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Dodge Engine Repair Cost – Avoid the Dodge Charger! 

Dodge Engine Repair Cost

Despite Dodge being a credible and reputable car company throughout the years, there have been many issues with specific engine types that have led to car owners and possible buyers’ concerns. One such concern is the Dodge engine repair cost.

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Dodge Engine Problems


There are many engines available in vehicles produced by Dodge. Dodge is an American brand of automobile that was manufactured by FCA US LLC in Michigan, with the range of vehicles known for their performance capabilities and the good price range. 


Dodge produced its first high-powered V8 engine back in 1950. The Red Ram Hemi was a type of the Chrysler Hemi engine, a series of l6 and V8 engines built by Chrysler and used in the first generation from 1951-1958. 


Further cars began using different engines depending on the specific kind of vehicle produced by Chrysler. For example, the Charger SE was a model with a wide variety of engines, ranging from the 318 cubic inches, 5.2-liter engine to various models of the 6.6-liter engine, big-block V8 choices, and the small block engines. 

Dodge 4.7 Engine

One of the main Dodge engines was the Dodge 4.7 engine, a model that brought controversy to Dodge vehicles. On the market for over two decades, the 4.7 engine refers to the amount of fluid housed within the engine system. Typically, the engine will be operating within a V8 engine in higher-powered vehicles. 


With a casing of aluminum and iron, the 4.7 engine is designed to be sturdy, powerful, durable, and reduce the overall Dodge engine repair cost. This kind of Dodge engine is available in different models and produces high power, increased performance, and ample torque. 


This Dodge 4.7 engine’s main features include the V6 and V8 system’s aspiration, the 4.7-liter fluid displacement, long piston strokes, sequential fuel system, hydraulic cooling operation system, and general power output of between 157 and 236 kilowatts. Unfortunately, the Dodge 4.7 engine problems can cause a higher Dodge engine repair cost that outweighs the performance benefits. 

Dodge 4.7 Engine Concerns 

Regarding this engine, various issues can arise from Dodge cars. One of the main concerns is oil sludge, usually known as the buildup. Sludge occurs when the oil thickens and the engine performance is reduced, leading to a higher Dodge engine repair cost. In addition, excess buildup leads to severe concerns like transmission failure and engine failure. 


Another concern regarding the 4.7 engine includes the potential for engine failure. If your oil sludge accumulates, it can lead to overheating and excess friction. The excessive friction leads to a heat buildup and causes the engine to fail due to the high internal temperatures. 


In addition, overheating can occur and cause a higher Dodge engine repair cost. As the engine gets older over time and succumbs to prolonged use, you need to be more aware of keeping your coolant levels up to date to present the overheating of internal components. If you do not keep your coolant at the proper level, a specific part can randomly fail and cause the energy produced within the engine not to escape. 


The final problem that typically happens with the Dodge 4.7 engine is engine ticking noises. A pestering and annoying noise that most likely will not lead to any severe issues, but will annoy you as the driver, needs to be addressed to fix the problem from getting any worse over time. 

Why are Dodge cars prone to failure?


Regarding some models of Dodge cars, there are two main concerns in Dodge vehicles that lead to durability and longevity issues for years to come. 

Valve Seat Design

The first concern deals with the valve seats. In the original design, the valve seats press into the cylinder heads, causing catastrophic failure and a high Dodge engine repair cost. The valve seats within Dodge vehicles are made of powdered metal. As this material expands as the engine works and the heat increases, the valve seats drop and contact the valve and pistons.


When this contact occurs for the valve seats, it can lead to an excessive breakdown that happens much quicker due to these parts’ increased contact. When the valve seats drop, it can lead to quicker cylinder head failure, damaged pistons, and broken cylinder walls. If you notice the parts breaking down within your engine, you will have an increased Dodge engine repair cost and a damaged intake manifold.

High Rate of Combustion

The second main concern in Dodge cars that can lead to engine failure and a high Dodge engine repair cost is a higher-than-normal combustion rate. This increased combustion causes a higher chamber temperature due to the flaw in the piston rings. The poor construction of the piston ring landings causes an increase in temperature.


Along with the piston ring landings, the smaller holes in the back of the heads and the block mean that the excess heat cannot escape. The heat buildup causes new engine oil sludge, causing engine failure and a higher Dodge engine repair cost. 


If you notice that your car has one of these crucial issues, you need to bring your car to a mechanic so the shop can do the proper fix. The mechanic will take the engine apart, check for any cracks, analyze for straightness, and determine the proper specifications. 

Dodge 2014 Engine recall

One of the main recalls regarding the engine in Dodge cars occurred back in 2014. The main component in question was the airbags, but the engine and the ignition system caused the airbag safety issues. The defect of the Dodge car can affect the operation of the airbag system, with Chrysler recalling certain 2009-2010 Dodge Journey vehicles, and 2008-2010 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country between 2007 and 2010. 


The main issue with this 2014 recall is that the ignition key could inadvertently move to the OFF position, causing the engine to turn off and depower the key safety systems that could help in the case of an accident. If this happens, the airbags, power steering, and braking could be turned off when you need them to steer your car safely. 


If this recall affected your vehicle, Chrysler could replace the ignition switch and the key FOBs without the owner having to pay for the fix. 

Dodge 2020 Recall

In 2020, Fiat Chrysler AUtomobiles cited a recall on almost one million vehicles that contained a certain type of engine – the 2.4-liter Tigershark engine. This type of engine led to excess vehicle emissions and high amounts of exhaust being produced, lowering the efficiency and reducing the gas mileage.


In the 2020 recall, this issue was actually unrelated to previous claims made by owners who said that this type of engine in Dodge cars led to a very high oil-burning rate and unintended engine stalling. 


FCA stated that they have now started working with the Environmental protection Agency to fix the increased emissions due to this engine concern. Although they have started working together with environmental agencies, changes have not yet been made to the engines, resulting in a continually high Dodge engine repair cost. 


FCA cited that the recall directly affected the Dodge Dart vehicles, stating that excessive emissions could cause damage to the engine and a higher Dodge engine repair cost. The exact models affected include the 2013-2016 Dodge Dart, the 2015-2016 Chrysler 200, the 2016-2020 Fiat 500X, the 2014-2020 Jeep Cherokee, and the 2017-2020 Jeep Compass. 


Dodge instructed their car owners to check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website to make sure they know the status of their vehicle being affected by the latest recall. 

Dodge Aspen Engine Problem

The engine used in this model is the 225 cubic-inch, slant-6. Although this engine is the largest of three displacements, it is not a high-performing engine that can carry its own in terms of horsepower and acceleration. The aspen’s emissions regulations are quite high, without the horsepower to make up for the lack of functionality. 

Dodge Nitro Engine Problem

The 3.7-liter, V6 engine was used in the Dodge Nitro. With one of the many engines that are attributed to the “PowerTech” line, it was originally used as a replacement for the 2.7-liter V6 engine. This mechanism did no better in terms of performance or reliability. 


The PowerTech, unfortunately, had numerous issues that led to a high Dodge engine repair cost. One of the concerns was a reduced power output of only 200 horsepower. Although it was then increased to 4 liters, the PowerTech was then discontinued due to low-performance capabilities, causing a Dodge engine repair cost. 

Dodge Caliber Engine Problem

Another troubling Dodge car is the Dodge Caliber with the 2.0-liter, Inline-4 engine. The Dodge Caliber was a crossover design with a poor build quality, dull interior, and interesting aesthetic that did not appeal to the masses. In addition to the engine problems, it had various powertrain issues that caused the car to catch fire.


The engine, along with being unreliable, was underpowered, low on fuel economy, and inconsistent, leading to a high Dodge engine repair cost. 

Dodge Charger Engine Problem

For many car buyers, those who do the proper research will avoid having an extensive Dodge engine repair cost further down the line. Premature engine failure and total engine failure while driving are serious issues that lead to expensive replacements or repairs, so purchasing a vehicle without any engine concerns can ensure longevity. 


To fix and repair any of these engine problems in Dodge Chargers, car owners had to buy a new engine or pay for an expensive Dodge engine repair cost of around $5,500 on average. 

Fiat Class Action Lawsuit

The FCA was the subject of a class-action lawsuit regarding Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge excessive engine oil consumption. Certain Fiat Chrysler vehicles with 2.4-liter engines experienced issues with excessive oil consumption, such as the 2013-2016 Dodge Dart. 


Owners of these certain car models had to add oil much more frequently than originally needed, with some having their engines stall while driving, leading to safety concerns and a high Dodge engine repair cost.  

The Bottom Line

Knowing the average Dodge engine repair cost can help you make smart decisions about which model is safe for you to buy! We recommend avoiding the Dodge Caliber, Aspen, Charger, and Nitro to avoid any engine durability concerns. 

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