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Where Can I Junk My Car For Cash? Get Cash For Your Car NOW!

where to junk a car for money near me

You have a junk car and you need cash for it now. So where can you go to get the cash you need? Check out our guide that offers the assistance you need to get cash for that clunker!

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From choosing the best junkyard near you, to how to get the most money for your car, we offer the help you need, now!

Where Can I Junk My Car For Cash Near Me?

You need to get cash for your junk car and you need that cash now. The best place to start, is to find businesses around you, who buy junk cars. But how do you go about getting this done?

Check out our guide for finding the best place to junk your car, near you!

  1. What is the condition of your car? Now that you want to sell your car, you need to assess its condition. If you aren’t a mechanic, you will then need to get one, so that he or she can assess your car. You need to see what you are going to sell as well as how you are going to sell it.
  2. Once you assess your car, decide the best course of action. Are you going to sell your car as is? Or are you going to sell its parts? You have to decide the best course of action. You may also want to get some input from that mechanic friend or family member who is examining your car.
  3. Get a value for your car. You can always look at the Kelley Blue Book to get a value for your car. This is a great way to set a price point if you decide to sell your car as an entire car.
  4. If you are selling your car in parts, have a competitive price for those parts. Just like you want a competitive price for your car, you want to price your car parts competitively, if you are selling your car’s parts. Be sure that you do your research!
  5. Look online and read the reviews. In today’s day and age, the whole world sits in the palm of your hands. You can use the Internet to research local junkyards and find out who is close to you, ready to offer you top dollar for your clunker. Be sure to read reviews! Folks today are very vocal about the experiences they have at companies. So, read those reviews and do your research!

where can i junk my car for cash

Junk My Car For 500 Cash

Getting $500 cash for junk cars isn't unrealistic, but the price you get for your car will always depend on the kind of car you have. So, as you prepare for the sale of your junk car, you have to note that junk car buyers will look at several aspects of your car.

Before the purchase of your car, the factors that will play a role in the money you get include your car’s year, make and model. Your price will also depend on the trim your junk car has and where it’s located. Junk car buyers will also note if there is any damage to the vehicle.

Cash for My Junk Car – I Lost My Title!

Is one of the reasons that you haven’t sold your junk car the fact that you cannot find the title? Check out some tips we offer, on how to sell a car without a car title.

  1. If you can, replace your title before negotiating the sale of your junk car. You may want to visit your local DMV or department of motor vehicle office to obtain a duplicate car title. You shouldn’t have to pay much. But it will cost you some money.  The process of getting a duplicate car title can also be done online as well as by mail.
  2. Provide proof of ownership if you never titled the vehicle. If you never had a title or a vehicle registration, now you may need to get that original bill of sale. If you don't have a bill of sale, check with your local state official. See if they will accept that bill of sale as valid proof of ownership.
  3. Call the place! If you have found the perfect place to sell your car, then call and find out if they purchase cars without a title. This will save you lots of time, money and energy in the long run.

In most many instances, not having a title is not a problem. Just be sure that you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

Where Can I Junk My Car for Cash? I Need Pick Up My Junk Car!

We get it. You want a place that offers free towing of your junk car. So, what you do, is call that place and find out if they offer free towing!

Lots of times, places such as junk yards and scrap yards offer free junk car removal. If that place you want to sell your car to doesn't you may need to rethink your decision to do business with them.

When you junk your car, you want the best services out there. There is no time to be stressed, while junking your car. So, find scrap yard or junk yard that will go the extra mile to help you junk your car!

where can i junk my car for cash

Cash for My Junk Car What About Recycling?

When it comes to junking an entire vehicle, chances are, the car parts you no longer need are put into the hands of a recycling professional, and ready for recycling! From windshields to tires, there is lots that recycling experts set aside for re-purposing on an old car!

In fact, over 80% of a car is recyclable.  Old windshields, aluminum car rims used oil filters, , batteries and bumpers are among the 13 surprising car parts that should never just be tossed in a landfill.

Check out all of the parts that can be recycled from a car!


Recycling agents will remove those old tires from your car and use them for such items as tarps, fuel, artificial turf and more! Did you know that they can be melted and transformed into new tires?


You may be recycling your old car battery and not even knowing it! When you replace your battery, you take it back to the place where you got it. There, the place you buy the new battery will recycle the old one at no charge to you!

Engine Oil

Did you know that the oil you put in your motor never gets old? Think on it. You get an oil change every several thousand miles. That oil is constantly changed out. So, when the recycling experts take out the oil from your junk car, they will clean it and reuse it.

Auto Glass

Statistics state that about 15 million windshields go through a replacement process here in the United States. Then, those windshields end up in a landfill.  Now with modern technology, your junk car windshield has new life coming! Recycling experts can transform your glass into fiberglass insulation, concrete blocks and even brand-new glass bottles!

Scrap Metal

Your junk car has lots of metal. From the door handles and rims, to other parts you’ve got metal! And that metal means money for you!  Recycling experts melt that metal down and reuse it for other products!


Aside from metal being a huge element on your car, your junk car has lots of plastic parts. In fact, you may not even realize how much plastic your car has, till you junk it. Parts like your dashboard,  gas tank, bumpers and lights are just a few of the items that professionals recycle!

Engine Parts

Lots of mechanics rebuild damaged engines as well as other parts. This provides a cheaper as well as “greener” solution to a real car problem!

Belts and Chains

Belts and chains are found under the hood of a car. And if they are in still good shape, car professionals will remove them. Then they will be used again.

where can i junk my car for cash

Junk My Car for Cash Today

Do you still have that junk car but not quite sure how to do it? Selling your junk car for quick cash only requires from you. Check out some tips we are offering for how to get the most money for your junk car today!

Locate a Reputable Salvage Dealer

First, you need to locate a reputable salvage dealer. This means you need one that will offer good customer service, fairness and honesty.

It would also help if he or she was licensed, bonded and insured. This is important. So, do your Internet search of places such as these and check out the credentials that these companies post. Not sure about anything? Call with the number provided!

And don’t forget to read reviews. Check out what is being said about the company that will possibly buy your car. This will help you to see who is on the “up and up” and who you need to avoid.

Get That Paperwork Ready

Once you are ready to sell your junk car, be sure that you have all of the paperwork and documents you need. For example, you want to have your car title, car registration and other information. Also, have the car's year, make and model ready to go, during the sale. You want to be the most competent junk car seller. So, come with your papers in order!

Get that Quote

Even if you have a junk car that no longer runs, you will find that most junk or salvage yards will buy it from you. Why? Well there is still value in your car’s parts! Junk and scrap yard owners see that value too!

Although the value of a car depends on lots of factors, you can be assured that your car is worth something, even if it’s just a little cash.

So, get a quote from that junk yard. And if you are able to get more than one quote, do so. You never want to appear anxious, worried or in a hurry. Take your time, be patient, calm, cool and collected. Sure your car is junk, but you aren’t!

Ask about policies and incentives

After you have your quote, make sure that you ask about any incentives or bonuses the junkyard offers. And the biggest plus you are looking for is FREE junk car removal. If a company does not want to remove your car for free, you may need to reconsider doing business with them.

Take your time filling out the paperwork

Once you sell your car, be sure that you take your time filling out the paperwork.

Notify the DMV of your Sale

Once you junk your car, be sure to notify the DMV that you did. In many states, you can go online and get this done. Other states require that you do this in person.

You must also call your insurance company, if applicable and cancel your insurance.

Any plates on that junk car? Make sure that you remove them. Then,  follow any state guidelines that are in place about the transfer of new plates.

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