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Making Junk Eco-Friendlier: 5 Environmental Benefits of Car Recycling

Making Junk Eco-Friendlier: 5 Environmental Benefits of Car Recycling

We only have 25 years left to fight climate change.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

With such an alarming figure, it's time that everyone does their bit for the planet. This includes recycling, reusing and consuming a lot less.

As the world generates more and more scrap parts, proper car recycling becomes increasingly important.

In this article, we'll look at just a few of the benefits of car recycling for the environment which should encourage you to consider recycling your own car!

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1. Reduce the Need to Produce More Steel

Many of us don't think about the environmentally cost of mining steel when we buy a new car. But, this is something that is damaging the planet.

Firstly, opening a new pit to mine metals from requires heavy machinery which uses fossil fuels and pollutes the air.

It also produces huge volumes of waste rock compared to how much salvaged metal is mined.

If you recycle your car, the scrap metal can be used to create other cars and reduces the need to mine for more. Plus, you may be able to get some money for your good deed.

2. Save the Animals

Whether we're mining for more steel or leaving cars to rot, we are damaging the habitats of hundreds of animals.

Mining completely disrupts the surrounding environment, damaging the ground and homes of animals and plants for hundreds of years to come.

Not to mention that steel mining leads to pollutants being leaked into the surrounding soil and causing land erosion making sure that no trees or plants will grow once the mine is shut!

With trees being one of the best ways to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, chopping them down to mine for more steel is not ideal.

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3. Reduce the Amount of Waste in Landfill

Have you ever seen a landfill? These huge piles of trash are kept well away from our society which means it's likely that you've never seen one.

This means that not only is landfill itself bad for the environment, but we're also hauling trash a long way to ensure we never have to see or think about it again.

Using large vehicles to move rubbish results in a huge amount of fossil fuels being released into the atmosphere in the form of gas.

However, that's not even the half of it. The landfill is also terrible for the planet because it is not used to break down trash but simply to keep it in one place.

It takes a lot of energy to ensure that landfill does not leak out into the environment. This means keeping trash packed in a sealed barrier to avoid any liquids getting into our water. However, this still occasionally happens and is disastrous.

After a landfill has reached its full capacity, it is left in the ground, covered in plastic, clay, and soil to ensure rainwater doesn't infiltrate it.

The trash slowly breaks down underground. However, as this happens it produces methane gas which can contribute to global warming. It is also highly flammable yet sits underground.

Your car does not need to end up in the landfill. With a little effort, you can recycle your car and ensure that it doesn't leak methane into the planet but is reused by another person for years to come.

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4. Manufacturing From Scratch Releases Greenhouse Gases

Although manufacturing anything inevitably releases greenhouse gases, recycling is arguably better for the planet. It also helps avoid pollutants entering the water.

Recycling can hugely reduce the amount of energy that needs to be used. There are four aspects of manufacturing a new product. These are:

  • Extracting raw materials – as we've already seen, this can hugely damage the local eco-system for years to come.
  • Turning these materials into parts – this requires a large amount of energy to mold and shape a new product or piece from something raw.
  • Product usage – when we use products, their lifecycle is usually pretty short. Our cars use gas to run and we pollute the environment further.
  • Disposing of the product – as we've seen, if we send our cars to landfill, they cause huge problems that sit underground and aren't properly dealt with.

By recycling, we skip points one, two and four! Plus, the usage of a product is extended as someone else is using the parts from our cars.

We use less energy by recycling, resulting in fewer fossil fuels being burned!

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5. Don't Leave Your Car on the Roadside

Many people don't send their junk cars to be properly disposed of and simply leave them to rot either on the side of the road or on their own property.

Although it may not seem it, this is one of the worst things you can possibly choose to do. This is because a car left to rot will extrude problematic elements.

For example, break fluids will leak, coolants will disrupt the animals around them, gasoline may ignite, and power-steeling fluid can be poisonous if it reaches a water supply.

As a result, being paid to recycle your car could be the best course of action to ensure you look after the planet and have a little spare cash. This method ensures all of these problematic elements are safely disposed of and not damaging our planet!

Car Recycling Is the Obvious Choice

After reading this article, you should be sure that car recycling is the right choice for you!

Even if your car is junk, you can still recycle it and get paid for it too! Do you own a junk car, SUV, or even a truck?

Get in contact with us today and we'll give you a quote! You'll be helping your wallet and the environment.

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