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If you’ve finally decided it's time to sell the junk car that's been gathering rust on your property in Wake Forest, you may have stumbled on a few speed bumps along the way. It's hard to decide what the best place to sell your junk car might be. The fact is there are nearly endless options these days for selling junk cars and figuring out what to do is a daunting task.

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You can Google junk car dealers in the area, but you'll get millions of results that show up when you do. Even in just the first few pages you're going to notice that most of them seem to be identical to one another. That raises some red flags. It makes you wonder how much you could trust those businesses.


A Craigslist ad is a quick and easy way to try to sell something. It's free, it's really popular, and it won't take a ton of time out of your day. The problem is the time that you have to wait afterwards. A Craigslist ad, especially one for something like a junk car, is probably going to sit for a few weeks before you get a reply, maybe even months. When someone does get back to you there's a good chance they're going to try to haggle over the price.


Local scrap yards are always an option, but you do have to schedule a time to go meet with someone and that's going to cut it to your workday or your weekend. If they do want to buy your junk car, there's a good chance that you'll have to pay to tow your car to them as well which is going to cut into any profit you make.


Cash Cars Buyer can offer you a level of service that none of these other businesses can. Not only will you get a great cash offer  when you deal with us, it will also be quick and easy so you can get back to all the things you love to do in Wake Forest.


Enjoying Your Life in Wake Forest, NC


Think about what you like to do with your time in Wake Forest. There's a lot going on in town, and a lot of ways for you to spend your time. Of course, during the work week you’re probably really busy over at some place like IBM or Cisco Systems making your paycheck and taking care of responsibilities. But what about the time after that? Your time off should be spent doing things you like to do, not trying to find a way to sell a junk car.


When you have the time, you should be able to go enjoy some shrimp and grits at Shuckers Oyster Bar & Grill or even grab the pancakes at Leli's Diner. On a Saturday afternoon you should be free to walk around Horseshoe Farms Nature Preserve, or even bowl a few rounds at Brooks Street Bowl. Whatever it is you're doing with your spare time; you don't want to be driving up to scrap yards or sitting at home scrolling through page after page of Google results for junk car buyers.


This is why Cash Cars Buyer operates the way that we do. Our online tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can use it whenever you have the time. You don't need to worry about shifting your schedule around her missing out on fun things. And when you do use it, you're also going to get the best cash offer in the business.


Our Great Cash Offer


Most junk car dealers out there have a standard offer that they make for every car no matter what. It's around $200 to $400, and will just toss it out regardless of what kind of car you have or the condition it might be in. Cash Cars Buyer tries to be much more thorough when making a deal.


  • The first thing that we look into, it's something that you can look into before even getting in touch with us, is the value of scrap. This website will tell you what scrap is worth right now, and you can use that information to calculate what your car is worth at a bare minimum.


  • Our online tool is going to ask you to fill out information on the make, model, and year of your vehicle as we start making a deal. This is the basic information that any dealer in cars is going to ask you about it because it's the easiest way to get a ballpark idea on the value of a car.


  • The trim level of your vehicle is something that we are going to want to know about as well. High trim level cars are always worth more than their lower trim level counterparts regardless of what model it is. Even when you're selling your car as a junker, a high trim level means it has more valuable features and options that can translate into a better offer for you.


  • Vehicle condition is another important factor to consider. Obviously, a car that is in good running order is going to be worth more than one that has been banged up badly in an accident or has a blown transmission, for instance.


  • Rare vehicles are often worth more than their more common counterparts just because the parts are in higher demand. Since it's so hard to find the parts when we are vehicles, owners of the same model are willing to pay your premium for them.


  • Popular model vehicles may also have some hidden value in them. If enough people have the same car as you and are looking to find parts for it, then you may get a better offer for your vehicle.


Clearly, Cash Cars Buyer puts a lot of effort into making you the perfect offer for your junk car. What is he ready to go ahead with our offer, the next step usually involves dealing with the car's title.

 Missing Car Title? We Can Help!


The car's title is an important document to have if you want to sell your car.  It legally proves you own a vehicle, and it has to exchange hands when you sell the car so that the new owner can prove that they own it. The problem is it's just a piece of paper, and that means it's subject to being destroyed by accident or even lost in the house somewhere. So, what happens if you don't have your title anymore?


For most people, the only option is to head to the Wake Forest DMV. There are some forms that you can fill out to request a replacement car title. Within a few weeks it will show up in the mail and everything will be as good as new again.


If you don't want to wait a few weeks, then Cash Cars Buyer has another option for you. When you sell us your junk car, in many cases you don't even need to have the title. So long as you have a valid vehicle registration on your driver's license, we should still be able to make a deal. It's just one of the many ways that Cash Cars Buyer stands out from the crowd.


The Cash Cars Buyer Difference 


We go out of our way to offer you better service than any of our competitors well. Check out all the ways the Cash Cars Buyer stands out from the crowd to offer you the best service in the industry.


  1. Because we value being open and honest with all of our customers, we want you to find out which graph is worth before you get in touch with us. When you know the value of scrap, and can calculate the value of your vehicle, you'll see that when we make you an offer it's more than fair.


  1. Dealing with Cash Cars Buyer is good not just for your wallet, but for your property as well. There's a real environmental benefit to selling your car to us because we can safely dispose of things like old motor oil in transmission fluid that would otherwise pollute the ground. Plus, we’re able to recycle well over 50% of your vehicle after we make a deal.


  1. Our online tool is available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a very good reason. We don't ever want you to have to shift your schedule around or miss out on anything important to make a deal with us. Whenever you have some free time that's where you can start the process of selling your junk car.


  1. When you do use our online tool you're going to get cash in hand in just 24 hours. You never need to wait for an online payment to process or a check to clear when you deal with us.


  1. We have over 10 years of experience in this industry, which is why we've got such a long list of satisfied customers who can speak to just how great a customer service really is.


  1. We're local to the Wake Forest, North Carolina area. That's important because when we make a deal for your junk car, even if it's no longer drivable, we can come to your house and tow it away for you free of charge if that's what you'd like.


As you can see, Cash Cars Buyer goes out of their way to give you the best deal in the business. To start the process now, head to our main page and click on the get instant offer button to start the process.

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