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Best Place To Sell Used Cars In 2021

Best Place To Sell Used Cars In 2021

Another year has come and now it’s time to sell your car. But what is the best place to sell used cars in 2021? Where can you get a great amount of money for your non-running, broken-down or classic car? Well, check out our list and see if any of the choices we list, fit your needs! 

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What Should I Do Before Selling A Used Car In 2021? 

Before reading about the best place to sell used cars, there are some “housekeeping” items that need to be taken care of, that will save you time, energy and money. Let’s help you prepare that car for sale!  

Take Inventory of All Damage 

If your vehicle has dents, dings or any kind of damage, you want to take inventory of it. Selling a car with damage does reduce its value, but you still may be able to sell it. Does your vehicle have hail damage? Do you have dents in your car doors? This damage needs to be noted and included in the sale of your car. 

Clean the Vehicle 

Before you begin the process of selling your car, you want to take the time to clean both the interior and exterior. Even if your car has damage, you still want to place your “best foot forward” with a clean vehicle to sell. 

Locate Your Title 

Before scouting for the best place to sell used cars, don’t forget to locate the title. You may also want to locate your vehicle registration as well as any car insurance coverage documents too. The more paperwork you have, the smoother your car sale will be. 

“OK- What Is The Best Place To Sell Used Cars in 2021”? 

Let’s get right down to our list of places to use used cars for 2021. These places that we list offer a plethora of incentives and deals for car sellers. So, with each place, you want to ensure that each fits your needs, budget and objectives. Check out our list below for the best place to sell used cars in 2021! 


Cars.com is considered by many, to be the “gold standard” when it comes to the best place to sell used cars. While the site is known to syndicate its listings, they also offer a huge inventory of cars for sale. From SUVS, to sedans and crossovers, you are bound to find the used car you want- as well as sell the car you desire. Once you decide to sell your car on Cars.com, you can choose the option of a free listing, or even a paid one, that offers bonuses for you to sell your car fast. Cars.com also offers the option for sellers to communicate directly with dealers for an even smoother and quick car sale. 


Perhaps the best place to sell used cars will be AutoTrader for you! Many car sellers do like AutoTrader because buyers can use their advanced search in finding a plethora of option packages and specific models for specific prices. Additionally, car sellers enjoy AutoTrader because of the fact that the site offers selling packages- some backed by a money back guarantee. This means that if your car doesn’t sell, you don’t have to pay anything. AutoTrader also syndicates its listings with Kelley Blue Book and sellers can also sell their vehicles directly to a dealership. So, if a fast sale is more of what you want, compared to top dollar, then the best place to sell used cars may be AutoTrader, for your car. 


eBay Motors 

Not only is eBay known for the sale and purchase of beauty products, clothing and household goods, but you can also sell a car on eBay– eBay Motors to be exact.  To set up your listing is quite simple. If your listing is local, then your listing is free. For a national listing the price ranges from $60, all the way up to $125. Additionally, according to eBay, most cars sell fast. One downside to eBay motors is that some bids may be non-binding. This means that a potential buyer can back out of the sale at any point, and for any reason. 


Facebook Marketplace 

Sure, Facebook has its share of issues, but let’s face it: just about everyone is on Facebook. And the Facebook Marketplace continues to see updates all of the time. The great thing about Facebook Marketplace is the fact that you can upload photos of your cars, as well as detailed description. Potential buyers can ask you questions, and you can even arrange a live showing of your car, if a potential buyer is not far from your location. Just be careful in dealing with anyone that you don’t know. 



Maybe the best place to sell used cars in 2021 for you is Craigslist. To sell your car, you need to have a credit card and use it to pay the $5.00 fee. Once you have access to post your ad, you can upload a variety of pictures and include details about your car. Some include the mileage, color, model, year and more. The more information you add about your car, the less questions you have to answer from potential buyers. Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist gets lots of traffic. But you do have to deal with buyers who just may not be serious about buying your car. Also, be aware of red flags. For example, you should not have to send anyone money, in order to sell your car. If any one asks you to do so, just keep moving. 

Best Place To Sell Used Cars in 2021 -Cash Cars Buyer! 

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