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How to Get $500 For Junk Cars Near Me? Here’s the Secret!

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If you're looking for how to get $500 for junk cars near me? You can always sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, who guarantees to pay you the top dollars along with free towing no matter where you're living around the US. 

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Selling junk cars is not as easy as selling any used car. The process involves some hassle, especially if you are looking for a private buyer.

Things get even more complicated if you're hoping for a high price and close to $500 for a junk vehicle. The good news is that Cash Cars Buyer is one of the very few list companies which guarantees to divide your junk car and will pay you not only $500 but up to $15,000 for the right vehicle!

This article provides you with all that you need to know to answer your question of how to get $500 for junk cars near me? If you would like more details about the process, you can go ahead and read through the article. We also offer some verbal explanation if you prefer that. You can always give us a call at 866-924-4608. 

When is it the right time to sell your junk car? 

Have you been in a situation where repair costs are much higher than what you're expecting or even getting close to your vehicle's value? For example, were you in a situation where your costs only $1500, and it needs a new part for about $700.00? 

Unfortunately, this is a common situation, and many people get frustrated when repair costs approached the value of their vehicles. The decision you can make is to sell this car and use its value towards a better vehicle instead of wasting your time and energy. 

Even if your car isn't in a terrible situation, many buyers were interested in buying junk cars. Junk car buyers see value in every vehicle, and they can utilize every single part and sell it separately to make some money out of it. 

The question always remains, how to get $500 for junk cars near me? Well, finding the right junk car buyer requires patience and some research. Hitting the $500 threshold is not impossible, and you can even get a much higher price depending on your vehicle's type and condition.

For example, as one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation, Cash Cars Buyer is willing to pay you up to $15,000 for your vehicle. Cash Cars Buyer paid $500 many times around every single city in the United States. Thus, don't be frustrated about dealing with high repair costs, and there is a good chance that you can get the $500, if not more, for your vehicle. 

Why do people delay selling junk cars? 

Many people think that when they leave their cars sitting in their backyards, they will find some time to search for a potential private buyer and sell it for good money.

There is a common myth that selling a car to junk car buyers will not give them a lot of money, and it's better to search for a private buyer.

While private buyers will not accept buying your vehicle until they're happy with the asked price, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the junk car buyers who guaranteed to pay you the top dollars for your vehicle that pleases you! 

By leaving your car sitting in the backyard, you're just losing its value. Vehicles tend to lose value over the years, and the more it sits down, the more troubles it will have, requiring higher repair costs. Some cities find you if you don't sell a junk car that doesn't have a title or insurance. So, you're not only losing money out of your junk car, but also you might even pay some fees. 

Where can I sell my junk car near me for $500? 

There are plenty of available locations where you can sell your car and get a good deal. However, hitting the $500 threshold can be a little challenging, and you want to make sure that you are selling it to the right buyer to get the most money.

For example, while it's easy to trade in your car with the dealership even if it has problems, dealerships will not pay you the top dollars, and if your vehicle is close to $500, don't expect to get this number from the dealership.

On the other hand, if you posted your old car on Craigslist hoping for a potential private buyer to buy it for $500, the process might be a little challenging. You might not even find that buyer because most buyers are interested in buying good vehicles. 

Another component to consider when selling your car for $500 is the tolling price. Many car removal companies might offer you the $500 thought they will surprise you with the tolling service once they meet with you. Therefore, before making her final decision about selling your car for $500, make sure that the towing service is covered, and the $500 represents the exact cash you'll receive at the pickup time. 

Your best option is to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer. As we indicated before, Cash Cars Buyer guarantees to buy your car and provide you the top dollars your vehicle deserves. Our top priority is to make sure that you're getting a fair price, and that's why we perform a detailed evaluation of your vehicle by comparing it to the most recent transactions around your area. 

How to get $500 for junk cars near me? 

The question now remains how to get $500 for a junk car near me? And is it even possible? 

The good news is that Cash Cars Buyer is willing to pay you $500 for your vehicle, if not more, depending on its type and condition. To sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you need to follow the following simple three steps: 

  • Provide basic information about your car 

To get started, Cash Cars Buyer needs to know the vehicle you're selling. We will ask you for basic information about your car's make, model, and year.

We will also need to know some information about the vehicle's condition. For instance, if there are any major problems in the transmission or the engine, we would need to know this information.

The other thing is it's important to let us know whether your vehicle has a title or not. We will still buy your car even if it doesn't have a title if you provide us with additional paperwork to prove ownership. But this information is very important at this stage because it goes directly towards our evaluation process. 

  • Receive our instant free quote 

Once we get your vehicle's information, our team evaluates your car compared to the most recent transactions around your area to generate a fair and free offer.

Or a valuation process takes up to 30 seconds only! Yes! We utilized the most advanced technology to go through a massive database of previous transactions like your vehicle around the United States.

Keep in mind that our offer considers whether your car has a title or not. In general, selling a car without the title receives a lower offer than another vehicle with a title. The reason is that we have to take care of all the necessary paperwork to deal with your car.

That's why we recommend that as long as you are the legal owner of the car, you can always ask for a title replacement from your local DMV office, which boosts her chances of receiving a much higher offer and hopefully close or higher than $500. 

  • Get your junk car removed and receive your $500 

Once you are happy with the offer, you can go ahead and accept it. After accepting the offer, we work with you to coordinate a pickup time and location that fits your busy schedule.

At the pickup time, we perform a quick inspection to ensure that your car matches the information we have in our system. If your car does not have a title, at this point, we will ask you to show some additional paperwork to prove ownership, like a photo ID or valid car registration.

Once everything is set up, we will hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot! 

Who buys junk cars near me? 

While there are plenty of available junk car buyers around you, including private buyers or salvage yards, we always advise you to reach out to Cash Cars Buyer as one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation.

By selecting Cash Cars Buyer, you can get your vehicle removed within one to three days. Cash Cars Buyer is a 24-hour car removal company that guarantees to buy your junk car not only within three days but also the same day if that works for you!

Cash Cars Buyer never changes the offer at the pickup time and whatever we promised you at the beginning of a process represents the exact amount of cash you will receive.

We decided to go with cash payments to reduce the hassle in the Car removal process associated with checks bouncing back from your bank account or any other complications.

With decades of experience in car selling, we utilized a very simple car removal process that doesn't take a lot of time and effort. Usually, our process is intuitive and doesn't need any learning process to get your vehicle removed fast and for the most money. You don't have to worry about preparing your car or learning how to create an advertisement.

As we already stated, towing is a big component in selling any junk car. Junk cars do not usually make a lot of money, and if you compare the price of towing service, it can be a big portion of your profit. That's why our company decided to provide free towing for all customers despite their vehicle type for their living address. We want our customers to enjoy the price and use it wisely towards their needs without surprising them with additional hidden fees associated with Towing services. 

How much money do you get if you Junk a car? 

Answering this question depends heavily on your vehicle's type and condition. Usually, most junk vehicles go for somewhere between $100 and $500. However, this range can differ significantly on a case-by-case basis.

One of the things that you might need to think about when it comes to evaluating the price of your junk car is your vehicle's type. For instance, if you're selling a car with a lot of demand for parts and replacements, you might get a very good offer.

Similarly, if your car is in good condition, it is most likely to get a higher offer than another car that was completely damaged to get a flood or a car accident.

The last thing is the price of scrap metal. Since most junk car buyers are interested in the metal part of your vehicle, with the price of scrap metal goes up, there willing to pay you much more than when the price of scrap metal goes down.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to hold on selling your car just because you're hoping for the price of scrap metal to go up. This is because scrap metal price usually goes down, and by the time you're waiting for a change in the scrap metal price, your vehicle's value will drop significantly. 


Selling a junk car can be challenging but asking for more than $500 can be a little more critical. The good news is that Cash Cars Buyer is one of the fewest companies that accept your car despite its type or condition and pays you not only $500 but also up to $15,000!

As we indicated before, our process is very simple. It involves three main steps: providing us with basic information about your car, revealing our instant free offer, getting your vehicle removed, and receiving cash payment immediately on the spot! 

To learn more about our process and our team, you can reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page click on the free instant online offer.

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