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EGR Valve Price – What Can I Expect to Pay for a Replacement?

EGR Valve Price

Although your car can run without it, you really should not drive your car without a functioning EGR valve. If you do not, you need to look into the EGR valve cost. It will cost you an average of between $150 and $700 to get the EGR valve replaced by a mechanic. If you want to go to a chain store, you can go to the local AutoZone and buy a new one at prices that go from around $40 to $500 for the total cost of the parts related to the EGR valve cost. 

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The Function of EGR Valve

The EGR valve’s main function in your car is to recirculate small amounts of exhaust into the car’s engine’s combustion chamber to lower the overall combustion temperature. Having a lower temperature and keeping it maintained can help reduce the formation and creation of smog-producing nitrogen oxides that are harmful to your car and the environment.


Although your car can run without it, you really should not drive your car without a functioning EGR valve. It will cost you an average of between $150 and $700 to get the EGR valve replaced by a mechanic. If you want to go to a chain store, you can go to the local AutoZone and buy a new one at prices from around $40 to $500 for the total parts EGR valve cost. 

  • EGR Mechanism

EGR means exhaust gas recirculation. When the engine combustion temperatures get too high and exceed around 2500 degrees, nitrogen oxides formation increases. However, the exhaust is mainly composed of carbon dioxide, which does not burn the same way as nitrogen oxides. 


When the EGR valve malfunctions, the carbon dioxide is then moved back into the combustion chamber at the improper time or in the wrong amounts, which does not decrease the combustion temperature enough to prevent an increase in the harmful nitrous oxides. Often, EGR valves are replaced unnecessarily due to clogged EGR ports that need to be cleaned full of debris. 

  • Importance of EGR Valve

The EGR valve is a key part of the emissions system. The EGR Valve takes many harmful gases that would otherwise escape the exhaust in your car and recirculate the gas to be used correctly. 


The EGR valve pushes this gas right back into the intake manifold in your car so that the engine can burn the gas more and use it correctly. Without the EGR Valve, you would be spending a lot more money on gas and refilling your tank a lot more often. 

Faulty EGR Valve Signs

Since all of the car’s exhaust gases are dependent on the EGR valve to manage their input and output, the EGR valve is a key piece of the fuel emissions system. However, even though this is an important piece, you do not want to spend too much money on the EGR valve replacement. The EGR valve works together with the EGR system, allowing emissions to enter the EGR System where the emissions are controlled. 


However, if there is a problem with the EGR valve, this can cause the EGR valve replacement cost to increase substantially. The valve won’t be able to open and close properly, meaning the emissions will increase. You might not necessarily realize this is happening until you notice one of the following symptoms of a damaged or failing EGR valve – leading to an imminent EGR valve replacement. 

  • Check Engine Warning Light

The Check Engine warning light will illuminate for various reasons and can sometimes be due to either minor causes or for very severe reasons. The check engine warning light can come on for a faulty oxygen sensor, a damaged manifold intake sensor, or a poor EGR valve cost.


The check engine light illuminated due to the EGR valve will come on almost as soon as the vehicle’s central computer, the electronic control unit, notices that the EGR valve is faulty. However, if the ECU cannot detect the abnormal position, this will increase the EGR valve cost.


There are many reasons for a check engine light coming on in your car, with one prominent cause being a faulty fuel pump throwing the light and increasing the EGR valve cost. 


In order to tell if a bad fuel pump will throw a check engine light, you need to know the common signs and symptoms that your fuel pump is failing so you can make sure this is the root cause of your issues. Here are the most common signs and symptoms of a failing fuel pump so that a driver or passenger can easily distinguish the problem before it throws the check engine light.


Loud WhiningOne of the first symptoms you will notice with the fuel tank turning bad or being damaged is a loud whining sound coming from under your hood. The only good thing about this symptom is it is very noticeable and audible to almost all drivers. An old or worn down fuel pump that has become damaged over time can cause a loud whine or a howl while driving, especially at high speeds. 


Trouble Starting the Car – Another common symptom that is more often than not associated with a failing fuel pump is difficulty starting the vehicle. The car has a tough time turning the ignition or revving the engine. Since fuel pumps constantly run whenever the car is turned on, they can eventually wear out and break down over time due to prolonged use. 


Engine Stalling – Engine stalling in your vehicle can happen because of various issues, but make sure you know if this stalling only happens at high temperatures shown on the thermometer in your car. If this is the case, and the stalling is attributed to the high temperatures, this can usually be attributed to the fuel pump motor. 

  • Reduced Engine Performance

A bad EGR valve that will not open or close all the way is going to cause problems with the engine and the performance qualities. You will most likely experience difficulties with acceleration, going uphill, and an overall horsepower reduction when you step on the gas pedal. Difficulty with performance can be due to the air and fuel ratio being out of sync, causing a poor valve and increasing the EGR valve cost. 


As a result, the engine will need much more fuel for the same performance qualities, requiring higher miles per gallon, to just have any power at all and run the engine. Then, you will be spending more money on gas and fuel, and because you will have poor fuel economy and efficiency, meaning you will be able to go not as far for the same amount of gas, enhancing the overall EGR valve cost. 

  • Fuel Smell

Since the engine will be consuming more fuel and require more stress to run, more hydrocarbons will exhaust the exhaust and the tailpipe, causing a smell to intensify. The fuel consumption will cause the fuel odor to get more noticeable, with the passengers and drivers easily noticing the smell from inside the car. 


Another cause of the car’s fuel smell that can harm the EGR valve and enhance the oral EGR valve cost is gas pump problems. When refueling, if the shut-off mechanism is not working right with the pump, it could cause a strain on the filler of the car. In addition, a gasoline leak can cause a smell of gas and cause a potential hazard. 

  • Rough Engine Idle

Rough idling is a clear sign of engine and transmission problems. The engine will experience rough idling when there is a malfunctioning or nonworking EGR valve since the valve will get stuck, either in a closed or open position. 


A stuck valve means that not enough exhaust, or too much exhaust, will be entering the combustion chamber, which can cause the engine to jerk while accelerating and not run like it is used to. The engine jerking can enhance the overall EGR valve cost.


Rough Engine Idle Causes

Rough idle is a common problem and can be pretty difficult to diagnose and pinpoint the exact problem since several mechanisms and factors come into play. How your engine is idling is a good indicator of its overall health and how long it is going to last, meaning what if you address the problem quicker than you can save potential expensive repairs or replacements in the long run.


To notice the signs and symptoms of rough idle when cold, there are some common reasons why this might be happening in your car. 


Vacuum Leak – Most vehicles have numerous hoses throughout their internal engine system, creating a vacuum for both the car’s fuel and the outside air. In engines that are older models and have a carburetor, this vacuum is in charge of directing the fuel into the engine and powering the car. 


Most newer cars and modern vehicles have a throttle that is designed to regulate engine speed and airflow through the system. If there is a vacuum leak, it can cause the rough engine idle and a higher EGR valve cost. 


Spark Plugs – If the engine’s damage and the spark plugs are severe enough, you might also notice that your engine has begun running rough while driving or has a rough idle when cold. Make sure when you're driving or sitting in your car that you pay attention to any jerks from your car or shaking while you are driving, especially if you are accelerating up a hill or accelerating while you are pulling a heavy load. 


If you feel like you have faulty spark plugs that are causing a high EGR valve cost, you can clean them to keep them working at a high level. You can clean the spark plugs by removing the spark plugs, using abrasives to clean the material, or using a blow torch to disinfect the plugs and get rid of debris. 


Carburetor Issues – Older vehicles that use a carburetor instead of a fuel injector can have various problems that can affect the rough engine idle in cold weather. Black exhaust smoke is usually a strong indicator of an issue with the carburetor. A carbureted system that is running smoothly shouldn’t produce too much excessive black smoke, so if this is the case, then this is wrong. 


Using a carburetor cleaner is a simple step to dissolve these deposits and prevent the car from running a rough engine and reduce the EGR valve cost. 

  • Failed Emissions Test 

Even if you do not live in a state that requires you to get emissions testing every few years, you should still take your car in to get your emissions tested to see your engine’s longevity and performance. When you get an emissions test, you might discover that you have a bad EGR valve if you end up failing this test. You should look out for this to prevent the total EGR valve cost from getting higher. 

EGR Valve Cost


The EGR valve cost’s total price can range anywhere from around $200 to $480, with the parts alone costing somewhere between $140 and $360, and the labor costs ranging between around $60 and $120. While the EGR valve is not the cheapest part of your car to replace on some vehicles, the good news is that it shouldn’t take very long for this replacement to happen so that the labor costs will be fairly low. 

Sample EGR Valve Cost Prices

We have included some sample EGR valve replacement costs for popular models of cars. These sample costs should give you a rough estimate of what you might end up paying for your size and brand of car. Although the prices vary depending on what location you take your car, these costs should give you an estimate of how much the total EGR valve cost will be for you and your specific car. 


One of the least expensive options for the total EGR valve cost is the Honda Civic. This Civic costs just between $24 and $30 for labor and ranges between $123 and $174 for the parts. The second cheapest option is the Honda Accord, ranging between $159 and $202, with the parts being between $120 and $152, and the labor between $39 and $50.


The higher end of the price range includes the Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Versa. These two vehicles’ total price comes out to between $198 and $573, showing a huge range between the EGR valve cost. The labor price is around $71 to $90, and the cost of the parts is between $123 and $483. 


The most expensive options for the EGR valve cost is Cadillac Escalade and the Nissan Altima. The Escalade ranges between $205 and $273 total, while the Nissan Altima ranges between $322 and $548, with the labor costing between $94 and $121, with the parts costing between $228 and $427. 


Taking into account the various EGR valve prices that you can pay depending on your make, model, and year of vehicle, you need to know the average EGR valve cost so you can be prepared when heading into a mechanic’s shop! 


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