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Guide to Finding Affordable Transmission Repair

Affordable Transmission Repair

“Where is the most affordable transmission repair near me?” Anyone who has had their vehicle’s transmission fail must have had the same question. It may seem old-fashioned, but the simplest way to know where you can get the cheapest repair for car components is to look around shops in your neighborhood and city. Transmission repairs usually range between 1,200 to 5,000 dollars. The costs also depend on the damage incurred in the components and the process of repair. The price may also be different for a manual and automatic transmission.

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This guide will cover fundamental information about your vehicle’s transmission. What does it do? What are the symptoms of a bad transmission? Once you know the basics, you can have a good judgment of where to take your vehicle to get an affordable transmission repair.


What is a transmission? A car transmission is also known as a gearbox since you can find several gears in its body. The gears housed inside the transmission operate at different ratios. Why is the transmission important to your vehicle? The transmission ensures that power is delivered to your car’s tires. Once power is distributed, the tires will work properly. Simply put, the transmission helps you have a comfortable drive. 


There are two most common types of transmissions you can find in most modern cars- automatic transmission and manual transmission. The difference between the two lies in the shifting gears. If you drive with a manual, you must be the one to shift your gear to control the speed. As its name suggests, an automatic does the shifting for you.


Now that you know what a transmission is and what it does, it is easier to understand why it costs that much to repair it. Affordable transmission repair is highly needed in this case. To save yourself some money on repairs, you must find which shop will offer you quality service. Another cost-effective option to take is to know what is wrong with your gearbox. Once you get to the root cause of the problem you will be able to decide the best route to take. You may find that you need to replace your transmission. You are in luck if you only need a repair.

What are the signs your transmission is going out?


Car parts give off symptoms when something is wrong with them. Here is a comprehensive list of the different signs your transmission is going out. In a later section, you can read about what you can do to give your vehicle an affordable transmission repair. You may have already proven that many repairs can be done by yourself with the right information.

  1. Difficulty switching gears
    This is easily noticeable if you are driving a manual vehicle. If you experience difficulty switching gears, your transmission system may be having trouble. This may be caused by low transmission. You can refer to your car owner’s manual to easily locate your transmission. The manual also indicates the correct transmission fluid you need to use to refill your gearbox. Most car manufacturers suggest the transmission fluid be changed every 30,000 to 100,000 miles driven.

  2. You notice a burning smell emanating from your vehicle
    Once you notice a burning smell, get your vehicle checked in an auto shop right away. Your vehicle’s transmission may be overheating or the transmission fluid is burning.

  3. You hear neutral noises
    Neutral noises are sure signs of transmission problems. If your car is in neutral and you hear weird noises coming from it, you may have to work under the hood and check what is going wrong. Most of the time, your car just needs some transmission oil change and refill. The worst-case would be if your car needs a part replacement. Replacement of the transmission can be quite pricey.

  4. Your vehicle is slipping gears
    It is a very alarming situation if your vehicle suddenly switches gears. If the gears impulsively slip while you are driving, it would be extremely dangerous for you and other drivers. If this happens even once, make sure to have your vehicle checked. Any problem concerning the gears is connected to the transmission system. You may also find that if you have your car checked more often, you may probably get an affordable transmission repair when the need occurs. Additionally, an unresponsive vehicle poses problems with the gearbox as well.

  5. Transmission fluid is leaking and uneasy movements
    This is probably the symptom of a bad transmission that is easiest to identify. If the transmission fluid is leaking, you may notice a faint sweet smell coming from under your vehicle. If you check, you will see red fluid. This is a sure sign of transmission fluid leakage signaling a problem from the transmission system. You may also experience grinding and shaking movements from your car when you change gears.

Is fixing transmission expensive?

Compared to replacing the complete transmission component, fixing it is not that expensive. In truth, fixing the gearbox can save you more money than even an affordable transmission repair.  However, rebuilding a gearbox is nowhere near easy if it is already heavily damaged. The easiest ways to fix the transmission are also quite simple. You may already be taking care of your car. Maintenance is the best way to fix the transmission. Simple fixes include changing the transmission fluid as often as needed, adjusting the linkage, replacing sensors. You can also do more for your car by correcting the computer system. This will prevent the gear from abruptly shifting while you drive. 

How much do transmission repairs usually cost?

From repairs to replacement, you can spend around 300 to 3,500 dollars. You can get an affordable transmission repair if you take care of your vehicle. Transmission repair costs depend on the overall damage of the component. If you are maintaining your vehicle well, you have less need to worry when a problem with the transmission arises. 


Replacing a transmission is the part where you need to spend more bucks. Even putting in a used transmission to replace the damaged one could cost around 800 to 1,500 dollars. Remanufactured transmission costs around 1,300 to 3,400 dollars. Not to mention, labor charges also vary depending on the shop. Commonly, labor costs between 500 and 1,200 dollars. You may find an affordable transmission repair in a shop where you often have your vehicle checked. In addition, finding an experienced and trusted technician can also be considered money-wise. You may not be able to save a lot but you won't have to pay visits to the repair shop after a long time.

Can you fix a transmission without replacing it?

Yes, you can fix a transmission without having to replace it. Typically, fixing a transmission means repairing a specific part that has damage so there is no need to replace the whole thing. The transmission is one of the most important components of any car since it is what sends power from the engine to the wheels. 


A transmission repair is usually more affordable than getting an overall replacement. If you need an immediate solution to a certain transmission problem, there surely is an affordable transmission repair near you. In any case, it is always better to fix a problem from its root. Here are examples of some transmission trouble that can be fixed without an alternate transmission: 

  • Transmission is overheating

This can happen in both manual and automatic cars. Overheating can be the result of low fluid levels in the engine or the fluid may be burnt and is not compatible with your vehicle's transmission. An affordable transmission repair that you can execute is to add or replace the transmission fluid. 

  • You have a broken torque converter

It is extremely unsafe to drive with a dysfunctional torque converter. The torque converter of your car is located between the flexplate and the transmission. Therefore it is technically a part of the transmission of your car. It is designed to connect the power source of the engine to the transmission. When the torque converter suffers any damage, it will create negative consequences for the transmission as well. It is best to repair a faulty torque converter as soon as your transmission makes clicking or whining noises. 

  • You have ineffective or worn-out gears

The gears of your car vary between an automatic or a manual vehicle. For automatic vehicles, you have three primary gears and those are the sun gear, ring gear, and planetary gear. These three gears determine the speed of your car. Shifting gears means changing the speed of your car which usually means accelerating. A worn-out gear is commonly linked to a transmission problem. When there are problems with your transmission, the gears can be the first ones to troubleshoot. 

  • Your car has broken seals

Broken seals have something to do with the transmission's head gasket. You may already be well aware that several seals make sure the flow of fluid to the engine is not disrupted. Having broken seals will cause it to occur and what follows that can later the acceleration of the car. Additionally, when fluid from the transmission leaks, the car will most likely emit excess smoke. To make an affordable transmission repair, the issues with the head gasket must be addressed first and foremost. 

  • There are problems with the transmission filter

The transmission filter is mainly responsible for preventing contaminants from entering the transmission. It may seem like a small job but the function of the transmission filter cannot be ignored. It needs immediate attention. If the problem with the transmission filter worsens, it can result in other damages to the parts of the transmission. The trouble with the transmission can affect the clutch of the car negatively or the car cannot be shifted into another gear. 


These are just a few of the fixes you can do for your car's transmission. You must grab the opportunity of an affordable transmission repair. Get any malfunction checked or fixed and never ignore the symptoms of a broken car transmission. 

Is it easier to rebuild or replace a transmission?

Generally speaking, any work that needs to be done with the whole transmission of your car is going to be a hard task. However, most cases confirm that rebuilding a transmission is easier by only a few degrees than replacing it.


Replacing the transmission is especially difficult because there is an extensive amount of labor to be put into dismantling the transmission of your car. Since the transmission is composed of other internal compartments of the car, it is reasonable to be extremely hard to replace. The transmission as a whole is made up of the gearbox, rear axle, differential housing, and propellor shaft. 


Truth is that those parts can be quite easy to repair individually. If your car transmission only has trouble with one of the parts of the transmission, it would be easier and cheaper to have that specific part fixed. Not only doing so is an affordable transmission repair but it is also a better option compared to an overall replacement. 


Fixing your car's transmission on the other hand involves a rebuild kit. All the parts that your transmission needs are included in the rebuild kit. You can expect to find new clutches, seals, gaskets, bands, gears, bearings, internal transmission sealing rings, and finally, the transmission filter. 

Is it worth it to repair the transmission?

Yes. It is worth it to repair your car's transmission. Doing so in the early stages of damage will save you a lot of cash in the long run. Most probably, there is an affordable transmission repair near you. 


You might also be familiar with the term R&R. This terminology is commonly used in automotive estimates. R&R is a short term for Remove and Replace. This technique in repairing any type of car issue proves to be quite effective. What most professionals do to select the part that cannot be fixed anymore. Then, they dismantle it from the transmission and replace it with a new one. This plan of action will work well for minor damages in the car's transmission. On average, a transmission that has just been repaired can last for another 30,000  to 40,000.


Transmission repairs are undeniably one of the most expensive car issues to take on. It is not a surprise to be wondering where to access affordable transmission repairs. Luckily, this guide can assist you with finding alternatives that can help you save a few bucks moving forward. 


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