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Selling your Junk Car in Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Selling your Junk Car in Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Are you looking to sell your junk car in Cottage Grove, Minnesota? It seems like it should be an easy job but once you start looking into it, it can become quite stressful. There are just so many options to choose from that it can be very hard to know where to begin.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Years ago, if you wanted to sell a junk car then you had to look up scrap yards in the Yellow Pages. You can call and schedule a time to go meet with somebody either on the weekend or during your workday. If they want your car, you have to pay to tow it to them. Unfortunately, that's still pretty much how it works.


Craigslist offers a fast way to list a car in a classified ad. The problem with that is it could sit for days or even weeks before you get a reply. There's also no guarantee that if someone does show interest they're going to follow through on the deal, and they may also try to offer you far less money.


When you Google who buys junk cars near me, you'll get millions of results showing up. Page after page and they all looked almost identical to each other. There's no way you can search through them all, and some of them do look a little suspicious.


Lucky for you, is the best in the business. We can make you a great cash offer, pay you within just 24 hours, and keep the whole deal quick and easy. That way you can get back to doing what it is you love in Cottage Grove.


Enjoying Your Time in Cottage Grove


What is it you like most about your life in Cottage Grove, MN? There's definitely a lot to love about the town. It's nowhere near as big as Minneapolis, but it's not so small that there's nothing going on either. You can strike a great balance between work and Leisure here.


We never want to monopolize your free time at Cash Cars Buyer. We know that you work hard during the week whether it's at Aline Health or at the Walmart or wherever else you might be putting your hours during the week. You work hard for your money, and your free time is the other reward you get for all that time you put in.


Other junk car buyers will require you to go visit them at a scrap yard, or sort through all those results to try to find the best one. That's not the way we work. When you deal with us you get fast service so that you can head out and grab a pizza from Cassini’s or maybe even go to Hyvee Market Grill and try some cheesecake.  


Look at it this way, when Saturday rolls around would you rather walk the dog through Hamlet Park or maybe play a round at Mississippi Dunes or would you rather be trying to write the perfect Craigslist ad and then take a bunch of pictures of your junk car to see if anyone is interested in buying? The choice seems pretty clear to us.


When you choose Cash Cars Buyer, you get fast service with our online tool that you can use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever it's convenient for you. You'll also get a great cash offer that's far better than what the competition will give you.


Our Instant Cash Offer 


We make a deal with Cash Cars Buyer we will offer you up to $500 cash and in many cases even more for your junk car. The competition is going to offer you only $200 to $400. So how do we come up with that around her? Take a look.


  • We think the most important thing for you to know before you decide to sell us, or anyone else for that matter, your junk car is the price of scrap. You can go to a website like this one and find out what scrap is worth right now. Just like gold and copper, it has a value that fluctuates. When you know what scrap is worth today, you know what your car is worth in a bare minimum.


  • Just like when you're interested in cars from Edmunds.com or Kelley Blue Book, we are also going to ask you about the make, model, and year of your vehicle. This is the easiest way to guess a basic idea for what your vehicle is worth.


  • The trim level of your car is another important part of what it's worth overall. For some models, the highest trim level can cost $10,000 more than the lowest trim level. Maybe even more. Even when you sell it as a junker, a high trim level will be worth more money.


  • Your vehicle's condition is also important for determining the offer. If your car still looks good and runs well, it will be worth more. If it's been in a bad accident or maybe the transmission is blown then you won't get such a good offer for it.


  • Rare vehicles are often worth more than common vehicles. If a vehicle is rare enough yet still in high demand, other people who own the same model will be willing to pay a premium for the parts.


  • Even if your vehicle isn't that rare, if it's a popular model all the parts could still be in high demand. That could translate into more money for you.


Now that you know how we go about making you an offer, you may be wondering about how your vehicle’s title factors in.

Missing Car Title? No Problem!


So, what happens if a pipe burst in the basement and flooded all your important files, destroying your car's title? Or maybe one day your toddler got a hold of it and tried to draw a picture on it? No matter what happened, if your car title got destroyed or went missing, that could be a problem.


Your car’s title is the legal document that proves you own that car. If you don't have it, you usually can't sell your car because you can't prove it with yours in the first place. That means you have to get a new car title


You can head down to the Cottage Grove DMV and fill out some paperwork if you want a new car title. Within a couple of weeks your replacement will show up in the mail and everything will be as good as new again.


If you don't want to wait a few weeks for a car title for a car that you're just going to sell as a junker anyway, there is another option. In many cases Cash Cars Buyer can go ahead with a sale even when no title is present. As long as you have your driver's license and a valid vehicle registration, we should still be able to make a deal. That's just one of the many ways Cash Cars Buyer out from the competition


Selling your Junk Car in Cottage Grove, Minnesota


We honestly believe that we offer you the best service in the business. If you're not sure yet, just see for yourself what makes us the best choice.


  1. We've been in this business for 10 years. In that time, we've developed exceptional customer service skills to provide you with the best experience you're going to have.  We’ve got a long list of satisfied customers to testify to that fact. 


  1. Because we always try to be open and honest about how our business works, we invite you to find out the value of scrap before you get in touch with us. When you know what your vehicle is worth, then you'll know that when we make you an offer it's going to be more than fair.


  1. Our online tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever it's convenient for you. You never need to juggle your schedule around to meet with us and will never interfere with your spare time as you try to get rid of your junk car.


  1. We are local to the Cottage Grove, Minnesota area. That means when you make a deal with us, even if your junk car doesn't drive anymore it's not a problem. We can come to your home and tow it away free of charge if you'd like.


  1. When you use our online tool we’ll give you an instant cash offer for up to $500. In many cases we can even offer more. That's money in hand and just 24 hours. You never need to wait for a check to clear, and you won't have to wait for it online payment to process either.


  1. Dealing with us is not just good for your wallet, it's going to be doing a good thing for the environment as well. If you let your junk car sit too long it could start leaking things like motor oil or transmission fluid into the ground. Those are pretty dangerous substances and you can't dispose of them in the garbage or just by flushing them down the drain either. We were able to safely dispose of them and recycle well over 50% of your vehicle as well.


 As you can see, Cash Cars Buyer offers a higher level of service than you're going to find from any of our competitors. Head to our main page and click on get instant offer to start the process of selling your junk car.