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How To Get Rid Of A Mouse In Your Car! Tip, Tricks, and Preventions!

How To Get Rid Of A Mouse In Your Car

No one wants to see that there is a mouse in their car. Having an unwanted rodent in your vehicle can not only be distracting as a driver but bring into question the hygiene of your vehicle and the passengers who are frequently riding in your car with you. 

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The first question that you might have – how does the mouse get in the car? Let’s figure out some of the main reasons as to why you have a mouse in the car.

How do mice get in cars?


Although your car may seem like it is completely locked and bulletproof when you press the ‘lock’ button on your automatic remote, mice have a way of getting into all types of vehicles, whether it be trucks, cars, SUVs, or motorcycles. Due to the small size of mice and the bigger openings of the internal systems of your car, it is quite easy for a mouse to squeeze through tiny openings that you may not normally think about.

  • Through the Engine

When finding a mouse in the car, you may be wondering where they started. Many mice will find their way through the engine from the underside of the car, and then make their way through the internal fuel system and transmission pipelines while they are already inside. The most common ways for mice to get in the car include the vents, the cable holes, the pedal shafts, and the steering column in your vehicle.

  • Unlocked Doors and Windows

You may also find a mouse in the car if you leave your car unlocked frequently. This way, mice will be able to squeeze in through any door cracks that you have left open if you leave your car unlocked and forget to shut your door. In addition, the same goes for windows – if you frequently leave your windows cracked during the hot summer days it will be easy for a mouse to get inside of your vehicle.


It is important in this situation to keep your car fairly inaccessible and as hard as possible for rodents and other animals to get inside. 

When does the mouse get inside of the car?


Just like other animals, mice go to find somewhere warm during the cold, winter months. Although mice are active all year round in the wild, their behaviors can vary depending on the season – much like other animals (and people). If you find a mouse in the car, you may also coincide with this fact with cold and blustery conditions outside. 

  • Extreme Weather Months

Finding a mouse in the car is more common during very hot weather or very cold weather. In the summertime, they will try and escape the heat by going inside of buildings or cars, trying to find water and damp places that are not getting direct sunlight.


During the winter, you may find a mouse in the car to find a heated and indoor space to escape the cold weather and wind. Since mice are awake during the night time and asleep during the day, you may not even notice the mice trying to make their home in your car until it is too late. 


Since mice will naturally look for respite from very hot or very cold weather, you will most likely find a mouse in the car during the dead of winter. In this case, try and park your car indoors, as cars parked outdoors are the most vulnerable to having rodents and animals get inside of the car. 

How to prevent the mouse in the car


There are certain tips you can follow to help prevent finding a mouse in the car when you least expect it. When you open your glove compartment, open your door, or open your trunk to see a rat or mice staring back at you, it is a very unsettling feeling – we are here to help prevent this happening to you!


Although there are certain parking areas and instances where preventing a mouse in the car is not completely guaranteed or 100% assured, there are certain rules to follow that can help reduce the odds of finding a mouse in the car – or mice.

  • Keep your car clean

The first and foremost rule to keeping a mouse out of your car is to keep your car neat and tidy. Keeping your car clean means do not leave any old food lying around, odorous things that cause a strong smell outside of the car, or other items that will look attractive to animals and rodents. 


If your car is filled with trash and junk, whether it be paper, trash, tissues, cups, fast food wrappers, candy wrappers, it can all be a direct magnet and ‘calling’ for a mouse to come in your car. In this case, your car will act as a garbage bin or a dumpster – a calling ground for various animals to forage for food.


If you do not find a mouse in the car, you may even find a bear or other animals that are curious as to what you have in your vehicle! Keeping your car clean ensures that animals will not look for food inside of your vehicle. 

  • Prevent moisture build-up inside of your car

Mice and other animals are always looking for water. Therefore, finding a mouse in the car can mean that the mouse was looking for water and was attracted to the moisture build-up within your vehicle. It is crucial that you prevent any condensation from accumulating in your car over time, leading to a moist and damp atmosphere that is a breeding ground for rats and mice.


Moisture can be caused by various issues within your car – and they all need to be addressed before you can prevent mice from getting inside your car. If you find that you have a blocked filter somewhere in your vehicle or a heater leak, this can cause dampness to occur in your car. In addition, leaving damp clothes or shoes in your car can contribute to the condensation buildup and cause the likelihood of a mouse in the car to increase. 

  • Keep Leaves Off Of Your Car

Although this may seem like a strange rule, preventing any leaves from accumulating on your vehicle can help keep a mouse out of the car. When autumn comes around t and the leaves start to fall from the trees, mice have plenty of places to seek shelter from any other predatory animals, inclement weather, or rain.

  • Don’t Leave Any Openings Into Your Vehicle

If you frequently crack your windows or leave your door slightly open, this leaves an entrance point for you to find a mouse in the car. Furthermore, your sunroof or your sunroof left open for multiple hours or overnight can mean that mice can easily sneak into your vehicle through the open spaces. 

How to check for mouse damage in your car


If you have a feeling that there is a mouse in the car or that mice have gotten into your vehicle and wreaked havoc, there are some ways that you can check your vehicle and for you to find out what to check in your car for rodent damage.


Mice and other rodents can cause damage to various parts of your car, ranging from important internal parts to more superficial exterior upholstery. Mice can be very harmful and damaging to a car since their teeth are very strong and can chew through different kinds of inner-vehicle parts that are crucial to the functioning of your multiple car systems.


Various signs that rodents have been active in a vehicle include chewed wires around the engine, gauze in the air vent, chewed insulation and upholstery, chew holes in engine components, and claw marks on various parts of your car. 


In some cars, if you find a mouse in the car often enough, the damage in your car can get so severe that the car may not start or run properly. Even if a mouse in the car is not causing any damage in the passenger area, you still have to check the internal structures and under the hood of the vehicle. Mice control in cars is not just a health concern, but a health concern for your car as well.

How to keep a mouse out of the engine


Keeping your car indoors is the first step in preventing finding a mouse in the car. This way, you can set up a sort of block and buffer between your vehicle and the outdoor weather like the snow, wind, rain, and excess heat. There are also additional steps and methods you can take to protect your car just in case any rodent or animal does find their way into the garage or car park area.


If you have another animal in the house, like a cat or a dog, ensure that their area and their litter box is in the garage so they can scare away any other small rodents that might flock into the garage. 


If you can’t park your car in a secure garage that is specifically for your house and your own animals, then make sure that you mouse-proof the space in which you are parking your car. The best way to do this is to place mouse and rat repellent packs in and around your car to prevent having a mouse in the car. 

Best mouse trap for cars


One of the best ways for you to keep a mouse out of the car is to use mouse traps to ensure no animal can get inside. Every now and then, mice are usually bound to enter a car even though you may take steps to prevent it from happening – however, this is the time and place for you to consider a mousetrap. 

  • Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap

One of the best options for you to use is the Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap. Based on the traditional wood snare mousetrap, this trap for mice is safe for both home and car use. In use for over a decade, this trap means you can quickly catch a mouse in the car and also quickly clean the apparatus afterward. 


Once a mouse triggers the metal spring, the trap will immediately close to get rid of the mouse on contact. This efficient mechanism makes it easy and effective to catch the mouse in the car. 

  • Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap 

From the same company, the easy set mouse trap is a pre-baited option that is both reusable and disposable for your own choice. Using consistent quality materials from a brand that is tried and tested for over 100 years, this mouse trap uses original wooden wire with a scented, cheese pedal. 


Able for use indoors, like in your car or home, or outdoors, like in your garage, you can use this easy set mouse trap anywhere and everywhere, making it easy and effective to catch a mouse in the car. 

  • Victor Power-Kill Mouse Trap

This powerful and high-impact mouse trap uses a Kill Bar for a quick and painless-as-possible kill for the mouse in the car. Since this mouse trap is simple to use and effective, it is easy to use large bait through the easy bait placement and the oversized trip pedal. 


No one wants to see that there is a mouse in their car. Having an unwanted rodent in your vehicle can not only be distracting as a driver but bring into question the hygiene of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers. Keeping your car mouse-free can ensure that the internal parts of your vehicle keep working at a high-performing level for a long period of time!


By figuring out how you can prevent mice from getting in your car, knowing when the mouse gets in the car, checking for mouse damage in the car, and the best mouse traps to use, you can keep your car as hygienic and as safe as possible. 

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