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Range Rover Engine Replacement Cost

How Much Does a Tune-Up Cost

In 2004, Range Rover engine replacement costs for short block engines was around $1,000; by 2013, they cost $6,000+ if you could find one. Long blocks, including the oil pump and heads, on the other hand now cost more than $8,000 after core charges and freight. Used Land Rover prices have decreased over the last decade, although repair costs have increased. 

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Range Rover Engine Replacement Cost: What You Can Do When Your Engine Goes Bad


If your Range Rover's engine is on its way out, you have three options: scrap the vehicle, mount a used engine, restore your own engine or purchase a rebuilt engine.


Why Scrap a Range Rover?


If your Range Rover is on its last legs, scrapping it could be the best option. When it comes to scrapping a Range Rover, there are many factors to consider. The state of your Range Rover, the overall cost, or even personal reasons can all play a role in your decision to scrap it.


If your Range Rover has been in an accident and is no longer safe to drive, isn't as fuel efficient or reliable as it once was, or needs expensive repairs and maintenance like when you start to get overwhelmed by the Range Rover engine replacement cost and then scrapping it could be the best choice. That way, you'll have some spare cash to put into a new car without having to go through the trouble of selling or trading it in.


Even if your Range Rover isn't broken, there's a chance it can be scrapped. For example, if you're moving away and don't need your car anymore, or if it's a second family car that you don't need. In general, the price of scrapping a Range Rover is determined primarily by its weight. However, other factors such as the car's condition, age, and model may influence its value.


Other Engine Replacement?


Some people might ask what about getting a different motor altogether like a Chevy or Toyota conversion just to get to save? If you have an old Range Rover and don't live in an area where emissions test isn't needed, this can actually be a route you can take. But as we all know most 2000 or newer Range Rovers in the US are subject to an emission test.

Many of them use the OBD port, so an engine conversion isn't necessary. Your conversion options are mainly applicable to trucks built before 1995 that do not have OBD II. It's also worth mentioning that a high-quality engine conversion takes 100+ hours of work, so going this path would not save you money if you pay to get it completed.


If you consider the Discovery to be “just a car,” the scrapyard option will appeal to you; people in this situation are more likely to switch to other brands of vehicle. Since the engines are too old and the junkyard stuff is, well, garbage, it rarely works out anymore. The weekend dilettantes will be surely separated from the weekend dilettantes when faced with major repairs.


Rebuilt Engine


If you're a Land Rover fan who appreciates the separate frame/live axle configuration of these trucks, you're aware that there is no modern-day counterpart. In certain cases, the Range Rover Discovery II outperforms the Range Rover Defender as an off-road platform, with greatly improved civility and much greater use as a family car. If you agree with the above and your truck is in good working order, the most sensible option is to keep your car and have a rebuilt engine installed.


But take note that a used motor for these vehicles is going to be 10 years old at least. So if it’s not yet worn out, it’s undeniably going to be well on the way. Worse still, every used motor will hold all of the design defects that your current motor does, and it could blow up a month or two after installation. 


When considering the cost of used motors and the time it takes to install them, then the Range Rover engine replacement cost for this is just not worth it. If you're still considering it, keep in mind that your late-model Land Rover V8 was a fatally flawed build. What is the point of putting another faulty motor in your rig?


The only solution that makes sense is to install a flange-liner motor, as suggested by expert engine rebuilders, with a new front cover and one that addresses the late-series design flaws. That is the solution for long-term dependability. The use of flanged liners is said to have the ability to fix engine overheating.  


When that technique is combined with new pistons and a new front cover, as well as blueprinting and balancing the engine, the result is a tough and smooth-running motor that will last a long time. If you plan to restore your original old style short blocks Range Rover engine with its original Land Rover tube liners then you should keep in mind that it will still have all the flaws of that original engine.


Range Rover Engine Replacement Cost for Rebuilt Engine


To repair one of the Land Rover Range Rover V8 motors, including removal, teardown, redesign, and refit; fit flanged liners; and do all the other work that's normally needed, the total cost, parts and labor could range from $13-16,000. It's a big investment, and there are no easy ways out. To repair a short block, a collection of pistons, flanged liners, bearings, and other parts would cost about $4,000. The amount of machine work required to rebuild a short block is important. 


Some shops include cleaning the tank, bead blasting the block, removing old liners, checking for cracks and repairing it, checking the blocks for damages, rebuilding cracks anr rods, balancing rotating mass, machine block to accept the flanged liners, assembling short blocks, etc. 


The process of rebuilding engines may vary from shop to shop. But take note that not all blocks can be rebuilt as some are already too damaged from overheating. The Range Rover engine replacement cost for a rebuilt short block could end up costing between $5,000 and $6,500 more with custom work. You may have the choice to either repair your existing block or purchase an exchange block that has already been installed.


Add a few thousand dollars more to rebuild the heads, repair the front cover, and finish the rest of the job. This gives you a “long block,” which is a full motor without the covers, accessories, brackets, hoses, or wiring. These, too, can be bought or made.


When the motor is out, a wise owner looks at the ancillary objects – things that need to be taken care of when the motor is out. A new water pump, hoses, and motor mounts are only a few of the options available. A radiator, air conditioning work, or a steering box and lines can be needed. For a first-rate work, those expenses should be factored in.


You should also think about aesthetics: how important is the appearance of the engine bay to you? If you do, now is the time to refinish or re-plate any under-hood components that are out and apart. The difference may be dramatic:


Expect all the work to consume 30-40 hours for a thorough engine rebuild; and even more hours spent if you get into more detailing or custom work. And more hours means more cost add up. It's pricey, to be sure, but it's the only fix that will last. If you own a Rover V8 and want to keep it running then this could be your only choice for a long lasting replacement engine.

Range Rover Engine Replacement Cost: Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it expensive to fix a Range Rover?


RepairPal estimates that Range Rover could cost $1,258 per year in repair and gives the Range Rover a 2 out of 5 when it comes to reliability. On the other hand, the average yearly repair cost for all Land Rover models is at $1,174 per year, comparatively high compared to the average $652 yearly repair cost of all models. If a repair costs three times the total annual repair cost for all models, it is considered serious, and the cost is deemed prohibitively costly due to the unscheduled nature of the repair.

  • How long do Range Rovers usually last?


For many people being able to own and drive a Range Rover means you can go just about anywhere at any time with the vehicle’s relentless capacity both on and off the road. But unfortunately, there's also a stigma associated with the brand because most of its cars are regarded as defective and costly to fix considering the Range Rover engine replacement cost as well. But, if you do buy a Range Rover, how long do you think it will last?


Technically, any vehicle will last for a long time if properly cared for and maintained. When it comes to Range Rovers, though, you never know what you're going to get, like the 2018 Range Rover Velar that already had electrical issues related to a recall concerning a leaking fuel rail. At 40,000 miles on the observed vehicle the warranty was able to cover the price for repairs. However, most people would agree that those issues are intolerable for a brand-new vehicle, particularly given its price (as tested) of more than $67,000.


Any Range Rover, new or used, will easily last for many miles. However, be prepared to pay a hefty repair bill along the way. According to some customer reviews, many Range Rovers have been recorded to last well over 100,000 miles, and you can even find plenty for sale with that many miles, but the cost of getting there is possibly a different story.

  • Why should you not buy a Range Rover?


While purchasing a used car can have a lot of benefits, especially in the high-end car market the same may not be true when buying a used Range Rover. Used Range Rovers are infamous for being unreliable and costly to fix, regardless of which model or year you pick. And the same goes for the Range Rover engine replacement cost which is substantially higher than most vehicles.


Repairpal reports that annual repair costs will be $1,258 on average. And if that is not bad enough they have also given the Range Rover a two-out-of-five reliability rating. The 2021 Range Rover also unfortunately earned a one-out-of-five rating in Consumer Reports' “predicted reliability” index, and if that is not discouraging enough for every positive review, there are a slew of negative ones.


The Range Rover may have been estimated to last 100,000 miles but a slew of other owner concerns have had the electrical, suspension and even transmission problems under 100,000 miles. 


Anyone who is thinking about purchasing a used Range Rover should proceed with caution, and make sure that a pre-purchase inspection is performed. You should factor in any potential repairs that might arise during your ownership.

  • Why is Range Rover so unreliable?


So, why is Land Rover so unreliable? One of the issues that automotive experts are beginning to notice with new, luxury cars is that they come equipped with a lot of modern technology that can malfunction. This also explains why older Land Rover and Range Rover models tend to be more accurate, as they are not equipped with the technology that makes them unreliable.


Given the options you can take once your Range Rover engine has failed and the Range Rover engine replacement cost outlined in this article, hopefully you can take the best route perfect for your vehicle aspirations that is just right for your pocket. Again, engine replacement cost for Range Rovers can be quite expensive and is quite an investment so you should think twice if your Range Rover is worth keeping or if it's time to move on to a different vehicle.

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