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Clutch Replacement Cost – How Much Does a Clutch Replacement Cost?

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If you are dealing with problems with your auto’s clutch, you will be in for expensive repairs. The average clutch replacement cost is around $1,200 to $1,400, which includes both parts and labor. While that figure alone is not as high as some other repairs, it is still enough to make you think twice. Additionally, it is common for your clutch repair to be just one of several repairs your mechanic completes at once, adding to the out-of-pocket expense.

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What Is the Clutch and Why Does It Matter?

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The clutch is easily among the most important components of your auto, and if you do not have a functional clutch, you will find your auto impossible to drive.


The clutch is responsible for connecting the transmission and the engine of your auto. The clutch must separate as well as connect since the engine runs at times that the wheels do not turn. Both manual and automatic transmissions have the same parts in their clutch, although automatics do have more clutches.


A More Detailed Look


The clutch and your engine connect to each other via the flywheel in the engine. When there is no pressure on your clutch pedal, this leads to the clutch being engaged. This causes the clutch disc to come into contact with the flywheel thanks to powerful springs. There is friction between these parts, which creates a solid connection that transfers the motion of the engine to your transmission.


When you depress your clutch pedal, this relaxes the springs that keep the flywheel and clutch disc together. This breaks the link as the clutch discs are no longer in contact and no longer spin.


When everything works correctly, your engine will not stop immediately when your auto is slowing down. As you press the clutch pedal, the engine and flywheel can continue to run despite the wheels, gearbox, and clutch plate stopping.


Putting your auto into neutral creates an opening by the gearbox that allows for the release of the clutch pedal. In other words, you will not select gears in the gearbox, but the clutch plate, engine, and flywheel keep spinning without any wheel movement.


What Parts of the Clutch Factor Into the Cost of Clutch Replacement?

What Parts of the Clutch Factor Into the Cost of Clutch Replacement?

There are three major internal components of the clutch. These are the throw-out bearing, the pressure plate, and the clutch disc. All three are necessary for the clutch to function properly, and most clutch replacements will involve replacing all three of the components.


In most cases, the clutch replacement will involve replacing the clutch disc, releasing the pilot bearing, and replacing or resurfacing the flywheel. It can also include replacing the clutch pressure plate and clutch bushing.


How Long Does a Clutch Usually Last?


If your car is getting older, then you need to know when to start looking at the replacement clutch cost. The clutch is designed to last for a long time, and it should last at least 50,000 miles, assuming you drive in normal conditions.


In the case of newer autos, you may have a clutch that can last 80,000 miles or even 100,000 miles.


On the other end of the spectrum, vehicles that deal with heavy strains, such as trucks that regularly haul loads, will need their clutch replaced sooner. In this case, you may need a replacement in just 35,000 miles.


Since every car is slightly different, you should check your owner’s manual to see your recommended replacement interval.


Breaking Down How Much Clutch Replacement Costs


As mentioned, the average clutch replacement cost will be $1,200 to $1,400. Of this figure, the parts usually cost $700 to $750, with labor accounting for $500 to $650.


Depending on where you live, however, the average clutch replacement cost may drop to closer to $800. In some autos, you may only have to pay $400 or so for the materials. The cost will go down if only some components of the clutch require replacement instead of all of them. Most of the time, your mechanic will need to replace your throw-out bearing, clutch disc, and pressure plate. There will also be the need to replace two more cylinders for hydraulically operated clutches. The clutch slave cylinder replacement cost and the clutch master cylinder replacement cost can be as low as $20 to $50 each, but just for parts. You also need to factor in labor.


What Affects How Much Clutch Replacement Costs?


With such a wide range of potential prices for your clutch replacement cost, there are obviously multiple factors that affect what you will have to pay. The most important ones are:


  • The make and model
  • Automatic versus manual transmission clutch replacement cost
  • Whether slave and master cylinders need to be replaced
  • Whether it is a hydraulic clutch
  • Whether you have a hybrid, which requires removing the trunk access panel
  • If you opt for used or new parts
  • Your location
  • The mechanic you go to
  • The warranty that the clutch replacement comes with
  • Whether transmission service is also included
  • Other services included, such as working on the torque converter clutch


Always Ask for an Estimate


If you want to be sure what your clutch replacement cost will be, then ask your mechanic for a written estimate. This should include the solenoid replacement cost as well, if applicable.


Examples of Replacement Clutch Cost by Vehicle

Examples of Replacement Clutch Cost by Vehicle

Since there is so much variation in the price of replacing a clutch depending on your auto, the following information can give you a better idea of what to expect.




You may pay more than $2,000 for a BMW clutch replacement cost.




Ford F-150 and Ford Ranger clutch replacement typically costs $600 to $900. However, that does not include the internal slave cylinder replacement, which is likely needed and will cost an extra $150 to $200. The 2014 Ford Focus clutch replacement cost or 2012 Ford Focus clutch replacement cost is $800 to $950, and the Ford Mustang clutch replacement cost is $900 to $1,200.


Harley Davidson


Expect a Harley Davidson clutch replacement cost to be $600 to $1,100.




A Honda Civic clutch replacement cost is usually $499 to $800, based on the parts to be replaced and the engine, with similar figures for a Honda Accord clutch replacement cost. For example, the replacement in the Honda Civic Si should be more expensive than a standard 2001 Honda Civic clutch replacement cost.




The Jeep Wrangler clutch replacement cost will likely reach $1,300 to $1,400, about the same for the Jeep JK clutch replacement cost.




A Mazda clutch replacement will usually be $550 to $800, based on the parts in need of replacement and the engine. Expect the Mazda 3 clutch replacement cost to be in this range.




Expect a Miata clutch replacement cost to be around $1,000 to $1,200.




There is a great deal of variation in the Mini Cooper clutch replacement cost, typically costing $1,200 to $2,000. It will be on the higher end of the spectrum when flywheel replacement is needed.




The average Subaru clutch replacement cost will range from $500 to $1,000 or more. Expect a Subaru Impreza clutch replacement cost between $1,200 and $1,400, with a similar range for a Subaru Forester clutch replacement cost and the Subaru WRX clutch replacement cost. The Subaru outback clutch replacement cost comes at $1,150 to $1,600.




A Toyota pickup clutch replacement will usually require $600 to $900, based on whether it is a 4×4 and whether it has a four-cylinder or V6. Expect a figure in this range for the Toyota Tacoma clutch replacement cost.


A Toyota Camry clutch replacement cost is usually $600 to $900, once again varying based on the engine.




VW Jetta clutch replacement is usually $500 to $1,500. It will be on the higher end of the spectrum if your VW has a special flywheel, which is common.


How Long Does It Take to Replace the Clutch?

How Long Does It Take to Replace the Clutch?

As you evaluate the clutch replacement cost, you will want to keep how long it takes in mind as this directly affects the labor cost. Most of the time, the replacement will take between three and four hours. This varies based on the experience of your mechanic as well as your vehicle. Some autos may even take between eight and 10 hours.


If this seems like a long time, keep in mind that a great deal of the clutch replacement labor cost is removing the transmission to get to the clutch, then putting everything back in its place.


If your auto has front-wheel drive, your mechanic will also have to remove the drive axles, which will bring the price and labor cost up.


In contrast, rear-wheel-drive autos tend to make clutch replacements easier since the mechanic removes the driveshaft instead of the drive axles, which is much easier. Additionally, there is more space to work in the relevant area on rear-wheel-drive vehicles, which makes repairs easier.


Can You Replace a Clutch Yourself?


If you have some mechanical knowledge, you can learn how to replace a clutch yourself. However, this is among the most complex automotive repairs that you should consider doing at home, so it will be a challenge for most people.


Replacing the clutch will require you to first remove your drive shaft before disassembling your transmission. Depending on your car, you may need a hoist to support the engine.


Professional Replacement Is Better


Unless you are very good with cars and have the necessary equipment already, you should strongly consider leaving the clutch replacement to the professionals.


You Can Likely Adjust Your Clutch Pedal


While most clutch repairs require professional help, you can likely adjust the clutch pedal yourself, which is a way to save money. This will not help you if you need a full clutch replacement, but it may extend the life of your clutch.


You may need to adjust the clutch pedal as your clutch disc wears down, which changes the tolerances inside. This process of adjusting the clutch pedal corrects the point at which the pedal will engage the auto’s clutch mechanism. Depending on your auto, you may also be able to adjust the clutch’s travel distance and physical height.


Before adjusting it, you would need to remove a locking nut that prevents you from accidentally adjusting the clutch. Then you can turn the clutch rod to change its distance from your clutch pedal. Shorter distances result in quicker engagement, while longer distances result in later engagement.


You might even own an auto with automatic clutch adjustment. If this is the case, you just need to pull the clutch up, so it goes away from the floor before letting it fall back. If your car has this feature, it is likely behind the clutch pedal, but it may be by the fire wall, under the hood, or somewhere else. Check your owner’s manual to see where yours is.


The caveat with adjusting your clutch yourself is knowing which direction and how much to adjust it if you do not have an automatic clutch adjustment. You will need to pay attention to driving right after this to see how the clutch engages. Keep adjusting until you notice reliable and smooth responses.


Is It Worth Replacing the Clutch?


Sometimes, it may not be worth it to replace the clutch in your auto. Maybe you simply cannot afford the repairs. Perhaps it is the latest of many repairs, or your auto is starting to get older. Maybe your car’s value is barely higher than the repair costs.


No matter the case, there are options available other than replacing the clutch.


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