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Each year about 14 million tons of steel is recovered by recycling vehicles. About 25% of a car's body, on average, is built from recycled steel. What does that mean for you? Well, if you have an old beat-up car that you need to get rid of, you should consider scrapping it. Junk car buyers will pay for cars in any condition — even cars that are literally only worth their weight in scrap metal.

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Not only can you get some cash for that old jalopy but also you can help save the planet while you're at it! Want to learn how to scrap your car for cash in Hartford, CT? Read on!

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1. Proper Paperwork

First of all, you need to get your paperwork in order. In most cases, you'll need to have a title in order to sell a vehicle.

But what if you've lost the title to your car? Don't despair! First of all, you may still be able to sell it. In some cases, a title is not required. For example, if the vehicle is completely unusable and is being sold purely for scrap metal.

Also, in Connecticut, vehicles over 20 years old do not have to have a title. You can simply fill out a Supplemental Assignment of Ownership form to show the buyer and seller.

If you haven't finished paying off your car, things get a little trickier. The lienholder's name will be on the title and you can't sell it until it is removed.

To do that, you'll have to pay off the balance of your loan and request a new title with only your name on it. Once you've got the title in hand, you're free to sell your vehicle.

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2. Clear Out Your Stuff

Before heading down to the scrapyard, give your car a thorough inspection. Junk car buyers won't necessarily be impressed by how clean the car is, so you don't have to worry about thoroughly detailing it.

Rather, you're looking to get out all the stuff that has fallen into the nooks and crannies of your car over the years.

Did you know that most people spend about 18 days of the year in their car? This opens up a lot of opportunities for small items to get lost inside it.

Get a flashlight and dig through all the dark corners of your vehicles. Pull up the floor mats, search under the seats, look through the console cubbies and glove box, check the door pockets and seat pockets, anyplace that stuff might have fallen into and gotten lost.

Who knows? You might even find that lost wedding ring that you agonized over for so many months.

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3. Cars Worth More Than Just Scrap Metal

Scrapping a car usually means that you sell it for its metal content. You're paid based on the car's weight.

However, unless the car is undrivable and a complete and total wreck, there will be parts on the car that are more valuable than just scrapping the metal. Some examples include:

  • Tires: depending on the type, tires with good tread can fetch a couple hundred dollars for the set.
  • Rims: likewise, good rims are valuable, particularly if you have fancy chrome or aluminum ones
  • Audio systems: don't leave an upgraded audio system in a car that you're junking. A nice one in good condition with sick speakers can net you a few hundred dollars
  • GPS system: you can sell a built-in GPS on its own for a few hundred dollars. Portable units won't garner as much but its still worth not junking them
  • Airbags: a new airbag system is expensive, so people will pay good morning for your undeployed one
  • Air conditioning: AC systems are also a hot commodity and easy to sell if you can safely remove it
  • Motor oil and filters: do your part to recycle and get a few dollars for your efforts

These are just a few examples of things that are worth more if you sell them separately. Of course, a newer car with more bells and whistles is capable of fetching more than an older one with few electronic parts or one whose parts are in poor condition.

However, the trouble with selling your car this way is that it is a lot of work. It also takes time to find the right buyer for each part and you could end up waiting weeks or months to sell certain parts. If you're selling your junk car because you need quick cash, this simply won't do.

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4. Sell Your Car for Scrap Metal AND Used Parts

This is the reason why here at Cash Cars Buyer we offer a different solution. We'll give you a fair price for your car, including all its usable parts. Newer cars in good condition can earn you up to $15,135!

We handle removing the usable parts and we'll sell them off. Once we've gotten everything usable out of the car, we'll recycle the metal so it can be reused in a new car.

It's a fast, easy way of selling your car.

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5. After the Sale

Once the sale is complete, don't forget to cancel your insurance. It might sound silly, but many people have it set up on automatic payments and forget all about it when they sell their car.

It's also a good idea to check with the DMV a few days after the sale to ensure that the title was properly transferred out of your name. This will keep you out of trouble in case anything happens with the car, such as a thief stealing a usable car from the junkyard and causing damage with it.

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The Best Junk Car Buyers in Connecticut!

Without a doubt, we here at Cash Cars Buyer are the best junk car buyers you'll find in Connecticut. You'll get no lowball offers and no monkey business from us. Our goal is to take your old junk car off your hands and not to rip you off in the process.

Find out how it works today!

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