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What are the Best Shocks for Lifted Trucks?

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You are in the market for a new vehicle and you are wondering if you should get a truck, an SUV, or a Jeep. You need a truck or an SUV for hauling things and for taking your family from place to place, but you also love the outdoors so you want to find an automobile that is good for off-roading. A lifted truck may be the perfect option for you. If you decide to lift your truck, the shock absorbers you choose will be very important.

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 What is a lifted truck?


A lifted truck is one that has been altered so that it’s body is roughly 1 to 3 inches off of the ground, allowing better leeway for the tires. This will allow the car to perform better when you go off-roading. In order to make this alteration, you will need to have a lift kit installed in the truck. 


Why install a lift kit?

Your off-road driving will improve greatly once you install a lift kit. You will be able to travel up and down steeper angles without fear of harming the bumper if your truck has a higher ground clearance. You may also notice that the lifts raise the truck's center of gravity. Lifts will improve the balance of the truck overall. It also gives you the option to install larger tires, which perform better on off-road terrain.


The Difference Between Body lifts and Suspension Lifts

There are two kinds of lift kits you can get; lift or suspension. The most popular option is the suspension. Although it is more expensive than a lift, it provides larger ground clearance than a body lift. If you have exceptionally large tires, it is the only way to get enough height. 

How it Works

A body lift kit is the easiest one to install. There are spacers located under the cab to boost the height of the body. That means the bumper is a bit higher off the ground but the suspension height is the same. The suspension lift kit alters the makeup of the suspension, so it sits higher off the ground; this will give you more ground clearance.


Using The Kits Together

You can install both kinds of lifts on your truck. Most body lift kits will work well with suspension lift kits. If you want as much ground clearance as you can get, installing both a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit is a good idea. 

Lifting your truck can aesthetically enhance your ride. Before you begin such modification, you are going to need to pick out new shocks for your lifted truck. 

Why Your Truck Needs Shocks

Because a lifted truck, rides higher than the original suspension was intended to ride. You will need more space if your truck rolls over an obstacle. You will need a post-lift shock absorber. They are longer than standard shock absorbers and that will work better with the new height of your truck. 

Generally speaking, you will need new lifts on your truck if the suspension has grown over three inches in height. Shock absorbers work in a similar fashion to stock units. However, they are longer and can handle more weight.

If you do not get new shocks for a lifted truck, you will notice your ride is bumpy and uncomfortable if you go over anything but a smooth road. Adding specialized shocks may prevent the suspension from sustaining undue wear.

You should know that different types of trucks are comparable with different types of post-lift shock absorbers. Here are some suggestions for getting a post-lift shock absorber that fits your vehicle and your budget. 


What Should Affect Your Selection of Shocks 

Like most parts of an automobile, shock absorbers are designed especially for your car. They are manufactured in accordance with the weight and vehicle of the truck. The shock absorbers you install after you lift your truck are no exception. They make a specific post-lift shock for the make, model, and year of your vehicle. A post-lift shock set will list which models of vehicles they work with.  Before you buy them make sure to check the manufacture’s listing.

The Type and Hight of the Lift

Post-lift shocks are usually categorized based upon length or compatibility with the height of the trucks lift. Hence, you should be sure that your shock set is long enough to cover the height from your truck’s suspension to the new height of the ride.

Also, be sure to check if your chosen shock set is designed to replace body or suspension shocks. This can make a difference regarding how those new shocks perform, so it is crucial that you only choose post-lift shocks that are appropriate to the type of lift you performed or plan to perform.

Consider Driving Conditions

All shock absorbers can bear hundreds of pounds of pressure. However, there are shocks that are designed to handle specific driving conditions. A person who drives off-road should purchase shocks that are specifically designed for a lifted truck. If you travel primarily on paved roads you should get shocks that are designed for the highway. If you do a lot of towing, you should obtain shocks specifically designed for towing. 

The Placement of the Shocks

In some cases, only specific shocks need to be replaced after a lift. You should buy front or rear-end shock sets. Some shock absorber kits will include both kinds.  If you do the work yourself, it is important not to get the absorbers mixed up with one another.

Get the Most Durable Absorbers Possible. 

You should get the most durable shock absorbers that are available to you. Most mechanics will tell you the best absorbers are made in the United States. Shock absorbers cannot be tested beforehand, so it is important to research your absorbers. Remember to Google your absorbers before you buy them,

The Installation Process

If you are going to install the absorbers yourself, buy a kit that does not require professional knowledge or tools to install them correctly.  It is important to read reviews of the absorber.  

The Critics Favorite Absorbers

The best post lift shocks for your truck will be based mostly on the kind of truck you have and the height of the lift. However, there are some types of shocks that critics constantly recommend. A few brands come up as outstanding again and again.



Rancho is considered to be an excellent brand by the automotive industry. They are sturdily built and they come with lifetime warranties. 



Critics love these well-made absorbers and the 5100 series shows up on many lists. Their monotube design is said to offer superior tube strength and maximize heat dissipation and long shock life. 


Teraflex is considered to be the best brand of shocks for Jeep Wranglers. They have a direct fit and their piggyback design allows for more fluid capacity. They also lessen heat buildup and provide the perfect clearance for large tires. The fuel passage improves oil flow which is great for the overall life of your car.


If you want to lift your truck it will cost about $400 to $4,000 if you install the kit yourself. If you hire a professional, the cost could range from $800 to $8,000. Replacing shock absorbers can cost anywhere from $40 to $400 depending on your make and model of truck. 


If you are a car wiz, you can do the work yourself. If you want to have the alterations done by a professional, you will have a couple of different choices.


Take Your Car to The Dealership

Dealerships may charge you more than autobody shops, but they are an option worth considering if you are having a car lifted and getting new shocks. A dealership mechanic will be specifically trained in the make and model of your car.


Shock absorbers are very specific to any automobile and it is unlikely that an auto body shop will have an unlimited number of absorbers on hand. The dealership is likely to have the shock absorbers you need on hand. You will get your car back faster and that will mean fewer Uber rides or car rental days.


A dealership will charge by the job and not by the hour, which can help as shock replacement can be intrinsic work.


Take Your Car to an Auto Body Shop

Auto body shops are the most popular place to take a car for repair. They are less expensive than dealership mechanics and you will get to talk to the mechanic directly. They are chain shops that offer deals for loyal customers.


If you get your shocks replaced at such a shop, remember to ask the mechanic if they are certified in your make and model of vehicle. Ask how long it will take to get the parts and do the work and always get an estimate in writing. The American Automotive Association maintains a list of recommended auto mechanics that you can use to find one in your area.


If you are getting a new truck, you may have forgotten something in all of your excitement and that is what to do with the old one. You will have several options for selling your old truck if you decide to get rid of it.


Use it as a Trade-In

When you go to the dealership to buy your new truck, the salesperson is likely to offer you a trade-in allowance on your old car. They will probably not offer you what your car is really worth. They will rely on your wanting to get rid of the vehicle in a hurry.


Be sure to check the vehicle’s Blue Book Value before going into the dealership. If you tell them you know the car’s value, they may say they will give you that amount of money for a trade-in. If they do this, read your final offer carefully. They may have tacked the cost of the trade-in back onto the final price of the vehicle.

Sell Your Car Online

You will find no shortage of places to sell your car on the internet. Many websites will charge you a monthly fee to list your truck on their site. You will have many competitors if you list your trucks this way. Furthermore, there have been so many exposes about scams on these sites, that educated buyers do not want to risk using them to purchase cars. It may take months to get an interested buyer and when you do, you will have to take time out of your day to show the truck to them.


You may have to show your car many times before selling it. Many people who use these sites are mechanics who are only looking for parts. You may end up stuck with a parted out car on your property that you will have to pay to have towed.


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