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Cash For Cars Mansfield, OH

Located between midway between Columbus and Cleveland with Interstate 71 as the vessel, lies the city of Mansfield, Ohio. Bearing the nickname “The Fun Center of Ohio”, Mansfield is home to Malabar Farm State Park, Ohio Bird Sanctuary and more. So, for that junk car that just won’t fly away, there’s Cash Cars Buyer. We make junking a car quick, fast and easy. You can obtain an instant offer on your old rusted ride here, and be well on your way, to receiving the cash you need, want and deserve! 

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Selling a car in Ohio – Sell A Car Privately? 

Thinking of selling you old ride in Ohio on your own? Not only do you have to gather your car title, but there are additional items you need for a successful sale of your vehicle.  State law dictates that all vehicles have a title that displays the current owner. For ownership that changes “…whether through selling, donating, gifting, inheriting or buying, the title must be changed to reflect the new owner,” according to our “How to Sell A Car in Ohio – Understanding the Rules” article. Our post additionally states: “Interested in selling your car in Ohio privately? It is important to note that it is the buyer’s responsibility to handle the title transfer. You as the seller must ensure that it’s possible to do so. Therefore, as an Ohio car seller, you must:


  • Fill out the back of the title completely and accurately.
  • Get the car title notarized.
  • Make sure the new vehicle buyer signs on the odometer reading.
  • Take off the vehicle’s license plates.
  • Don’t forget to give the buyer a lien release.


Many times, private Ohio car sellers forget to get the vehicle title notarized. Please be sure to do so! You can check with your local bank as well as several other area businesses that offer notarial services. You should be prepared a fee and have a valid and current picture ID with you, for the notarial procedure.” Click here for additional information you need. 


Who Buys Cars Without a Title in Mansfield, OH? 

Maybe you have let that junk car sit in your garage, because you couldn’t find the title. Or perhaps you have decided not to get rid of that car, because the title is damaged. Cash Cars Buyer purchases cars with no title and we just may buy yours. In most cases, you not having the title is not an issue. We DO as that you have your picture ID as well as your car registration once you’re ready to sell your car. You can even get an instant offer on your vehicle, by clicking here

Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling a Car Privately 

When you decide to sell your car on your own, there are certain pitfalls you want to bypass. Some of the most common ones include: 

Not knowing what your car is worth 

When you begin the process of selling your car, you want to make sure that you know the worth of your car. You can check Edmunds as well as Kelley Blue Book to get an approximate value for your vehicle. 

Failure to know the current price of scrap metal 

As a car seller who has a junk car, you want to know the current price of scrap metal. You can click here to obtain this information. This will help you from getting scammed at junkyards, that may bank on you not knowing the current price of scrap. 

Keeping attachment to the car 

We love our cars and treat them like members of our family. But this attachment can keep you from making a sale. And you then keep the car longer than you expected. Let go of the emotional attachment to the car, as it can affect how you price as well as sell it. 

Not getting all of your paperwork together 

When you sell a car on your own, you have to do the work of gathering all of the required documentation. If you fail to gather the correct papers, you can delay the sale, and consequently face issues and violations from the state of Ohio. 

Or you can junk a car with Cash Cars Buyer! 

You already know that we buy cars with no title. So, allow us to handle the complete sale of your older or junk car! We have buying a junk car, down to a science. In addition to taking care of all paperwork, we handle all of it FOR FREE! You never have to pay for anything! Just relax and let the best junk car buyers in the business- handle the sale of your totaled, broken-down or dented vehicle, now! Click here and get your FREE online quote! 

We Are People Who Buy Junk Cars and Offer Personalized Service! 

One of the aspects of Cash Cars Buyer that our valued customers love so much, is our ability to “bring our junk car buying office” to your front door! You never have to come to us- you nor your car! Just get your offer, call us, accept your offer, and sit back and let us come to you! Whether you live in zip code 44901, 44902, 44903, 44904, 44905, 44906 or 44907, we can arrive to your Mansfield, OH location, ready to do business! And when it’s all said and done, you’ll have money in your hands, FAST! Our team of junk car buyers are: 

  • Experienced 
  • Fair and detailed 
  • Dedicated to getting the job done 
  • Honest, truthful and straightforward 
  • Knowledgeable about the junk car buying business and more! 

Click here to obtain your instant offer in a matter of minutes! 

Sell Damaged Car for Cash FAST 

When you sell your old, totaled and broken-down junk car to us, we make getting your junk car sold a simple, stress-free and hassle-free process. Typically, junk car agent will run through the entire process as we work to get you the best deal. Our process involves little documentation while ensuring that you have your car sold within the quickest timeframe possible.


We buy cars with fame damage, flood and water damage and more. All of these broken cars are worthy of a FREE online instant offer that allows you to see what your car is worth, in a matter of minutes! 


Places That Buy Junk Cars – We Are the Reputable Choice! 

When it comes to getting fair market value for your car, the choice is simple- Cash Cars Buyer! Additionally:

  • We are experts in purchasing and evaluating damaged cars.
  • You’ll never have to haggle for cash offers.
  • Our price is one we stand by and is guaranteed.
  • We offer fair market value for all makes and models- according to the condition, location, age and model of your car. 
  • You can get an instant offer on your vehicle!  
  • Once you accept your offer, you the seller are paid right at the time of the pick-up.
  • We also offer FREE towing services at the location of the customer.
  • The turnaround time for picking up your car is between 24-72 hours.
  • When you receive an offer, there is no pressure from us, to sell your car.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured- and backed by a stellar reputation and rating.
  • There are no fees you have to pay to us- to sell your car. 
  • Forget waiting for a buyer. Think of us as the junk car company, with the “buyer built right in”. 

How Can I Get Cash for My Broken Vehicle and Save The Peace? 

We offer a complete junk car selling experience that you can feel confident being part of. Forget the hassle, stress and just sell your car to us! While you’ll find several businesses that offer to recycle your car, not many of them will offer you the cash right away.  So, in a situation such as this one, the best option for you, is to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer!  

Save the peace from that old piece! 

Whether you have a rusted van, a dented hatchback or some other kind of vehicle, it is affecting your health and wellbeing as it sits there-day after day. In fact, an article posted to the claritychi.com website, the article states: “Clutter can cause stress or lead to increased stress. This stress has the power to cause physical and mental illness. Stress can clutter the mind and make it hard to focus and concentrate. Being disorganized and dirty can also cause illness by an accumulation of filth and germs. Being sick can make it hard to think and can make it very hard to be productive.” The piece also adds: “Having a disorganized and cluttered home can make it unpleasant to be at one’s home. This is unhealthy as one’s home should be treated as a safe place where one can relax and enjoy themselves.” 

So, when you junk your car you: 

  • Bring about peace of mind to your home, and mental state. 
  • Open up that space, that housed that junk car. 
  • Fee motivated to accomplish more tasks and get more things done. 
  • Will get paid money once you sell your car to us- and we pay right on the spot! 
  • Can view your old junk car being hauled away and the tranquility return to your property! 

Mansfield, OH! You have a fast, efficient and convenient way to get rid of that old rusted, totaled and damaged car! Obtain your FREE online quote here and sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! We make junking a car a joyous and profitable experience!

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