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How To Fix A Coolant Leak: Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

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Is your car not running the way it normally does? You might have a coolant leak in your engine. Often these leaks can be caused by many different factors within your car’s engine. It can be difficult to find the root problem of this leak, but you should not drive your car until you fix this leak. If you wait to fix it, you could greatly damage your engine past the point of repair. Replacing an engine is very expensive and many individuals may find that their car isn’t worth the money. As your car starts to age it is important to think about the value of it and determine how much money you want to keep investing in it. 

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First Step Is To Find The Leak


If you think your coolant is leaking, you are probably wondering why it is leaking and where the leak is. These leaks can be difficult to find because in many cases, the coolant can drip down and evaporate once it hits the hot engine. This occurs very fast so you may not be able to see the coolant drip. 


There could also be an internal leak that is leaking directly into the engine. The first step is to determine if this is an internal or external leak. There are a few different ways to investigate whether this leak is internal or external. 


Check For External Leaks


You always want to make sure the engine is cold because you look around the engine and other parts. After you wait for the engine to cool off, check all around and underneath the engine. A flashlight can help guide you to any signs of coolant leaks. Another reason you should check for leaks when the engine is cold is because the coolant won’t evaporate. When the engine is hot, the coolant will evaporate and it could seal the leakage making it very difficult to locate. 


If you are unable to locate a leak with your eye, the best way is to use a tool that pressurized the coolant system. To do this, you let the engine cool off and then pressurize the system with a special tool. Then you let it sit for an hour and check the engine after that. If you can’t find a leak after an hour, you can let it sit for a full 24 hours. 


Once you have waited a full 24 hours check to see if there are any leaks or a drop in pressure. If you still can’t find anything or the pressure does not drop, then there probably is not an external leak. 


Another important thing to remember is that the coolant system goes into the car’s cabin. This means that it could leak from the heater. Check to see if the floor mat in your car is dry. The majority of times you can diagnose a leak from the heater by the smell. The coolant will smell sweet and everything will get sticky. If you still can’t find any type of link, you should move on to search for internal leaks. 


Examine Your Car For Internal Leaks 


Since you couldn’t find any external leaks, you need to investigate the inside of your car for leaks. Most of the time these internal leaks go through the engine and evaporate through the exhaust system. This can be very hard to see because it evaporates so quickly. If this happens, you will notice white smoke. This smoke will come from the exhaust system.


If you don’t notice any type of increase in white smoke and you couldn’t find any external leaks, you will have to look deeper into the engine. Some places you will want to look include cracks in the turbos, cracks in the head or engine block, head gasket leaks, or cracks in the valves. 


One way to check these parts is by removing the spark plugs and the exhaust manifold to look for leaks from any cracks on these parts. While you are investigating these parts, check the engine oil. If the oil is a milky brown color, that means you have coolant in the oil. You should stop driving your car until you get this problem resolved. 


Once coolant is mixed with your engine oil, you have many problems. This could be a very time-consuming problem as well as a costly one. If you don’t know how to fix this problem on your own you should go see a mechanic at a repair shop to help you fix your car. 


Can’t Find Any Internal Or External Leaks?


Sometimes you won’t notice any white smoke because certain engines consume coolant more slowly than others. The fact remains that coolant does not just disappear by itself. If you are losing coolant, there has to be an internal or external leak somewhere in your car even if it is very small. 


Leading Causes Of A Radiator Leak


The most common cause of a radiator leak is corrosion in the radiator. This happens because radiators and hose connections all collect sediment over time and then they start to rust. This rust creates holes throughout the radiator. Another way the radiator could leak is by over-filling it. The pressure of too much coolant could cause the radiator to start leaking. 


If you notice a leak, you should check the level of your radiator and the strength of your coolant. Always make sure you check your radiator when your engine is cool. If you don’t want to check this yourself because you don’t know what to look for, take your car into a mechanic. They are experts so they will know exactly where to look and how to fix any problems with your radiator. 


Remember to always get your system flushed after you have replaced your radiator fluid. You won’t want any mixtures of coolant and oil in your system. It is also a good idea to flush the system so you remove any rust or sediment collecting within the system. This sediment could plug the system and eventually cause leaks. Any type of leak within this system could seriously damage the engine. If coolant leaks into the engine, you need to stop driving your car immediately and get the leak repaired. 


Did you know that a leaking radiator is the leading cause of overheated engines? If you think there is a leak in your engine, you need to find out where the leak is coming from. This leak could be an internal or external leak. You need to search under your car to see if you can notice any external leaks. If you don’t find one, then search under the hood for an internal leak. 


If you can’t find where the leak is coming from, you should go get help from a mechanic. They know what to look for and where to look. They are experienced professionals and they can help you locate this leak. It is important to get this issue resolved so you don’t cause further damage to your engine. 


Different Places Antifreeze Can Leak From


Running low on coolant can be very dangerous to your engine. It is important to frequently check your vehicle for coolant problems to make sure you can stop them as soon as possible. This will help limit damages to your engine. There are many different ways you can fix an antifreeze leak in your car, but you need to understand where the leak is coming from. These leaks can occur from many different places.


At The Reservoir: Antifreeze leaks can occur at the connections between your rubber hoses and the engine. They also can happen in the antifreeze reservoir, thermostat housing, heater core, or the radiator. What happens is the hoses get hard and brittle over time. This makes the clamps loosen up and the antifreeze then leaks out. Sometimes it is easy to find this if you can see your hose has harden. 


At The Radiator: The radiator is the most common source of antifreeze leaks. Many radiators have an aluminum core. The leak can occur throughout any of the joints that connect to the radiator itself. 


At The Head Gasket: If antifreeze starts to leak from the head gasket, it can be difficult to diagnose. A leak from the head gasket can also be the most dangerous. This is because once the leak starts, you will soon have major coolant loss. This coolant could leak into your engine and this could cause serious engine damage. If you damage your engine you will have to pay a lot of money to repair or replace it. 


How To Repair A Leak


Once you have located the leak, then you need to repair it. Your repair service manual will be able to give you instructions on how to replace a damaged engine part or gasket. Make sure you follow all of the instructions when you are repairing parts so you don’t damage anything further. 


The most important part for performing any repairs to a cooling system is the bleeding after you are done. This can be a difficult process because you need to get all of the air bubbles out of the cooling system. If you are struggling to get rid of all of these air bubbles, take your car for a ride. 


Always Test Out Your Repair


Once you have repaired everything, make sure you test drive your car to ensure everything is fixed. It is important to go on a drive around the neighborhood so if something happens, you can call someone for help. When you decide to test drive it, be aware of the coolant temperature and look out for temperature spikes or overheating. It is important to be aware of these things so you stop driving your car immediately if you notice anything abnormal. You don’t want to damage anything by driving it too much.


After you get back from your test drive, look at all of the parts one last time to make sure nothing is leaking. It is always smart to double-check your work so no further problems arise. If you want to extra positive everything is working well, you can put pressure on the coolant system for 24 hours and ensure no leaks occur during that time. If no leaks occur, then you have fixed your coolant leak. 




Fixing a coolant leak can be difficult because they are hard to locate. Often it will take time to determine if it is an internal or external leak. You might start to wonder if it is worth your time and money to fix this leak. You have options to think about whether you fix this leak or not. 


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