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Will CarMax Buy A Car With A Bad Transmission? Get The Scoop On How Your Offer Is Determined! 

CarMax’s Unique Selling Points

Are you looking to sell a car to CarMax, but the transmission is a bit bad? We have the information you need, regarding the sale of your old car, with the bad transmission! Find out if CarMax will buy a car with a bad transmission

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Is CarMax Going To Buy My Car With The Bad Transmission? 

The simple and short answer to this question is, “yes”. But check out what comes with selling your car with the faulty transmission to CarMax. CarMax purchases vehicles in a variety of conditions– including those that have faulty transmissions. The company has trained appraisers who will look at your car, before an offer is made. That bad transmission will be factored into the offer that CarMax gives you. 

Not only will buy CarMax purchase a car with a bad transmission, but they will buy just about any kind of car with any kind of fault or deficiency. CarMax also reportedly accepts vehicles that have salvage titles or have severe damage.  But just because CarMax because CarMax will buy your damaged car, or that car with the bad transmission, doesn’t mean that they will make you an offer on your particular car. When you go to a CarMax lot, you certainly won’t see cars with extensive damage. Those kinds of cars are sold at dealer auctions. It’s then that the various damages will be disclosed before they are bought. 


How Does CarMax Determine The Offer I Get? – Will CarMax Buy A Car With A Bad Transmission

After you bring your car to CarMax, one of their trained appraisers will evaluate your car as well as read and evaluate current market conditions too. Then, that appraiser will look at your vehicle’s year, make, model and mileage. CarMax also examines your vehicle’s condition both internally, as well as externally. 

They will look to see if your car has any water, flood or even fire damage. CarMax will also test drive your car and see if the brakes run, the turn signals are functional and if there are any repairs are needed. The offer you receive will be based on your car’s overall condition. 


What Do I Need To Have, To Sell My Car To CarMax? 

Although the requirements do vary from state to state, check out a few of the items that you will need to sell your vehicle to CarMax, regardless of where you live:

  • Your vehicle’s title or any payoff details or information.
  • The presence of all titleholders on the car.
  • Current and valid vehicle registrations. 
  • Valid state/government -issued photo ID- All title holders must have one.
  • All of the remotes and keys to the vehicle you want to sell. 

Although these items are NOT needed to get an OFFER on your car with CarMax, they are indeed needed if you DO want to SELL your car

How Does The Appraisal Process Work For CarMax? 

Let’s look at how the appraisal process works with CarMax. 

The Appraisal

CarMax operates and lives by the slogan: “We’ll buy your car, even if you don’t buy one of ours.” Keep reading to get a sense of how the appraisal process works at CarMax! 

  1. Once you decide you want to sell your old vehicle to CarMax, you are now invited to bring to a nearby CarMax for a fast and free appraisal. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be asked to make an appointment to sell your car. So, keep that in mind. 
  2. CarMax will then evaluate your car, and then provide you with a written offer to buy!
  3. While the company buys cars from customers all of the time, the CarMax associate will be there to conduct an efficient and fast appraisal process!
  4. The CarMax appraisal team will then appraise the vehicle in about 20-30 minutes. But the time it takes to appraise your car will be based upon the year, make and model of the vehicle.
  5. The CarMax appraisers are accomplished, dedicated and trained, CarMax team members who know how to conduct a thorough appraisal. 
  6. While your vehicle is being evaluates, you can ask questions about the appraisal that is being conducted on your car. 
  7. Once the appraisal is done, the CarMax agent will make you a written offer on your car. Your offer will be good for a total of seven days.  
  8. If you decide to sell the vehicle within that seven-day period you can and then get paid. You can also leave CarMax and take your car to another place or get another online offer, on your car from another company.  
  9. Many customers take their CarMax written offer, and use it as a guide or a template, to assess, evaluate or review other offers. 

Can I Sell My Non-Running Car With the Bad Transmission To CarMax? 

Yes, you can certainly sell your non running car with the bad transmission to CarMax. But don’t expect to become a huge wad of cash after the sale.  The fact that your car doesn’t run is a huge factor that CarMax will think about, as an offer is generated for you. But remember: you have seven days to accept the CarMax offer. If you don’t like what CarMax, is offering you, you can certainly leave. CarMax also has an inspection process. So, if your car does not pass their inspection, you may still get an offer- but chances are, it won’t be too much. Many of the non-running cars that CarMax buys, are sold at auction. 

What If I Have A Car That has A Bad Transmission and is Over Ten-Years Old?

Should you have a high-mileage vehicle that has a bad transmission, then, chances are you will get an offer on that car, but it will not be a lot of money. CarMax not only sets its own used car values, but they stand by them and will discuss how and why you received the offer you did. So, you as the seller have the choice to either sell your damaged car to CarMax, or head to another reputable and experienced car buying company

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