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If you're asking yourself, can I get more than $1000 for my junk car, you're at the right location! Give us a call at 773-791-4363!

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When we first think of junk vehicles, the first thing that comes to mind immediately is a worthless vehicle that won't make any money. That's why many people who own junk vehicles feel hesitant to post the vehicles and look for someone to purchase them.

Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that makes many people lose a great opportunity to make a decent amount of money from their junk vehicles. The truth is that many junk vehicles can make a good amount of money, which can easily be more than $1000!

Many of our readers reached out to us with questions asking, can I get more than $1000 for my junk car? The short answer is definitely yes. Depending on your vehicle type and condition, you can easily make more than $1000. Did you know that our company pays up to $15,000 for certain vehicles?

When choosing Cash Cars Buyer, we:

  • Hand you the cash payment right on the spot by one of our experienced car removal specialists
  • Accept broken, wrecked, rusted, and completely damaged cars for cash
  • Provide FREE towing for all customers despite their living location
  • We often buy cars without a title!

You will know how much you can make out of your car if you evaluate it, and to get a quick evaluation, call us at 773-791-4363!

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Your search for more than $1000 for your junk car is over!

If you're reading this article, it took you some time to look for advice on getting more than $1000 for your vehicle. You may not have been very optimistic, especially if you looked at classified websites where most of the audience are private buyers.

The good news is that posting your vehicle on classified websites is one of many alternatives for you, which could be very common for those who have yet to sell many vehicles.

There are many other alternatives that you can try. For example, some dealerships might accept your vehicle, but because you're looking for can I get more than $1000 for my junk car, you want to avoid going the dealership routes. Dealerships might accept your car even if it's junk, especially if it has great demand but won't pay you the money you want.

Luckily, we're happy to let you know that at Cash Cars Buyer, we're willing to pay you more than $1000 for your junk vehicle if it has what we're looking for. In other words, we will need more details about your vehicle to confirm that it's within the category we're looking at to provide you with a fair offer representing your vehicle value.

This does not mean that we won't buy your car if it's not within the category we're looking for. Our company sees value in every car, and we will highlight the details of what we do with other vehicles that are not worth $1000.

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Can I get more than $1000 for my junk car if it doesn’t have a title?

Believe it or not, you can still make more than $1000 for your junk car if it doesn't have a title! Certain vehicles might have great demand, and many people might be looking for those cars as parts replacements.

Your vehicle can make more than $1000 if it's heavy and has much metal. Most junk car buyers are looking for the amount of metal in your car, and if it's a larger vehicle with a decent amount of metal that we can make a good amount of money out of it, your chances of getting more than $1000 are very high.

If you realize that because of your vehicle characteristics, you couldn't make more than $1000, there is something you need to know about vehicles without titles. Did you know you can obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office?

Most junk car buyers will drop the offer if they know your vehicle doesn't have a title. However, if they offered you something around $900, it might be worth going to the DMV website or the DMV office and obtaining a title replacement that can boost your junk car price to more than $1000.

Remember that only some have the luxury of waiting for the title replacement to come back. In some states, it might be something you can pick up the same day, but in others, it might take a couple of weeks.

Depending on your timeline, you can decide to move forward with selling your junk car without obtaining the title replacement or waiting for the title to come.

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How long does the pickup take?

By choosing Cash Cars Buyer, you're dealing with one of the fastest car removal companies in the nation! Our companies will remove your vehicle within one to three days only!

This will depend on whether there are some extreme weather conditions, flooding, or something around your area, but in most scenarios; we can immediately remove your vehicle within the time frame we highlighted before.

Did you know that our company has a special offer for all customers, the same-day pickup option? We've been in many scenarios where the customer is in a rush and would like to remove the vehicle immediately on the same day. That's why we decided to add the service to our customers to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

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We buy any car, even if it's damaged or doesn't start

Many people feel very discouraged when their vehicles don't work. In other words, if your vehicle doesn't start, it might feel worthless and won't make you any money. Therefore, your search for more than $1000 for my junk car might be over.

However, that's only sometimes true. In other words, your vehicle might have a starter problem or a simple issue in the battery that prevents it from starting. Even if your car is completely damaged, we still see value in this vehicle, and we'll evaluate it to provide you with a fair offer that could be more than $1000.

We always like to let our customers know that even if their vehicles are completely damaged in car accidents or floods. They have a high chance of receiving a decent amount of money from this vehicle. Our evaluation process is fair and considers all the recent transactions around your area to provide you with a decent amount of money that could exceed $1000.

How much more than $1000 can I make for my junk car?

It all depends. We have a specific evaluation process that we go through, which considers your vehicle type, condition, location, price of scrap metal, and other factors.

Therefore, it will take much work to tell how much more than $1000 you can make for your vehicle. However, if you spend just a couple of minutes of your time talking to our team, they can give you an immediate estimate right on the spot without wasting a second.

The evaluation process doesn't take much time, and it's free of charge, so to help yourself get a clear answer to your question can I make more than $1000 for my junk car, a great option for you would be to speak to our team at 773-791-43630.

You can tell them that you're still getting ready to sell the vehicle, but you would like an estimate. If you're not happy with the estimate, you can move forward and sell your vehicle, but no pressure.

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Will you pay me in cash or a Check?

All cash payments! Our team has been in business for decades, and we understand all the hassle you can go through if you decide to use a different payment method.

It can take forever to deal with the hassle associated with checks bouncing back from your bank account or lengthy phone call payments.

Experts indicated that the safest and most straightforward method for selling any vehicle is to get paid in cash. Thus, whenever you can get paid in cash, do so, and because we care about our customers, we decided to have all customers get paid in cash.

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Here’s our easy you can get more than $1000 for your junk car!

Not only do we provide you with great offers for your vehicle, but we also prepare a car-selling process that can easily get you $1000 or more without wasting a minute of your time.

The process is extremely straightforward and won't take more than three simple steps, including:

1.    Provide the most important details about your car

We indicated before that our team has an evaluation process that we go through. Therefore, we will need to get details about your vehicle type and condition to start our process.

For example, we ask straightforward questions like your vehicle’s make, model, and year. We also detail the vehicle’s condition and ask you whether your vehicle is missing any important components or doesn't work.

The other thing we collect is whether your vehicle has a title. As we mentioned earlier, having the title is important when evaluating your vehicle and providing you with a quote.

We will only accept your vehicle if it has a title. As we mentioned earlier, we see value in every car. We can work around everything to ensure that we are buying your vehicle and eliminating the hassle you might be dealing with in the car-selling process.

You can provide us with this information either by calling us at 773-791-4363 or using our online form that you can find on our home page.

2.    You’ll see an instant offer

After we receive your vehicle information, we will go through the evaluation process. In this process, we consider your vehicle type, condition, price of scrap metal, your living address, whether your car has a title or not, etc.

While the process might sound very time-consuming, it happens within only 30 seconds! Yes, our team of experts has been in business for decades now. By knowing your vehicle type and condition, we can provide you with an immediate quote representing the executive amount of money your vehicle can make.

If your vehicle has the right characteristics, you can easily make more than $1000 for your car. If you're still asking yourself, can I get more than $1000 for my junk car, you can quickly get on the phone with our team and get an estimate for your vehicle without wasting a minute, so you know what to expect.

3.    We’ll remove your car

Once you review the instant offer, we will work with you to determine a pickup time and location. Many customers are uncomfortable meeting in their private properties, so we leave it to you to decide where you want to meet.

We also are a 24-hour car junk car removal company which means we can come to your house or preferred location and remove your vehicle evenings, weekends, and even same day if that works for you, as we mentioned earlier.

After we decide on the pickup time and location, one of our representatives will meet with you at the right time and location. Then he will perform a quick inspection to confirm that your vehicle matches the information you provided us at the first step.

After that, he will ask you to provide the title if you have one or to provide an additional vehicle’s legal owner. Once this is completed, the representative will hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot and remove your vehicle safely!

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It's time to get more than $1000 for your junk car!

Your question, “can I get more than $1000 for my junk car” should be answered now! If you would like more details and if you would like to confirm whether you can make more than $1000 for your vehicle, call our team at 773-791-4363!

The evaluation is free and won't take more than 30 seconds from your time! Give us a call today. Our team is waiting for you!

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