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P0335 Code – What Is It And What Are The Causes?

P0335 Code

The p0335 code indicates that there might be a possible issue with your vehicle’s crankshaft. Your vehicle’s crankshaft is the hardened-steel shaft that spans the entire length of the engine and converts the linear force of the moving pistons into a rotational force. The pistons are directly connected to the crankshaft via the connecting rods. 

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But what does this really mean, and how does this relate to the p0335 code? Let’s find out what the p0335 code means, the causes of the p0335 code, and the symptoms of the p0335 code in most cars. 

What does the p0335 code mean?


The OBD-II trouble sign of the p0335 code is a generic diagnostic trouble code that stands for Crankshaft Position A Circuit Malfunction. The code is first set when your car’s main computer, also known as the powertrain control module, cannot obtain the correct signal from the crankshaft position sensor.


The powertrain control module, usually abbreviated PCM, is an important automotive component that combines the engine control unit and the transmission control unit. The system as a whole is in charge of controlling a vehicle’s engine, transmission, and other driveline parts that are dependent on the type of car you have and are crucial in the inner workings of your vehicle.


The PCM is a powerful computer that manages and is in charge of the engine’s ignition system. It also has to monitor the fuel injection, emissions systems, positioning of the rotating assembly, transmission, and the exhaust system. It also has functions related directly to the engine and the transmission, and might even operate the anti lock braking system.


Now that we know what the powertrain control module is, we can figure out how the powertrain control module being unable to detect a signal from the crankshaft position sensor can turn on the p0335 code in your car. As the name might say, the crankshaft position sensor measures the position and speed of the crankshaft.


The crankshaft is the moving part of the internal combustion engine that mainly functions to transform the linear motion of the pistons into rotational motion. The Pistons are connected to the crankshaft through the connecting rods and are mounted within the engine block. The other function of the crankshaft is to transmit power to other engine systems, like the valve timing, oil pump, cooling water pump, air conditioning compressor, and the alternator. 


The p0335 code is in direct relation to the crankshaft position sensor and the powertrain control module in your vehicle. To determine the crankshaft position, the crankshaft position sensor reads a wheel either mounted to the crankshaft or the harmonic balancer. The sensor then sends the signal to the powertrain control module, where that specific data is used to determine the ignition timing and when to fire the spark plugs. 


In some cars, depending on your vehicle's make, mode, and year, the signal from the crankshaft position sensor might also be used for other functions, like fuel delivery, valve timing, and the tachometer. 

What are the causes of the p0335 code?


There are various issues that can trigger and lead to the turning on of the p0335 code. There are common causes of this problem that you should keep an eye out for in your car.

Defective Crankshaft Position Sensor


First, a defective crankshaft position sensor can turn on the p0335 code. There are many signs that can alert you to a faulty crankshaft position sensor that can lead to the p0335 code. One of these signs is issues starting the vehicle. This is the most common symptom, since the crankshaft position sensor monitors the speed and position of the crankshaft, and will not be able to start the engine if it cannot read the crankshaft.


Second, intermittent stalling is a sign of crankshaft position sensor failure and the p0335 code. If the crankshaft position sensor or the wiring inside has any problems or has become damaged, it can cause the signal to be cut off while the engine is still running, which can cause the engine to stall while you are driving.


Lastly, the check engine light might come on if you have a damaged crankshaft position sensor or the p0335 code has turned on as a result of the faulty sensor. If the computer sees an issue with the crankshaft position sensor’s signal, it can turn on the check engine light to alert the driver of the problem. A check engine light can also be set off by other issues, so having a computer scanned for trouble codes is a good diagnostic strategy. 

Faulty or Damaged Timing Belt


A damaged timing belt can turn on the p0335 code. There are clear signs and symptoms of a bad timing belt that can help clue you into when you should do a repair or a replacement. First, your engine might be running a rough idle. Since there are teeth on the timing belt that grab a hold of the gears as they are rotating the engine parts, if these teeth begin to become brittle or not work, the timing belt will begin to slip away from the gears. This will cause the teeth to jolt the engine and begin to stall, since the camshaft timing is incorrect. 


Another sign of a damaged timing belt is the misfiring of the engine. The fire rate of the engine could be put in jeopardy from the timing belt and the teeth wearing out over time. If the timing belt slips away from the gears, the cylinders could open and close too soon, causing the engine misfire to occur. If this happens, you need to look into an engine replacement right away or the belt replacement. 


The third sign of a faulty timing belt is smoke coming from your engine, since the top of every cylinder has two holes that are in charge of letting out the exhaust from the engine and letting in the outside air. The opening and closing of these holes are timed with the cylinder movement and the camshaft rotation if your timing belt has worn out this timing can be off, which means the exhaust will let out air and in at the wrong times. This is a clear sign the timing belt is damaged and can turn on the p0335 code.


Additionally, the oil pressure can decline in your vehicle if the timing belt has become damaged. If the timing of the belt is wrong, it can skip and break pieces on the camshaft, which can fall into the vehicle’s oil pan and cause the oil pressure to drop in the bottom of the engine,


Lastly, the final sign of a faulty timing belt or the p0335 code turning on is that the pistons or valves are broken. The worst symptom you can have is the timing belt breaking completely. Once this happens, the piston will hit the valves while they are open, resulting in the valves bending or breaking the piston. 


To fix a damaged timing belt and prevent the p0335 code in your vehicle, the repair cost to replace a timing belt average between $300 to $500, with the timing belt usually costing less than $50, but the labor costing between $250 and $450. 

Faulty or Damaged Timing Chain 


Another cause of the p0335 code in your car is a faulty timing chain. Luckily for you, there are noticeable signs of a damaged timing chain that can indicate to you that it is time for a repair or replacement before the p0335 code turns on. The first sign is the engine misfiring or running poorly. The timing chain can stretch over time, causing the chain to skip a gear on the crankshaft and cause the engine's timing to fall out of calibration and cause a misfire, resulting in a lack of acceleration and power. 


Secondly, there can be metal shavings in the oil that can harm the timing chain. If the timing chain begins to break down over time, small metal pieces might break off of the chain and drop into the metal oil pan. When you have your oil changed, if the mechanic tells you that there are small pieces of metal in the oil, this is a clear sign to replace the damaged timing chain and fix the p0335 code. 


In addition, if the engine cannot start or begins to fail very early on, a broken timing chain can be the culprit of this issue. If the timing belt is broken, the engine will not have compression, and the timing chain can be next. If your engine won’t start or is driving rough, you should bring your vehicle to a mechanic so they can fix the damaged timing chain and the p0335 code. 


Furthermore, if your check engine light is on, this is a clear symptom of a faulty timing chain. The check engine light can come on for various reasons, but if it is the timing chain, you will need to figure out if a stretched timing chain has caused the poor engine performance and a higher rate of emissions, turning on the light and the storing of the p0335 code. 


The last sign of a damaged timing chain in your vehicle is the engine rattling while idling. Unusual sounds coming from under your hood are clear signs that something is wrong with your engine and motor. When the timing chain is loose, this can cause a vibration in the motor that will lead to a rattling noise as the engine idles. Fixing the timing chain and the rattling can turn off the p0335 code. 

Damaged Reluctor Ring


The reluctor ring has various teeth and is in charge of providing the powertrain control module with the reference point to the crankshaft position. If this ring is damaged or is faulty, this can turn on the p0335 code. As the crankshaft rotates, the sensor produces a voltage signal, where each pulse is supposed to correspond to the tooth on the reluctor ring. If this does not work properly, the p0335 code will appear. The most common OBD-II code related to the crankshaft position sensor deals with this code, often caused by a failed sensor, wiring issues, connector problems, or a damaged reluctor ring. 

Circuit Issues


If your car has circuit issues, such as loose wiring or damaged connections, then this can turn on the p0335 code. Signs of a poor ground connection or wiring issues can result in a no-start condition, where it will act like a dead battery or a loose battery cable, dim or flickering lights, a dead battery, or the inability to properly run the car at the right level of performance. 

Issues with the PCM


If your powertrain control module needs updating or is not working correctly, this can turn on the p0335 code. There are some very common PCM failure symptoms that you should be aware of. One of them is your check engine light turning on, which can be a sign of multiple issues, but can lead to the PCM if you also have these following symptoms along with this light being on. The other symptoms include the car not being able to start or running roughly, the gas mileage decreasing and lowering fuel economy, a failed emissions test, the car engine sputtering or stalling, the shifting becoming erratic, and the p0335 code turning on. 

Common Symptoms of the P0335 Code


Along with the causes of the p0335 code turning on in your vehicle, there are certain symptoms that you should be able to recognize. The symptoms that you may experience with the trouble code might vary, but we have included the most common signs that go along with the presence of the p0335 code. 


First, the check engine light might turn on. Despite this turning on for a variety of reasons, if this turns on and you experience any of the other signs, this is a clear sign that the p0335 code is the culprit. Second, the engine might stall or hesitate, showing an issue with the camshaft or the motor. In addition, the car might have a hard time starting or it might run rough while the engine is starting and first revving.


In addition, the engine might misfire or run rough, having a rough idle and stalling while driving. Furthermore, your car might not even be able to start or turn on. And lastly, the tachometer might not work in your vehicle. 

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