Sell Car process: the bottom line 


Vroom is an amazing online retailer for selling cars hassle-free and completely online. The Vroom sell car process is very straightforward. All it takes is to provide your vehicle's information through their system, receive your free appraisal, schedule a pickup time, get your vehicle removed, and receive your cashier check. 

What if Vroom didn't accept my car and I'm still looking to sell my car for cash? What do I do?

Well, if you did not find any luck in selling your vehicle to Vroom, we invite you to get in touch with Cash Cars Buyer.

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated car removal company information. We guarantee to buy your vehicle despite its type or condition, and we will provide you with an instant offer that doesn't take more than a couple of seconds.

The best thing about Cash Cars Buyer is that we will remove your car within one to three days and the same day if you are interested.

Our process is very similar to Vroom's process. All we need from you is a brief description of your vehicle's type and condition. You can provide this information through our online system or by phone.

Once we receive this information, we evaluate it and provide you with an instant offer to review it and accept it whenever you're comfortable. Then, with schedule pick up time and location and remove your car hassle-free. 

All our car removal service is free of charge, and we will not surprise you with any hidden fees at the pickup time. 

To get started with our process and get more information from our team, you could either give us a call at 8669244608. Or you can visit our website and click on the free instant online.


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