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Dodge Transmission Repair Cost – Watch Out for the 2020 Recall!

Dodge Transmission Repair Cost – Watch Out for the 2020 Recall!

In order to understand how much you might spend on the Dodge transmission repair cost, you need to be aware of the most common Dodge transmission types, the Dodge transmission concerns, the diagnoses of the main problems, and the recalls associated with Dodge vehicles. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The typical Dodge transmission repair cost comes to a price between $300 and $1,400. If you need a new transmission and a new clutch, you can expect to pay between $800 and $1,500, while a complete transmission replacement can range between $1,800 and $3,400. 

Dodge Transmission Problems

There are many concerns regarding the transmission in Dodge vehicles. Some of the most common concerns only occur in a specific vehicle makes and models, like the Dodge Ram. The Ram first was produced by Dodge back in the early 1980s and was quite popular on the market until 2009.


Although the Dodge Ram was often known as a capable and high-performance truck, many concerns led to a high Dodge engine repair cost. Along with the Ram, Dodge offered several different transmissions in the lineup. Some drivers of Ram cars equipped with a certain type of transmission have other concerns that lead to longevity issues. 

Dodge Transmission Types

There are many different kinds of Dodge transmissions in their vehicles, ranging between semi-automatic, automatic, and manual. The most common semi-automatic Dodge transmission includes the M4 Vacamatic, the M5 Presto-Matic, and the Hy-Drive. These semi-automatic transmissions are typically 4-speed, with a 2-range manual control, combined with the clutch and fluid coupling.


The automatic transmissions in Dodge cars are extensive, ranging from early in the 1950s until the present. The first automatic transmission produced was in 1954 and called the PowerFlite, being a 2-speed automatic. Over the years, this transmission evolved to a 3-speed automatic in the 1960s and a 4-speed automatic in the 1980s. 


In modern times, the automatic transmission includes a 6-speed heavy-duty automatic called the 66RFE. 


The manual transmission types have been produced since 1960 and were produced until 2005. 

Dodge Transmission Problems 

Some of the most common Dodge transmission problems involve the shifter knob coming loose, the transmission leaking fluid, the gears grinding when shifted, the transmissions leaking fluid, and unwanted shifting between gears. 


To identify some of the most common Dodge transmission problems, you need to diagnose and be aware of certain components. Most of these problems lead to excessive noise during shifting, with the driver and passengers hearing an audible clicking or grinding sound. Other transmission concerns can cause a fluid pool to develop under the ruck, leading to an obvious visual clue that something is wrong with the car.


Another symptom of Dodge transmission concerns is poor fuel economy. Although leaking transmission fluid and poor fuel economy may not immediately lead to longevity issues and severe problems in other parts, it can cause a danger to the driver, passengers, and other cars’ immediate safety. 

Symptoms of a Failing Dodge Transmission

Refusal to Switch Gears

One of the main warning signs of telling if the transmission is bad is a refusal to switch gears. If your vehicle struggles to switch gears or simply cannot, you will be more likely to face a problem with your transmission system. Low transmission fluid or the wrong kind of transmission fluid is oftentimes to blame in this case. 


The most common cause of hard shifting in your car is a low fluid level, so make sure you check your fluid level of the transmission fluid to see if it is the right level. Jerking while accelerating can also be caused by excessive line pressure due to a clog or malfunctioning transmission shift solenoid. 

Burning Smell

A second warning sign of the transmission failure and how to tell if the transmission is bad is that you can notice a burning smell in your car. When you notice a burning smell coming from under the hood or while driving in your car, you need to visit an auto shop right away. This odor is often a sign that your transmission is overheating or the transmission fluid is too old and filled with debris. 

Noises From Under the Hood

Another sign of how you can tell if the transmission is bad is that there are weird noises coming from your vehicle when your car is in neutral and is a sure sign of transmission trouble. At best, the noises might show that your car is ready for new transmission oil, or it can mean that your car could require a costly part replacement due to mechanical wear. 


The mechanical wear can be a sign that your transmission is slipping, and can be a sure sign that you might need a transmission replacement, and can be a way to tell your transmission is bad. 

Slipping out of Gear

If your car slips out of gear during use, this can cause a dangerous situation on the road and trouble for other drivers. At best, this noise might indicate that your car is ready for new transmission oil, or it can mean that your car requires a costly part and a replacement due to the extensive mechanical wear. 

Dragging Clutch

A dragging clutch is a symptom of the failure to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel in your vehicle when you press down on the clutch pedal. The clutch drag signs can include hard starting, the vehicle moving during starting, hard shifting and jerking while shifting, hard shifting in high RPM from the engine, and the gear clash during shifting. 

Transmission Won’t Stay in Gear

A big reason why you might have a high Dodge transmission repair cost is that your transmission might not be able to stay in gear. If you try to put your car into a specific gear and shift and it will not move smoothly or will not move at all, this could be a clear sign that there could be a low transmission fluid amount. This low transmission fluid could be due to a leak, the gear shifter, the gear shifter cable, or the problem with the automatic transmission system’s valve body in your car. 

Delayed Shifting

If your transmission takes a while to go into the proper gear or the shifting is not smooth and jumpy, this could sign a transmission fluid that is too low to work correctly and a sign of a high Dodge transmission repair cost. Rough shifting could be due to a transmission fluid leak, fluid contamination, or water intrusion that has occurred during certain weather or road conditions. Ensure you stay up to date with your transmission fluid level’s routine maintenance, so this doesn't happen.

No Power in Car

The final reason for a high Dodge transmission repair cost is that the car has no power, very little power, and the engine can still run correctly. This problem could form from internal transmission problems, a faulty caliper or brake hose, or your car’s internal computer has limited power because of an internal electrical problem detected in the engine. Make sure you use a diagnostic trouble code to check for the problem.


Dodge Transmission Recall

In 2019-2020 cars, a transmission fluid leak may cause fire and cause a crash. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recalled nearly 65,000 units of the company’s 2019 and 2020 Ram 2500 pickups. In addition, almost 20,000 more Ram cars were equipped with the 68RFE automatic transmission, leading to durability and longevity concerns. 


According to the recall issued, the FCA is concerned that Ram pickups produced in 2019 and 2020 may have transmission fluid leaking from one of the tubes, which can contact the turbocharger or other internal engine components, causing overheating and excessive friction. 


In late 2019, FCA’s Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance started an investigation into the 2019 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks due to engine compartment fires’ potential causing a high Dodge transmission repair cost, and safety concerns. Later that same month, the FCA Powertrain Engineering conducted testing to determine the issue’s root cause. 


At the beginning of 2020, FCA US Powertrain Engineering identified the main cause of the issue and what has caused the consistently-high Dodge transmission repair costs. Determining the main issue in the Dodge transmission can help cars remain safe and perform at a high-powered level over time. 

The Bottom Line

The typical Dodge transmission repair cost comes to a price between $300 and $1,400. If you need a new transmission and a new clutch, you can expect to pay between $800 and $1,500, while a complete transmission replacement can range between $1,800 and $3,400.


Knowing the average Dodge transmission repair cost can help you determine the pricing of each common problem within your vehicle and how you can diagnose these issues before they get any worse in your car! Figuring out how to diagnose and analyze the most common Dodge transmission issues can help you save money on the overall Dodge transmission repair cost.