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How to Sell A Car in Ohio – Understanding the Rules

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Are you seeking information on how to sell a car in Ohio? Are you unsure of what forms need to be filled out? If you’ve been searching for how to sell a car in Ohio privately, we can help! Our complete guide will assist you in organizing all paperwork and details for a successful sale of your Ohio car!

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Selling a car in Ohio can be confusing and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! We will break down what needs to be completed and filled out for you as the seller as well as for your buyer! So, for your question of how to sell a car in Ohio, we have answers!

And for those “hard to answer questions” about your title or how to sell a car privately here in “The Buckeye State”, visit the Ohio BMV!

Understanding the Basics

The state of Ohio requires that all vehicles have a title that displays the current owner. If that ownership changes, whether through selling, donating, gifting, inheriting or buying, the title must be changed to reflect the new owner.

Additionally, this means that the previous owner’s name must be removed. While Ohio requires some additional and specific steps, it is best to ask questions to your local car title authorities and car selling professionals, should you have questions or unique circumstances.

How to Sell a Car in Ohio Privately- Important Paperwork Needed

Interested in selling your car in Ohio privately? It is important to note that it is the buyer’s responsibility to handle the title transfer. You as the seller must ensure that it’s possible to do so. Therefore, as an Ohio car seller, you must:

  • Fill out the back of the title completely and accurately.
  • Get the car title notarized.
  • Make sure the new vehicle buyer signs on the odometer reading.
  • Take off the vehicle’s license plates.
  • Don’t forget to give the buyer a lien release.

Many times, private Ohio car sellers forget to get the vehicle title notarized. Please be sure to do so! You can check with your local bank as well as several other area businesses that offer notarial services. You should be prepared a fee and have a valid and current picture ID with you, for the notarial procedure.

What are the Required Documents for Selling a car in Ohio?

What are the Required Documents for Selling a car in Ohio?

When you are selling your car in Ohio, there are some important papers that need to be completed and signed.

  1. Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form BMV 3724)- This document must be accurately as well as completely fill out and signed by you as well as the buyer of your vehicle. Once done, this fully completed and signed by you as well as the buyer. This verifies that the both you and your buyer have agreed on the vehicle's mileage prior to finalizing the sale of the vehicle.
  2. Release of ownership– This document must be completed by signing the relevant section on the vehicle certificate of title. Before signing, you just contact a notary agent. A notary must be present for the signing of this document. Additionally, anyone whose name is listed on the title certificate must also sign off on the release of ownership.

Are There Any Required Inspections of Vehicles for Selling My Car in Ohio?

If your car is registered in the counties of Summit, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina or Portage, and the vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 lbs. or lighter and the vehicle is 25 years old or younger, the vehicle must go through emissions testing.

This emissions testing can be completed through the state's “E-Check” program. Cars with even-numbered model years are required to be tested during an even-numbered year. The same is true for cars with odd-numbered model years. Click here for additional details about inspection and a smog certificate.

How To Sell A Car in Ohio With No Car Title

How To Sell A Car in Ohio With No Car Title

If you are missing the vehicle title for the vehicle you desire to sell, you can get replacement by applying for a duplicate title in the county in which the original vehicle was issued. There is a fee for a duplicate vehicle title.

If you find the original car title after applying for a duplicate car title here in Ohio, you must then take that original vehicle title to the appropriate title office; it is no longer valid and has to now be voided.

Items to Bring to the Ohio Vehicle Title Office

  1. Original title which must be assigned to the buyer.
  2. All payments for fees and processing.
  3. The sales tax on the purchase price. Click here to view current rates.
  4. For an out-of-state title and an out-of-state vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection, you must have inspections at an Ohio deputy registrar license agency. Click here for additional information as well as current fees.
  5. Valid, current and official identification. If your ID cards and documentation are not current and authentic, you will be turned away.

How to Sell a car in Ohio Online

The lure of selling online is an attractive one and can entice car sellers. From Ohio Craigslist, to Facebook, there are lots of used car ads.

So, to sell your car successfully online, the first component of your ad must be clear, sharp and detailed pictures.

A good number to have, is at least ten. You must have pics of the interior as well as the exterior of your car.

You may also consider taking a few photos of the hood as well as under the hood. This way, buyers can see the condition of the most important assets of car.

Additionally, your online ad must contain a detailed description of your car’s condition. For example, you should disclose the mileage of your car, any dents and any damage on the vehicle.

Are there any new components on the car such as side mirrors? Let the potential buyer know such. Does the car have new car mats and a new radio? You should let the buyer know that too!

Your job as a car seller in Ohio is to make your car the most attractive car online.

Finally, you must include some contact information. A working email and phone number must be included in your ad, so potential buyers can call and contact you to purchase your car.

Because there are so many car ads online, you must have patience to wait on a serious buyer. If you desire cash, you must say so.  If you will accept checks, you must safety guards in place, in the event that the funds are not available for the check written.

Selling a car can be done, but it requires work, detail and patience.

How To Sell A Car in Ohio Privately On Your Property

If online car selling isn’t what you feel you should do, you may opt to sell your car privately on your property.

You should first purchase some “for sale” signs that can be seen from a distance. This will let buyers know that you have a car for sale.

Secondly, you must position your car and the “for sale” signs, so that they can be easily seen by the public. For example, if you can place your car in your driveway and place the “for sale” signs in the rear or side of the car, that would be ideal for viewership of your car.

Once you get a buyer, you will have to answer lots of questions.

Should I Allow Test Drives of my Car?

Allowing strangers to test drive your car is a personal decision. You certainly should accompany the potential buyer, during test drives. You may also request that a family member or a friend accompany you on that test drive with that potential buyer. Many used car buyers would like a test drive. So, if your comfort level with them would allow it, go for it!

Once you have a serious buyer, you will probably have to negotiate the price of the car. Be prepared for offers to come from all over the place! You may have folks ask for a price hundreds of dollars lower than what you’re asking.

The price you accept for your car, depends upon your urgency for wanting to get rid of the car or how fast you want to sell it.

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