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Selling Car Parts to a Junkyard: How to Scrap Your Car in Tampa

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That old beat up junk car sitting in your yard isn't making you any money or doing any good at all by just sitting there. Maybe once upon a time, the car got you from point A to point B without trouble, or maybe it was once your project car. Whatever the case may be, we understand if there's some sentimental value to it.

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However, although you might not think it true, that old junk car of yours has some cash value to it. This is why selling car parts to a junkyard is worth it in the long run!

And other than receiving payment for your car, you'd also be doing the environment a favor by recycling all of the parts. Those looking for spare parts for their cars can buy used parts at a discount price by visiting a junkyard, and the scrap metal found in junkyards is used for all sorts of things!

Not sure how to go about selling your car parts to a junkyard in Tampa? Continue reading below for our full guide on how to do just that!

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Know Your DMV's Regulations

The first thing that you'll need to do is visit or contact your local DMV. Depending on your state, your DMV will have specific regulations pertaining to the scrapping of your automobile. You'll want to be sure to review the DMV's regulations carefully regarding your vehicle's license plate, title, and registration.

There are specific steps that you must follow to scrap your car and car parts legally. Understanding and following these regulations is the best way to avoid any legal issues down the road. For example, the title must be signed over to the junkyard to make it a legal sale.

You must also surrender your license plate to your local DMV, tax collector's office, license plate agency, or by mail. Failure to do so could result in some pretty hefty consequences such as a suspended driver's license. Aside from this, different states have specific paperwork that needs to be filled out when junking a car.

A separate form might be provided by your local DMV for you to fill out. With that being said, make sure that you understand all of these regulations before looking to sell your junk car. This is will make the process faster and easier, because you'll have everything done beforehand.

Know the Junkyard's Requirements

The DMV has its regulations to follow, but junkyards have some of their own as well. Know the junkyard's requirements before selling your junk car to them. For example, some junkyards might require you to flush all of the fluids inside the vehicle including the gas.

They might also require you to remove certain car parts such as glass, tires, or some interior items before selling your car to them. In some cases, junkyards will even offer you more money to remove these parts yourself. So before beginning, know what the junkyard requires you to do and have a full understanding of what can be done to earn some extra cash.

You'll also want to determine what paperwork is required by the junkyard for you to sell your car to them. Once you have this paperwork in hand, be sure that it adheres to your local DMV requirements as well.

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Remove All Parts From the Body

Now it's time to start removing the car parts. When selling your junk car for the scrap metal, you'll need to clean out the car's entire body leaving only the scrap metal in place. Keep in mind that you'll need to remove all wiring and fluids from inside the vehicle.

Drain everything and flush it out as well. Then begin to take out the radio, seats, engine, steering column, and anything that you can think of. Some junkyards won't accept your junk car unless it's completely stripped.

It might take you some time, but remember that all of those extra parts that you're removing hold value of their own as well.

Work With Great Care

When removing everything from your car, be sure to do so using great care. As stated before, every car part that you remove from your car has its own value. Certain parts such as the wheels, brakes, transmission, engine, and more can all be sold as actual parts rather than scrap metal.

Selling these pieces of your car as parts rather than metal is the best way to make the most money off of them. Understand which parts can be sold as actual parts and then handle them with care. Store them in a safe place until you're ready to sell them.

It might also be in your best interest to call the junkyard and ask them about which parts they'll buy from you. You'll then have individual parts to sell along with your scrap metal vehicle.

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Know the Value of Your Parts

Before making a final deal with a junkyard, be sure that you know how much your car parts are worth. Understanding the value of these parts helps you determine if you're getting a good deal or not. One way to get a clear indication of what your car parts are worth is to do some research online.

Find the same exact car parts online and see what they're selling for. Remember that your parts are used, so don't find brand new versions of your parts and expect that same price. Another option you have is to call around to several local junkyards.

See how much each junkyard is willing to pay you for each part. After getting several estimates on the parts and the scrap metal, you should have a better understanding of what your car is worth. There are some metal parts of your car that are worth more than others.

Let's discover the most valuable metals in your car below.

Where Can I Sell Car Parts for Cash

Iron and Steel

Steel is one of the main metals used for building a car. So, while it's not one of the most expensive metals, there is a lot of it inside your vehicle and the value adds up quickly. For example, the wheels, the frame, the chassis, and more are all made of steel.

Iron is more common in older vehicles, but modern vehicles have some iron in them as well such as in their iron alloys, which can be stripped and later sold as scrap metal. In older cars, check the engine for iron parts. Iron is heavy and durable, and you'll get a nice chunk of change for it.


If your car has a catalytic converter, then you're in for a reward. This part is either made of platinum, rhodium, or palladium. All of these metals are valuable, but platinum is where the real money is.

If the junkyard you're selling to accepts catalytic converters, then you've already got yourself a nice paycheck waiting for you. This is due to the fact that platinum is a highly useful metal that's used in several different industries, making it desirable.

Aluminum and Copper

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that's great for the environment. It reduces both fuel consumption and pollution levels. It's found within your car's wheel rims, radiator, engine, pistons, cylinder heads, and more.

It gives strength to these parts without tacking on the extra weight. Copper is also found in various parts of your vehicle. Check your vehicle's radiator, starters, alternators, wiring, moving engine parts, and much more.

Copper is another metal in high-demand due to its use in several different industries. Strip it from your junk car and sell it to a junkyard for cash! There's plenty of money to be made from it.

Know Where to Sell the Parts

If you've followed all of our steps listed above, then it's time to determine where you'll sell your car parts to. You know what they're worth, so call around and get quotes from different junkyards in your area. You can decide to sell your parts online privately, but take into consideration that you'll need to prepare for some haggling and you don't know when you'll get a hit.

Selling to a junkyard ensures your sale with no haggling involved.

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