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Sell Non-working Vehicle for Cash

Are you looking to sell a non-working vehicle for cash? Did you have a hard time trying to fix this vehicle with no hope? Do you notice that you frequently visit the mechanic shop and couldn't get this vehicle to work? You are at the right place!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Keeping a non-working vehicle can be a lot of hassle. Besides taking up space in your backyard or driveway, these vehicles might be a preferred location for lots of animals and wasps. You might get fined for keeping a non-working vehicle in some states if it doesn't have the required paperwork. Thus, if you're not making money out of this non-working vehicle, you might need to pay money for it just to stay there. 

If that's the case, there are certain methods you can do to get rid of this non-working vehicle. Some of them might be time-consuming, while others are much straight forward. 

This article highlights all these methods, along with their pros and cons. 

What are my different options to sell a non-working vehicle for cash?


When it comes to selling a non-working vehicle, you have certain methods to follow to get rid of this vehicle. Some of them are straight forward, and others might be a little more time-consuming. Depending on your goals and needs, you can select the best method that works for you. 

  • Repair the damages in your non-working vehicle 


The first step you would want to evaluate is whether this vehicle is repairable or not. You need to take the vehicle to a professional mechanic and have him inspected and provide you with a detailed description of whether this vehicle is repairable or not.

Even if the vehicle is repairable, you don't want to go ahead and start the repairs or spending any money because sometimes your peers could be much higher than the value of the vehicle itself.

If that's the case, you don't want to spend a penny on this vehicle, and instead, you must get rid of it. 

  • Sell your non-running vehicle on line 


If you don't want to spend money on repairing the vehicle, your second option is to sell this vehicle using classified websites or available online markets.

Keep in mind that if you decided to go with classified websites, you need to have a certain level of skills to create posts and deal with several customer questions before you even sell the vehicle, and the process might take you a couple of months.

In most cases, selling a non-working vehicle might be challenging through classified websites because most buyers will be interested in a vehicle that they could run immediately after purchase. 

Even if you found one who might risk and purchase a non-working vehicle, you might need to reduce the price significantly, and you will never make the amount of money you have in mind. 

  • Trade-in your non-working vehicle to a dealership 


If you were not successful in selling your then working vehicle online, you might need to reach out to a dealership interested in junk vehicles.

If you decided to go with dealerships, you need to keep in mind that they will never pay high offers. Dealerships are great at negotiating, and they are willing to reduce your price significantly by probably pointing out a lot of problems in your vehicle.

Does, if the price is one of your highest priorities, which makes sense, you might not need to go with a dealership Route. 

  • Donate your non-working vehicle 


Another nice approach that a lot of people will follow is to donate their Non-working vehicle.

Well, what benefits would they make if they donate their non-working vehicle?

That's a good question. Donating your vehicle doesn't reward you with cash. It's mostly a benefit through your tax return.

When you donate a car, you can claim it in your next year's taxes, assuming that it is to donate it to an official charity.

That's why if you decided to go with a donation, you need to do good research about which charity you are donating it to and if they have a good understanding of the paperwork needed to claim this in your tax return. 

  • So you are not working vehicle to professional mechanics 


Some professional mechanics are interested in learning certain repairs on actual vehicles and will most likely be looking for non-working vehicles to train on.

While it's a good method to sell your car to, it's usually hard to find such professional mechanics, and if you found them, they might not pay you the top dollars you're looking for.

Well, what's the best way to sell non-working vehicles then? 

As you might notice, all methods we talked about have their cones, and in most cases, you will end up selling your vehicle for a lower price to get it away from your driveway. 

The great news here is that our company purchases any non-working vehicle Despite their types or location.

Our company is interested in any vehicle; whether it has major problems, doesn't start to, missing parts, etc.

We will come to your house or office and remove your vehicle within one to three days from a quick phone call.

Our process is very straightforward, and all that it takes are only three steps:

  • Contact our team and describe your vehicle


To get the process started, you could either use our online form and fill in your vehicle's information or reach out to our team through a phone call.

Either way, you will be asked to describe your vehicle's type and condition. When describing your vehicle's type, you will need to provide the vehicle's make, model, and year. 

Regarding the vehicle's condition, any information would be valuable. For example, you can tell us if your vehicle has any missing parts or major problems in the transmission or the engine.

Even if your vehicle doesn't have a title, our company will still purchase it as long as you have the required paperwork to prove ownership.

  • Receive our instant offer for your non-working vehicle


Once we get all the information we need, which doesn't take more than a couple of minutes, we will provide you with an instant offer within only 30 seconds.

Our team uses the most advanced technology that can analyze your non-working vehicle within a couple of seconds. We compared to most recent transactions around your area along with the current price of scrap metal.

If you decided to go with the offer, you could request proceeding with the process and scheduling time and location.

The great thing about our company is that we are flexible enough to provide you evenings, weekends, and same-day pickups. 

  • Get your vehicle removed and sell the non-working vehicle for cash!

That's it! At this point, one of our local car removal specialists will come to you and inspect your vehicle to ensure that we are picking up the right vehicle.

After that, he will hand you the cash payment right on the spot. 

If you're selling a vehicle without a title, we will ask you to provide additional paperwork showing that you are the car's legal owner.

Some of this paperwork includes your photo ID and valid car registration.

You must look through your vehicle inside out and make sure that you removed all valuable items. Many people tend to forget their clothes, phones, or laptops in their vehicles at the pickup time.

Once your vehicle is removed, we recommend that you reach out to your insurance company and cancel the active policy. This way, you can take advantage of any available balance in the policy.

It's also recommended that you visit your local DMV office and let them know that you sold the vehicle and cancel any liability if something happens to the vehicle. 

How much cash can I get when I sell non working vehicles? 


Depending on the area you're living in, your vehicles type, your vehicles condition, the price of scrap metal, and other factors come on you can determine the final price.

In most scenarios come up nonworking vehicles go for about $325 on average. However, this price is not fixed and it varies significantly .

One thing you might need to consider is that if your vehicle is heavy, you might receive more cash because most car removal specialists are interested in the metal part of your vehicle.

The heavier the car come on the more metal has, the more cash you could get. 



To sell non-working vehicles for cash, it might be a little challenging because most people are usually interested in a used vehicle to drive immediately.

Luckily, there are many options for you, including selling your non-working vehicle for cash through classified websites, online markets, trading into dealerships, donating it to a charity, or better, selling it to a junk car removal like our company.

Based on our advance and experience in the used car market, we recommend that the best approach for you to sell non-working vehicles for caches through junk car removal companies.

If you are interested in more information about how our process works, you can always reach out to our team by phone or receive your instant offer using our main homepage. 


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