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Are you in the market for a new car? Are you now deciding to downsize in the family and doing so, by getting rid of that second car? Do you have a junk car or a car you’re ready to scrap just taking up space in your garage or backyard?

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

You’re ready to make some money off of a damaged vehicle and that definitely makes sense! In today’s day and age, many are opting to live a simpler life, while deciding to make wiser choices. Choosing to make money off a non-running car, or a car that is not driven much is ideal

So, you sit and look at your options. You could trade that vehicle in. There is always the option of selling it to a private dealer.  You also have the choice to sell it to a junk yard or even a scrap yard. Don’t forget the lure and popularity of selling your car online too. So, what will work best for you?

As a car seller, it’s only natural that you investigate all of your options. You want the most money for your car and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Whether your car has damage, or is in pristine condition, you getting rid of your car is a decision you have made. Allow us to provide a closer look at how you can scrap a car for cash and get the most for your car.

Scrap Car for Cash Near Me – Getting Local and Personal Service

When it comes to getting money for your scrap car, you want to do it with a company that is close to your home or location. There’s no need venturing out to a place that is several miles from your home, causing you to have to pay lots of towing fees and other money.

So, how do you achieve this? You can begin by going online and doing a search of “scrap car for cash near me”. This will net lots of local businesses in your area, that will by your scrap car.

With the information you get, you can best determine what company is good for you. As you peruse the list you have, you want to see what each company offers. For example, does “Acme Junk Yard” offer free removal of your car? What kind of reviews do these companies have? What do local residents say about the company? Take your time as you narrow down your search for getting that local and personal service. You want a company that will provide the following:

  • Safe and secure transactions.
  • Local service to your home or location.
  • Private and secure dealings, conversation and more.
  • A way for you to get an instant offer on your car, in the privacy of your home or location.

You deserve a company that will go the extra mile, for your business. The bottom line is that you have a car that’s worth something. So, don’t be afraid to seek a company that understands this!

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Car Scrap for Cash – How do Professionals Scrap a Car?

Have you ever wondered what the process is like of scraping a car? Do you think about what happens to your car once you sell it? Allow us to enlighten you and feed your curiosity!

Step One – Car Removal

The first step before the salvage process begins, is the removal of the junk car from your property. Then, professionals take it to a large salvage facility. Generally, if the car is not drivable, or has been a fixture on a property for quite some time, a flatbed tow truck may haul it away to the salvage yard.  If the car can move, but has a bad engine or some other mechanical issue, a conventional tow truck will be used to pick the car up and take it to the salvage center.

Step Two- The Draining of the Fluids

Once the car is at the salvage yard, the draining of the fluids takes place. Even for the junk car that has been sitting for a long time, there are fluids in there, that professionals will begin to remove. Some of those fluids include brake fluid, engine oil, and transmission fluid. Each of these fluids have to be remove, before salvage yard agents can continue. Professionals remove the fluids to remove any risk of environmental contamination. The fluids also pose a threat to the workers.  Also, under the right circumstances, those fluids could be explosive. This poses a true threat to the salvage workers.

Step Three – Parting the Car Out

Thinking that your car is worthless and of no use? Not true at all. There are some useful and those parts can be installed on running and working vehicles. Lots of times, those “popular” or prized components or items on a car with value, are taken off, first. Those great working and in-demand parts are then placed for sale. People can usually buy them at discount.  Lots of salvage yards are open to the public and are touted at “pick-a-part” kind of shops. These “car part bonanzas” allow for people to shop for specific car parts they need to restore or fix a car they already have.

Step Four – Recycling

In today’s day and age, lots of salvage yards will go to the extra mile of taking the rubber, plastic and glass off of junk cars and placing them aside for recycling.  Even though metal parts offer the most value, lots of recycling methods are used for various parts of the car. Thanks to technology, salvage professionals take items such as tires, broken glass, plastics and non-metallic components to recycling centers.

Step Five – The Recycling of Aluminum

Lots of today’s vehicles are manufactured of lightweight aluminum. Given such, agents take that aluminum and process it for recycling. Professionals remove the parts from scrap, before the processing of steel.

Step Six – The Recycling of Steel

A good amount of the metals found in vehicles are iron and steel. Those metals make up more than half of a vehicle’s total weight. Once salvage professionals have those parts, they flatten them with a crusher. Then those parts are ground by a shredding machine. Agents then take a vast amount of that metal and convert it into new parts and items.

Scrap My Car for Cash – Get an Instant Quote!

While the lure to take your junk car to a local dealer may sit well with you, there is a responsibility to that company to make your car selling experience the best possible. One way to do this, is to offer you an instant quote on your car.

With today’s technology and advances, you want a junk yard or a scrap yard, that can make you an instant offer on your junk car. This way, you can plan what your next steps will be, when it comes to selling your car.

While you look to get that instant quote, you have to keep some factors in mind. Some of those factors include:

  • Trim on the vehicle
  • Where the vehicle is located
  • The year, make and model of your car
  • The damage the vehicle has, if applicable, and more.

You want the best value for your car and you want to be able to obtain that value at any time of the day. So, as you look for a company that will satisfy your search for “scrap my car for cash online quote”, choose a junk car buying company that can offer such!

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Sell Scrap Car for Cash Online

Are you looking to possibly sell your junk car online? While this may prove to be a viable option, let’s take a closer look into this.

Selling anything online takes work and patience. This is no different for a car. So, for that car ad you want to create, check out what you need to do:

Decide where you want to sell your car.

Are you going to sell your car on Facebook or Craigslist? Have at least two online platforms you have your eye on.

Get your videos and photos ready.

Make sure that you have great photos of your car. Craigslist lets sellers upload a great number of photos to its platform. For Facebook, you can combine videos as well as photos of your car. Places like Instagram are all about the photos. So, have them ready, focused and great looking.

Are you selling your car “as is” or in parts?

Decide if you are going to sell your car “as is” or in parts. If you do, you must photograph all parts and place them online.

Don’t forget to get that paperwork ready.

Whether you sell your car to a junk yard, or a scrap yard, you want to have your car title, car registration and other pertinent paperwork ready. Lots of places will buy a junk car without a title. Lots of buyers will not. So, have the paperwork ready to go, whether you sell online or elsewhere.

Provide a vehicle history report for your sellers you meet online.

You want to be an honest seller. So, make sure that you provide a vehicle history report for your buyers. This might even help your car to sell faster. Once you show that vehicle history report, you are seen as someone great to do business with!

Be safe at all times.

You should never compromise your safety, for the sake of a junk car sale. This means, you should never meet anyone in an alley or some other place that looks unsafe, to sell your car. Additionally, if someone asks you to wire them money, so he or she can buy your car, run!

You should also never volunteer to take someone to the bank or an ATM, so they can withdraw cash to buy your car.

For the selling of car parts, never deal with people who are rushing you, or offering you a “down payment” on a part. You are selling a car part, not a home. If the buyer cannot come up with the entire amount for the starter, then he or she cannot have that starter, then it’s a “no deal” situation there.

I Want to Scrap My Car For Cash – How Much Can I Get?

The amount of money you get for your car depends on several factors. While each car is different, some of those determining factors include:

  1. Your junk car’s location.
  2. Where the damage is on your car.
  3. The year, make and model of your car.
  4. How much does your car weigh – the weight of your car.

Where to Scrap Car for Cash

Still seeking a great place with stellar service to scrap your car for cash? Cash Cars Buyer is the solution to that scrap car problem!

Some of the best reasons to sell your car to us include:

  1. We buy cars with no title!
  2. You’ll get cash on the spot!
  3. Local service to your home!
  4. Private, safe and secure transactions at all times!
  5. We offer FREE junk car removal, once we buy your car!
  6. You can get an instant offer on your car, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  7. Our no-hassle, no obligation methods of doing business win customers far and wide!
  8. We offer a three-step method of selling your car! 1. Enter your car’s information for an instant offer. 2. Accept your offer. 3. Get cash for your car!

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Scrap My Old Car for Cash – Sell Your Scrap Car Today!

Cash Cars Buyer buys all makes and models, while offering all potential junk car sellers an instant offer on his/her car!

Begin the process by entering your car’s specs and get that instant offer in the comfort of your home or location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Once you have your offer, call us so we can ask you some additional questions about your car. Then, you will get an offer on your car, that you are under no obligation to accept.

But once you accept it, we will make plans to come to your location to examine your car.

When all is “good to go”, we will put cash in your hands, FAST!

So, call us for that cash for your scrap car, FAST! 844-663-7286!

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