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How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Truck? Here’s the Detailed Answer

How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Truck

If you're searching for how much does it cost to lift a truck? The final price depends on your chosen kit. Leveling kits cost between $200 and $1000, while lift kits cost between $400 and $15,000. 

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Many truck owners have an interest in lifting their trucks to provide additional off-road performance, but the biggest challenge about truck lifting cost.

Truck lifting cost depends heavily on your truck type, size, model, and many other factors. Some of these factors might directly affect the total price, while others might have an indirect effect.

This article provides you with all that we need to know to answer the question of “how much it cost to lift the truck?” Let's take a closer look below. 

What does truck lifting mean? 

When a truck becomes lifted, the suspension system of this truck is modified in a certain way to allow using larger tires period these tires are usually 35 inches if not bigger.

While adjusting and modifying the suspension system might sound like a complicated job, many drivers who or into the DIY field perform this modification by themselves. Other drivers or not comfortable enough with performing the truck listing might shop around for certain lifting kits to serve what they're looking for. 

What are the different truck lifting tool kits? 

Before we dive into the details about truck lifting prices, it is crucial for you as a brother to significantly understand how different it impacts the final bill.

Here are some of the common truck lift kits that you might need to consider: 

  • Leveling kits 

Leveling kits are used for both drivers to perform additional listing to their vehicle and for others who would like to perform correction to the current vehicle level.

In some cases, trucks might experience uneven height due to various reasons during the lifetime of this truck. For example, if you put a lot of heavy load on your truck continuously, you can affect the evenness of the suspension system. 

If your truck is within your desired height range or probably within two inches from the desired range, you should be good to go with using only leveling kits to perform the truck leveling or lift.

However, if you are interested in much higher leveling, you need to go with the lift kits instead. 

  • Lift kits 

As we indicated before, lift kits are recommended as good options for those looking to raise their vehicles much higher than five inches, which you cannot achieve with only leveling kits. Some kids allow you to raise your vehicle to six inches higher, if not more, depending on your needs. 

What's the difference between suspension and body lifts? 

Another thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for truck lifting is differentiating between suspension and body lift.

Body lift basically means that you're looking to raise your truck's suspension system without affecting the basic structure of this truck. On the other hand, a suspension lift indicates that you will raise your vehicle's height and affect the car's basic structure to accommodate the height increase.

Based on automotive experts, a suspension lift is much more expensive than a body lift, which makes many sense because it involves additional work and requires a certain level of mechanical skill sets to be performed successfully. 

How much does it cost to lift a truck?  

When it comes to pricing truck lifting, the price differs significantly depending on your choice of the kits we mentioned before.

For example, if you decided to go with only leveling kits, the price can range from somewhere between $200 and $1000 only, which is considered a lower price for truck lifting.

On the other hand, if you decided to go with lift kits, the price can also have a wide range depending on your targeting. For example, if you would like to raise your truck to only two or five inches, the price might range from somewhere between $400 and $12,000.

If you decided to go to the higher end of lift kits and raise your truck by 6 inches and more, the price range can differ and range from $10,000 to $15,000. 

Why are lifted trucks popular?

There are many reasons attracting drivers to lift their trucks. Some drivers want their trucks to look like the monster trucks we see on TV. 

In addition to the cool appearance, you allow your vehicle to be more present to other cars by lifting your truck. This way, you reduce the chances of getting involved in car accidents.

Also, by driving a much higher car on the ground, you'll have better visibility to what's coming down the road and what's around you as you're driving your vehicle. 

The other thing you might get when lifting your truck is additional load resistance capacity here. For example, if you plan to tell a larger heavy load, your car will have much more room than a regular truck. As a result, it will stand more of the bottom weights. 

Leslie, when driving a lifted truck in cold environments, you get the benefit of not worrying about all the difficult winter period; for example, if you're in areas, the winter should be a piece of cake for you because you don't have to worry about slippery roads or very high snow depths. The other thing is that you don't have to worry about waiting to clean up your driveway so you can get your car out of the parking lot because the vehicle doesn't have any problem running through the snow just fine. 

Can anyone benefit from lifting his truck? 

While truck lifting will provide you with this cool appearance of clear grounds, you won't get as many benefits as you are expecting if you are one of those people driving on city roads or highways.

Truck lifting is mostly recommended for people who would like more off-road trips or those who drive on certain terrains with many obstacles and don't want to damage their vehicles.

As you know by now, by lifting your truck, you install larger, tougher tires, which can provide more ground contact. Therefore, this additional benefit of larger tires can help you drive on rough terrains with many obstacles. Still, if you're driving on city roads, you'll be surprised that lifting your truck might even make it harder for you to drive on these roads. 

How much does it cost to lift a truck? FAQs 

In the section, we will cover some basic questions related to truck lifting to help you evaluate whether truck lifting is best for you or not:

  • What is the cheapest way to lift the truck? 

If you think that lifting your truck is expensive and you cannot afford it, you still have a couple of options that help you get the appearance of a lifted truck without breaking a budget

  • Try adding an aftermarket torsion key to provide you with additional 1.5 inches, which can make a big difference 
  • Why don't you try leveling kits instead of lifting kits? If you're not looking for a lot of lifting and you're OK with a couple of inches, leveling kits can do the job, and there are usually much cheaper than lifting kits 
  • Provide your truck with additional height by truck body lift, which is also much cheaper than performing a full suspension lift to a truck
  • You can also try combining both the leveling kits and the body lifts using what's known as the premium lift system, which also provides you with a good vehicle high-rise without breaking your budget 
  • Should I get a four- or six-inch lift? 

It depends on your final goal and your budget period. A four-inch lift should be high enough to provide you with the appearance of a lifted truck. It does not affect your vehicle's maneuverability and costs a high price like a 6-inch lift.

On the other hand, going with a 6-inch lift, you will achieve a significantly higher vehicle that provides you with additional visibility. Keep in mind that a 6-inch lift requires certain mechanical skill sets and is considered much more complicated than a four-inch lift. That being said, expect to pay additional thousands of dollars to get to the six-inch lift.  

  • Do I need new shocks with a 3-inch lift? 

Lifting your truck higher than three inches requires installing new shock absorbers because they make up the difference between the bottom and top mountain points. 

New shocks are usually included as part of most lifting kits. However, it is your responsibility before making your final decision about purchasing a certain brand to take a closer look and make sure that the new shocks are included or not. You can also refer to your mechanic and check with him about what are new shocks are needed and what are there included in the kit that he is going to be using or not. 

  • Does a 2-inch lift make a difference? 

According to experts, raising the height of your truck by two additional inches is worth it because it provides and allows you to it won't be just one truck lifting without impacting your vehicle's drivability and control.

  • Does lifting the truck increase value? 

In most cases, your vehicle's value won't have anything to do with chalk listing. It's the other way around. Not everyone is interested in purchasing a lifted truck, which means that by lifting your truck, you're at reducing the pool of potential buyers in the future.

That's why we recommend that before you decide to lift your truck, you consider what you are planning to sell this truck anytime soon or not. 

One thing to help you make an informed decision is considering how long you owned this truck. On average, most Americans tend to keep their vehicles for about ten years. If you have your truck for more than ten years, it might not be worth investing any upgrades to this vehicle unless you're happy with keeping it for adding more years, and you're not too worried about finding a buyer right after. 

  • Can a 2-wheel drive truck be lifted?

You don't have to worry about whether you have a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive truck when it comes to truck lifting. According to experts, lifting a two-wheel-drive truck is much easier than lifting a four-wheel-drive one period. You don't have to worry about gas mileage or any complications when lifting a two-wheel-drive truck versus when lifting a four-wheel-drive truck. 


Whether you're lifting a truck for better rides or off-road enthusiasm, the price can be a big obstacle to many drivers and enthusiasts. 

The final price of truck lifting ranges from $200 two $15,000 depending on the leveling or list kits of choice.

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