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Where To Sell A Car Online With Body Damage 

Where To Sell A Car Online With Body Damage 

Ka-Bam! Your car has just been in an accident and now you’re looking to get it repaired. After paying the insurance deductible, you decide that you just don’t want the car anymore. The question is: is there a place where you can sell a car online with body damage? The answers may surprise you so keep reading! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

How Do I Sell My Car With Body Damage?

OK-so you have a car that has dented doors, a crushed-in trunk, or even a dented hood. How in the world will you go about selling this kind of vehicle? Let’s examine what needs to be done to sell your car that looks less-than-perfect. 

Assess the Damage

First, you want to get out a pen and pad and write down all of the places that the damage exists. You can even take your car to a body shop, so the body shop agent there can provide you with a detailed list of the damages. From a trained eye, you can get a complete and proper assessment of all of the dings, dents, and damage as you work to sell your vehicle. 

Take Photos 

After you have a complete list of all of the damages to your vehicle, you want to then take the time to take photos of the damage. Your online ad needs to visually tell the story of your damage. Clear, clean, and sharp photos tell a great story of how damaged your car is. 

Prepare A Detailed Ad That Has a list of the Damages and Photos 

Now that you have a list of the damages, as well as a list of the damages, you can begin to organize your ad so that you provide potential buyers with a list of the damages, and the accompanying photos with it. You may opt to type your ad online and save your photos as well as list if you decide to sell your car on more than one online site. 

How Much Does Body Damage Affect Car Value?

Let’s just get right to it. You can certainly sell your car with body damage, but cars with any kind of damage are worth significantly less, compared to their non-damaged counterparts. This doesn’t mean that you should not try to sell your car with body damage. Despite your car having body damage, you can still make some money selling a car that has dings, dents, and major damage. Let’s take a look at some of the kinds of damage and how that damage affects the value of a car. 

Water and Flood Damage 

Where to sell a car online that has water and flood damage is the objective that fills your day. But a vehicle that has succumbed to any kind of water damage will have electrical shorts and issues with it. In fact, there’s a good chance that just about all of the electrical equipment will be problematic sooner as well as later.  A flooded vehicle can also have problems with its transmission, engine, and even its fuel system. Since flood damage is something that is noted on a vehicle’s title, that car may now be deemed “salvage” or “rebuilt”. So, keep this in mind as you work to sell it. 

Cosmetic or Minor Damage 

Did you recently hit a deer during an early morning run to a store? Were you unable to miss a light post and ended up hitting it? Then your car may have minor or cosmetic damage to it. Your vehicle may also have some cosmetic imperfections to its wheels, windows, panels, or something else. Depending upon the extent of the damage, your car may be deemed as “totaled”. Despite this designation, you may still be able to sell it, while indicating to the potential seller the parts that are still in good working order.  For example, you may have damage to your doors, but your car’s GPS or sound system may still be in great working order. You may still be able to sell that damaged car with the potential buyer finding a good use for the LED lighting that still intact within the car. 

Salvage Or Rebuilt Cars 

Where to sell a car online that has a rebuilt or a salvage title may prove to be a bit harder, but it still can be done. If your car has been deemed salvage or rebuilt, you want to indicate that as you look to sell it. While cars that have salvage or a rebuilt title are cars that you want to stay away from, they may prove to be great sellers, due to their metal content. So, don’t give up on selling a car that has a rebuilt or salvage title. 

OK- Where Can I Sell My Car Online With All of Its Problems? 

Where to sell a car online with body damage is the task at hand and we have some possible places you can sell your damaged vehicle. 


Yes, you can sell a damaged car online, using Facebook Marketplace. We scouted the Facebook Marketplace and found damaged cars for sale. What makes a good damaged online ad? As we mentioned earlier, pictures will tell the story of the damaged car you want to unload. We found a 2010 Mazda6 with front-end damage for sale. The seller took the time to provide a plethora of pictures, that showcased the damage.  

Junk Yards and Salvage Yards 

You may find salvage or junkyard that has an online presence-Facebook page or website- for example. Just be sure that you have the title and a list of the damages. You don’t want to be scammed so, know what your car is worth, even with all of its damage. 


Did you know that the “where to sell a car online” dilemma can be solved with an Instagram post? Yes, you can sell your damaged car online, by creating an Instagram post. Similar to Facebook, your photos will tell the story of the damaged car you’re looking to make money off of. You also want to include a complete and thorough description of your vehicle too. 

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