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Selling A Car to Vroom Reviews: Is Vroom A Good Way to Sell A Car?

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“Selling a car to Vroom reviews” indicated that it's a great place for someone who doesn't prefer negotiation or feeling pressured to accept an offer for selling his used car. Thus, Vroom is a VERY good way to sell a car! 

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Like many online platforms, Vroom promises to provide a hassle-free car selling service that can be done completely online without needing to worry about visiting your local dealership and dealing with long waiting time paperwork.

For inexperienced buyers, selling a vehicle to Vroom can be a little challenging the first time and many people still wonder “should I sell my car to Vroom”?

Our team conducted an in-depth review of all available customer feedback about their experience with selling cars to film. We focused on the biggest websites like Reddit, BBB, Trustpilot, and others. 

This article intends to help you make an informed decision about whether you should sell your car to Vroom or not. 

Selling a Car to Vroom Reviews: How does Vroom work? How do I sell my car to Vroom?

Vroom provides a unique car selling experience as a huge step towards the online car buying and selling evolution that many larger online retailers already started. 

But who owns Vroom, and How does Vroom work? 

This company belongs to booking Holidays incorporate which is led by Paul Hennessey. He introduced an amazing online car selling experience that has a unique simple process:

  1. The first step for selling a car to Vroom is to go to their main website, use the Vroom app and enter your vehicle's information. This information includes your car's VIN and the amount of mileage it has. 
  2. The second step involves generating an instant offer, usually done within 30 minutes from providing your vehicle's information only if you do it during Vroom's business hours. 
  3. Vroom allows you ten business days to think about the offer they provided or up to 250 miles. If the offer sounds good to you, Vroom will come to remove your vehicle at the right time and location of your choice. 
  4. The last step for selling a car to Vroom involves getting paid using a cashier check. Vroom customer representative will meet with you at the right time and location and hand you the check right on the spot. 

Keep in mind that if you decided to trade in your old car with another new one from Vroom's car inventory, you can't get your car back if you decided to return the brand new vehicle for any reason. Instead, they will pay you the trade-in value of your vehicle. 

If you would like more details about the process verbally, you can always reach for Vroom customer service hours and ask them as many questions as you need. The customer service tends to be very helpful, and many people had a successful experience with them, especially before purchasing vehicles. People's feedback regarding Vroom's customer service after selling the car was not consistent. 

It's very important to check what Vroom documents are needed to finalize the car is selling process. 

Selling a car to Vroom reviews

With our long history of car selling and buying around the United States, we found the most useful thing for getting an idea about any company is through customer reviews.

Therefore, we dedicated this section to focus on selling a car to Vroom reviews through larger websites like BBB, read it, and trust pilot. 


  • Vroom reviews Reddit: “I purchased from Vroom several years ago. Everything went as expected, and the car has been fine.”


The first customer reported his feedback on selling a car to Vroom on Reddit. He mentioned that the process was very smooth, and he did not go through any hiccups.

Customer service was great, and the vehicle was as expected. This customer encourages anyone interested in buying a vehicle without getting involved in the hassle of the car selling process to choose Vroom. 

  • Vroom Trustpilot reviews: “Selling my car to Vroom was quick and easy.”


The second customer posted his review on Trustpilot and indicated that the process was very straightforward and extremely easy.

Since he did not have any previous car selling experience and didn't prefer negotiations, he suggests that Vroom is a great place to sell your car. 

He specifically highlighted the great customer service as any question was asked immediately answered. What 

  • Vroom reviews BBB


Since BBB focuses on reported complaints about certain companies, Vroom did not receive many complaints, although it has thousands and millions of customers.

This is a good indication that Vroom is a great place to sell your car! 


Selling a car to Vroom reviews: How does Vroom price compare to other competitors? 

As we mentioned earlier, Vroom is only one of many other online retailers who promised to provide smooth car selling completely online.

Thus, one might wonder which online website is the best to sell a car.

This section provides a brief review and comparison between some of the biggest online retailers and Vroom. We also advise you to spend some time researching focused articles for such comparison to get a more in-depth understanding of the main pros and cons of each one. 

  • Vroom vs Carvana reviews


Many people wondered if Vroom better than Carvana. Based on our high-level review, we've noticed no big difference between what Vroom offers and what Carvana offers; The prices are very comparable.

Some vehicles might be listed at a higher price on websites versus the others.

When it comes to car selling on each website, reviewing the mean pros and cons of Carvana compared to Vroom indicated that both websites' process is very similar, and most customers did not have any problem using the online system and selling their vehicles. 

  • CarMax vs. Vroom reviews


The biggest difference between CarMax VS Vroom is that CarMax has physical lots where you can walk into the dealership and talk to people.

On the other hand, Vroom car selling and buying are done completely online, which means that you can't walk into a dealership and have a test drive for a vehicle we are interested in.


CarMax prices are usually higher than what Vroom offers because they must take care of overhead expenses where Vroom doesn't need to.

Besides, Vroom allows you to use the vehicle for a couple of days before making a final decision. Whereas CarMax, like any other dealership, does not provide this long test drive. 


  • Is Vroom legit to sell a car?


Vroom is one of the best retailers to sell a car online. It is legit and has millions of customers really who had a great experience with this website.

If you don't like negotiation and if you don't prefer to be pressured to accept a certain offer, Vroom is a great place for you. 

  • is Vroom a good place to sell your car


Yes! Vroom contributes to the new evolution of online car selling and buying, allowing you to compare prices at your leisure.

You can walk through their entire inventory and get a sense of their prices. You can test their system online and for free to get an idea about what they are willing to pay you.

There is no pressure about accepting what they offer you, and it's up to you to proceed with the process or not. 

Some people might not like the fixed prices and prefer to negotiate them. There is a better option for finding a private buyer through other classified websites or junk car removal companies. 

  • Does Vroom haggle?


Unfortunately, through does not allow any haggling. Their prices are fixed, and there is no way to change them.

The reason behind this fixed price is that Vroom argues that they provide prices lower than the market value of about 8%.


Also, Vroom prices consider the effort they take to recondition the vehicle and put them in good condition for people to buy them. 

  • Will Vroom buy my car?


According to the Vroom website, it seems like Vroom buys any car. However, with our long experience with the front vehicle's conditions, you might not be able to successfully sell your car to Vroom if it's not in great condition or if it has major damages.

Even if you did get an offer, Vroom might not provide you with the best number you're looking for. 

  • Do you pay sales tax on Vroom?


You are only responsible for paying the sales taxes, which vary from state to state. Thus, to get a more accurate answer to your question, you might need to check your current state and have a verbal conversation with any of Vroom customer service. 

  • Is Vroom better than Carvana?


It depends. If you are looking to buy a vehicle that might not be available on all platforms, Carvana might be a great option for you because they have at least an inventory of 19,000 vehicles. On the other hand, Vroom's inventory is limited to 4500 cars for sale.

If you're interested in selling a car to any of both websites, there might not be a big difference, as reported by many customers. 

  • Is Vroom and Carvana the same?


No, Vroom and Carvana or different online retailers. They aim to provide a hassle-free car selling service that can be done completely online.

Both websites have similarities and some differences.

The biggest difference is that Carvana has a much larger inventory of vehicles to choose from. 

  • Which online car buying site is best?


It all depends. There are many available online resources for selling your car ranging from larger classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor to smaller private junk car buyers.

Depending on your needs, your best online site can be different.

For example, if you're interested in getting a damaged car removed from your backyard fast for the top dollars, your best option would be to select a junk car buyer like Cash Cars Buyer.

On the other hand, if you have a perfectly running car and would like to get the top dollars out of it no matter how much time it will take you, your best option would be to sell it to a private buyer.

Keep in mind that finding a private buyer online can be a little challenging, and you might get into a lot of online scams.

Thus, we recommend that you get in touch with Cash Cars Buyer and check how much you can make out of your car. Our offers don't take more than a couple of minutes. 

  • Does Vroom deliver for free?


No, Vroom charges about $599 for delivery to any of there are 48 service states. Some customers might include the delivery cost towards their financing, and therefore, they don't have to pay for it immediately. 

Selling carts of Vroom reviews: the bottom line 


Vroom is one of the best online retailers for selling your car fast without any hassle. Based on our in-depth analysis until customer reviews reported to larger websites like Reddit, BBB, and Trustpilot, we found that customers had a great experience selling their cars to Vroom.

If you were not lucky enough to have Vroom accept your vehicle, we invite you to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer.

As one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation, we provide a hassle-free car removal service without charging you a penny! We guarantee to buy your car despite its type or condition. Did you know that we accept vehicles even if they don't have titles? By showing us proof of ownership, we can take care of all paperwork. 

To get started with our process and get more information, you can give us a call at 8669244608. Or you can visit our website and click on the free instant online.

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