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Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Although every part of your vehicle is imperative to the correct workings and optimal running of your car, the power steering pump is especially important in a smooth ride. The power-steering pump mechanism is in charge of pressurizing the hydraulic fluid that helps the driver turn the steering wheel. Without this working at an optimal level, the steering system will not work properly.

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Sometimes, the power steering pump becomes damaged or wears down over time. This can cause a serious issue or an accident due to the inability to steer the vehicle properly. The average power steering pump cost for a replacement is between $598-$851.


What Is A Power Steering Pump?


In order to know why it is so important to maintain or replace the power steering pump, we must first know what it is. In most vehicles, the power steering aids the driver to steer the vehicle by changing the steering effort of the steering wheel. 


How Does It Work?


A power steering pump generally works according to a few key principles. First, a slotted rotor is supported inside of a cylindrical cam. It is positioned close to the wall of the cam, forming a small, crescent-shaped cavity. The rotor is sealed into the cam by the effort of the two side plates. As the cam rotates and the fluid comes inside of the pump, the vanes are pushed further outside, to the walls of the house, due to the hydraulic pressure.


The housing and the cam then push the fluid into the pump chamber using holes in the cam. The rotor continues rotating, while the vanes are in charge of sweeping the fluid to the opposing side of the crescent. Here, the fluid goes through the small holes of the cam, and finally exits via the discharge ports. Knowing how the power steering pump works can give insight as to the reasons behind the power steering pump cost. 


The overall mechanism of how the power steering pump works is by creating hydraulic pressure, and transferring the pressure to the steering gear via a hose. The hose pressure allows the steering wheel to assist in turning, while another hose returns the used fluid. You need to make sure that you keep your power steering pump in working order, since it can cause your steering wheel to shake at low speeds if you do not. 


What Are The Benefits Of The Power Steering Pump?


There are a few key benefits and advantages of having a working power steering pump. First, the power steering pump handles thin liquids at high pressure levels. Second, the pump can develop a good vacuum, and provide a tough seal, preventing any unwanted items to enter or exit. Third, the pump can run dry for a short period of time, allowing for a little leeway in terms of maintenance. 


Fourth, the pump can compensate for some extended wear due to the vane extension. Lastly, the power steering pump can have one seal or stuffing box. The stuffing box is in charge of housing a seal, to prevent any leakage of fluid between moving parts of the car. The importance of the pump can be shown in the importance of repairing the power steering pump, regardless of the power steering pump cost. 


What Is A Power Steering Pump Replacement?


The power steering pump is in charge of sending power steering fluid through the internal system of the car when you attempt to turn the steering wheel. The pump lets you return the car easily, and provides the driver with a control that would otherwise be impossible. If the pump begins to malfunction, this can cause a huge issue for the control and safety of your vehicle. 


When you decide it is time to replace the pump, you might be concerned about the power steering pump cost. You might also be curious as to how long the process is, what it entails, and the overall labor cost associated with the replacement of the power steering pump. We will go over the benefits of a replacement, when you should have it replaced, how to change a power steering pump, how to save money, and the sample prices of the power steering pump cost. 


Benefits Of A Power Steering Pump Replacement


Power steering fluid is crucial if you are going to attempt steering and controlling your moving vehicle. Without the steering fluid, you won’t be able to turn your wheel easily, and the steering system will be fighting against you when you try to control your vehicle. 


If your power steering pump is malfunctioning, you have a problem with the fluid. Some fluid is still within the system, but it isn’t being sent properly to the steering system. The pump’s job is to send the fluid to the steering wheel, so this shows a malfunctioning or damaged power steering pump. Analyzing the problem and determining the power steering pump cost can help you make a quick decision on how to fix your steering issues.


Since it is such a crucial part of the steering process, you really need to look into a replacement of the power steering pump. The average price of labor for the power steering pump cost is between $279-$353, while the parts are between $319-$498. Although the price might be higher than you hoped for, the price of not paying for the power steering pump cost is much higher if you get in an accident.


 When Should I Have The Power Steering Pump Replaced?


There are a few key signs that will give you an indication that it is time for your power steering pump to be replaced. The first sign will be that the steering wheel is increasingly difficult to turn and handle. When you turn your wheel sharply, it causes more strain on the power steering system. You might still be able to turn the wheel, but you will have to use much more force than typically required. If you notice that the wheel is shaking while driving, this is also a sign you need to have the power steering pump replaced. 


Second, if you see power steering fluid underneath your car, then that is a sure sign that your power steering pump needs to be checked and possibly replaced. The fluid can be various colors, like clear, pink, or brown. It is critical to verify that it is power steering fluid on the ground and not another leak from your car, like oil.


If you have determined that you need to get your steering checked, then you should take your vehicle to a mechanic. They will be able to test-drive your vehicle and give you an opinion and quote on the total power steering pump cost for a repair or replacement. 


How To Change A Power Steering Pump?


After you bring your vehicle to a mechanic to determine the next steps and the power steering pump cost, you will notice your auto body worker carry out the following procedure.


Inspect The Vehicle


First, the mechanic will inspect your vehicle and power steering system. Their goal is to determine what the problem is, where it is coming from, if the power steering pump is the issue, and if the power steering pump needs to be replaced. The diagnosis of the issue can influence the total price of the repair or the price of the power steering pump cost for replacement.


Remove The Power Steering Pump


Second, after the mechanic has determined the power steering pump is the issue, then they will start taking out the power steering pump and putting in a new one. In most cases, your mechanic will also add some power steering fluid to replace any that may have leaked underneath your car. They will test the liquid to make sure that no contaminants got into the fluid. If so, then the tank may have to be bled out to remove the debris and other items inside of the power steering fluid. This process can influence the repair of the power steering pump cost. 


Inspect Any Further Damage


Third, after the new pump is installed and the fluid is replaced with clean fluid, the mechanic will begin to inspect the belt in the power steering system. He will also inspect and check for any damage done to the reservoir and the pinion system and rack. Sometimes when a power steering pump is damaged or faulty, it can negatively affect other parts of the car, such as the pinion, racks, and reservoir. 


Final Check and Test Drive


Last, the mechanic will further check for any leaks to ensure that the power steering pump has been fully fixed. He will then take your vehicle for a test drive to ensure the steering is now working properly. Despite a long process, the price of the power steering pump cost is middle-of-the-road compared to other more serious issues that could happen with your vehicle. 


How To Save Money With A Power Steering Pump Replacement


Although you may be worried about the power steering pump cost, there are some key methods you can use to save some money when repairing your vehicle. The key to saving money is to use aftermarket parts or buying your own parts before visiting the mechanic. However if you’re visiting a dealership, they usually won't’ let you do this. 


This is why we highly recommend going to a private mechanic. You can choose from a selection of parts, or you can bring in your own parts that you researched and found. Even though they are your own parts, the mechanic will still install them for you in your vehicle. It won’t save any labor costs, but you can save some money with the shipping and power steering pump costs.


Sample Power Steering Pump Costs


Despite there being an average range of prices in terms of the power steering pump costs, different makes and models of vehicles have differing power steering pump replacement costs. Let’s go over some common cars and the total prices of the power steering pump replacement costs, which can vary depending on the brand of car.


Ford F-Series


First, the Ford F-Series model typically runs about $197-$251 for the labor, and $144-$185 for the parts. The total power steering pump cost is $341-$436 for this Ford car. 


Chevrolet Silverado


Next, the Chevrolet Silverado’s price for the labor is $189-$241, and the parts price is $175-$406. As you can see, there is a huge variation from the overall parts price, which increases the range of the total average of prices, bringing the power steering pump cost to $364-$647.


Ford Focus


Another Ford car, the Ford Focus, is a popular car in recent years. The price of labor for this vehicle is $126-$161, with the parts being $141-$173. This brings the total power steering pump cost to $267-$334, which is one of the lowest total prices in terms of power steering pump replacement costs. If you have a Ford Focus that has been recalled, you may feel safer selling your Ford Focus for cash. 


Toyota Camry and Corolla


Introducing a new make with Toyota, we discuss the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Camry and Corolla are identical in terms of labor and parts costs. The labor prices for both models is between $150-$191, while the prices of parts is between $204-$409. The total power steering pump cost is $354-$600, which shows a big range in terms of the low and high end of the price range. 

Nissan Altima


For our sixth car, we have the Nissan Altima, which is the only Nissan on this list. The labor prices for the Nissan are extremely low, coming in at an average of $94-$121. However, the parts costs are one of the highest on this list, averaging between $246-$298. The total power steering pump cost for the Nissan Altima is $340-$419.


Honda Comparison


Last on our list, we have three Honda cars – the Honda CR-V, the Honda Civic, and the Honda Accord. Unlike the Toyota cars, these three differ greatly in terms of prices. The labor costs for the Honda CR-V and the Accord are both very low, coming in at $39-$50 and $71-$90, respectively. However, the labor costs for the Civic are a whopping $213-$271. The price of the parts for the Honda cars varies greatly as well. If these prices are too high for you, selling your Honda for cash is another great option. 


The Honda CR-V is very expensive with the parts costing between $392-$622, while the Honda Civic and Accord only cost between $183-$256 and $155-$349. The lowest total power steering pump cost is the Honda Accord with a range of $226-$439, while the Civic is in the middle at $396-$527. The most expensive power steering pump cost belongs to the Honda CR-V, with the total price being $431-$672. 


What If I Can’t Afford The Power Steering Pump Cost?


If you find that the price of paying for the replacement is too great for your current financial stiuation, then the overall power steering pump cost may not be worth it for you. If your car is also in bad shape, then you might consider turning in your vehicle as a junk car to make some extra money. 


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